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 Post subject: Strategy Board Index
PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2005 1:58 am 

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If you notice any omissions or errors, please PM spadgy.

General strategies:

ST: Full Extent of the Jam - Practicing/Performing Guide (by PROMETHEUS)
GD: Dedicated Strategy Wiki?
GD: How to practice shooting games
GD: Just the Tip [big tips for those who suck]
GD: Shooting Game Technical Manual (ideas, discussion)
GD: Where are your eyes?
RQ: 1cc strategy
RQ: avoiding traps?
RQ: Avoiding tunnel vision when getting overwhelmed
RQ: General Rank Control
RQ: Mid-level shmup strategies
RQ: The "Where to look" image

Strategies by game:

RQ 1942 help

1942: Joint Strike
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements

ST: 1943 (by Zach Keene)
RQ: 1943 (scoring, rate of Energy Dropping, etc.)

1944: the Loop Master

rq: 19xx

Aegis Wing
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements

Air Duel
ST: Calling all Air Duelists: Shot power, rank, and you!
(by Ed Oscuro)

Aero Fighters (series) see Sonic Wings (series)

Air Gallet
GD: Air Gallet

Air Zonk
RQ: Air Zonk

Airrade Air
SD: Airrade -AIR- secret bonuses
RQ: Airrade -AIR- extras

Akai Katana
GD: Akai Katana arcade/Xbox 360 arcade mode
GD: 1-sissy Akai Katana Shin (Shin Mode)
RQ: Akai Katana High Scoring Tips

GD: Akashicverse

Alcon see Slap Fight

Alien Crusher
GD: Alien Crusher

RQ: Alltynex Second Blade Motion Stop

Alpha Mission 2
RQ: Alpha Mission 2 any tips and strategy

Android Assault
RQ: Tips and/or help for Android Assault Stage 7

Area 88 see U.N. Squadron

Armed Police Batrider
ST: Armed Police Batrider
(by Icarus)
SD: Batrider Secrets! -- created by Matt
GD: Armed Police Batrider
GD: Armed Police Batrider Gamest Strategy scans
RQ: Armed Police Batrider Screen Icons
RQ: Batrider, Bashinet Mk2
RQ: Batrider boss (Blackheart mk2)
RQ: Batrider boss (Sobut)
RQ: Batrider - Grubby, how the hell you take this SOB down?
RQ: Batrider Special course

RQ: Getting hit in Axelay confusion

Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaio
RQ: Score question about DC Bangai-O....

(by Randorama)
RQ: Batsugun Level 2 Boss

Battle Bakraid
ST: Battle Bakraid
(by Icarus)
RQ: Battle Bakraid's Strongest Ship

Battle Garegga
ST: Battle Garegga[/b] (by Icarus)
GD: Garegga ranking system
GD: Battle Garegga: Skipping Black Heart MkII
RQ: Battle Garegga...
RQ: Battle Garegga Hitboxes?
RQ: Battle garegga Ships? and rate of fire
RQ: Battle Garegga weapon power-up level
RQ: Getting mad trying to setup battle garegga...
RQ: Some Battle Garegga superplay analyses...

Big Bang Mini
GD: Big Bang Mini Sweet Spots

Biohazard Battle
RQ : Bio-Hazard Battle MD

Blazing Lazers see Gunhed

Blazing Star
SD: Blazing Star SPECIAL Event Item
GD: Rank system in Blazing Star
RQ: Blazing Star 2nd Stage - Bonus row factors
RQ: Blazing Star Event Items (What the hell do they do?!)
RQ: Blazing Star for Dummies
RQ: Blazing Star score glitch
RQ: Blazing star (stage 6 scoring & last boss fight)
RQ: How does one find letter "Y" on 3rd stage MVS

Blue Wish Resurrection
RQ: Blue Wish Resurrection scoring mechanics

Blue Wish Resurrection Plus
RQ: Blue wish Reserection Plus v1.11

Border Down
ST: Border Down
(by Randorama)
RQ: Max Credits in Border Down (DC)
RQ: What's the advantage of suicide in Border Down??....

Brave Blade
RQ: Brave Blade scoring and rank

GD: Caladrius
RQ: Caladrius CUT-IN BREAK

Cannon Spike
RQ: Cannon Spike and Zero Gunner 2, maintenance codes?

Caravan Star
RQ: Caravan Star Score Mechanics

Cardinal Sins
RQ: Cardinal Sins Greed/Gluttony/Wrath

Carrier Air Wing
RQ: Carrier Airwing - Secret items

Castle Shikigami 2 see Shikigami no Shiro 2

Castle Shikigami 3 see Shikigami no Shiro 3

Change Air Blade
GD: Change Air Blade (single and multiplayer)
RQ: A couple strategies for Change Air Blade VS Mode

Chaos Field
SD: Chaos Field - Phase 2 Full Chain
GD: Chaos Field
GD: Chaos Field basics
RQ: How does one dodge on Phase 4 for Chaos Field Extend?

Cho Ren Sha 68k
GD: Cho Ren Sha 68K
RQ: Cho Ren Sha 68K
RQ: How to pwn at CRS68K

GD: Cotton - Fantastic Night Dreams
RQ: Cotton Original jewel collection

Cotton 100%
RQ: Cotton 100% last boss strategy?

Cotton 2
GD: Cotton 2 (possible ST in the making)
RQ: Cotton 2 beginning elements code (?)

Crimzon Clover
GD: Crimzon Clover
RQ: Crimzon Clover boss 3 third form
RQ: Crimzon Clover EX-Boss
RQ: Crimzon Clover - Stage 2
RQ: Crimzon Clover Trial

Crying see Biohazard Battle

RQ: Cybattler

GD: Cyvern scoring and rank

GD: Daioh/Shienryu

Dangerous Seed
GD: An incredible discovery on Dangerous Seed

Dangun Feveron
ST: Dangun Feveron
(by Venom)
RQ: Cave secret lives and strategies for getting them.

RQ: Darius (Arcade)
RQ: Darius silver ball bonuses

Darius II
RQ: Safest route in Darius II, Arcade

Darius Gaiden
GD: Darius Gaiden
RQ: Darius Gaiden boss strategies!
RQ: Darius Gaiden Extends
RQ: taito legends 2 darius gaiden
RQ: Titanic Lance (Darius Gaiden)

Darius Twin
GD: Darius Twin

RQ: Dariusburst - weapon change?

Death Smiles
ST: Deathsmiles Arcade & Ver 1.1
(by EOJ)
SD: Getting the ALL-Clear in Deathsmiles out of the way
GD: Death Smiles
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements
RQ: Deathsmiles 1ups

Death Smiles Mega Black Label
GD: Deathsmiles Mega Black Label Version differences
RQ - Deathsmiles MBL PCB - Need Scoring Help.

Death Smiles II
GD: Deathsmiles II Ver 4.0 & Deathsmiles IIX
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements

The Deep
RQ: need help understanding The Deep

Detana!! TwinBee
RQ: Detana TwinBee level 5 boss final form

ST: Dimahoo
(by Matt)
SD: Dimahoo Enemy Drops List
GD: Dimahoo Play mechanics
GD: Dimahoo rank system
RQ: Dimahoo Defaults
RQ: Dimahoo - survival advice
RQ: Legend Shield in Dimahoo

Divine Sealing
SD: Skipping levels in Divine Sealing

ST: Full Extent of the Jam - Practicing/Performing Guide
SD: Dodonpachi Boss 1-5 C-S no bomb
SD: DoDonPachi Stage 1 Bee Map
SD: Lots of big stars from Area 2 boss in DDP
GD: Donpachi/DoDonpachi ship selection
RQ: Cave secret lives and strategies for getting them.
RQ: chaining in Dodonpachi
RQ: DDP bonus point bees
RQ: DDP Second Loop Requirement, Bee collecting
RQ: DDP shot rate?
RQ: Difference in difficulty levels in Dodonpachi PSX port?
RQ: Dodonpachi 1-Up in level 3
RQ: Dodonpachi A-L superplay(s)
RQ: DoDonPachi Area 6 and Secret Boss
RQ: Dodonpachi Autofire/Power up system
RQ: DoDonPachi Boss 4 bug
RQ: DODONPACHI Cant get 1 Bee on stage 2!!!!
RQ: Dodonpachi hitbox
RQ: dodonpachi Saturn mode questions
RQ: DoDonpachi Stage 1 Chain
RQ: Dodonpachi Stage 3
RQ: DoDonPachi St5 Boss and general St5 and 6 strategy
RQ: DonPachi and DoDonPachi region differences?
RQ: hit box for ESP Rade and DoDonpachi?

Dodonpachi 2: Bee Storm
RQ: 1up in Dodonpachi 2 Bee storm
RQ: Do Donpachi 2 - Bee Storm

Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu
SD: DDP DFK 1.5, quick 1-ALL and TSUUJOU 2nd loop entry
GD: DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu (X360) Arrange B
GD: Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Black Label - Scoring/basics?
GD: DoDonPachi Dai Fukkatsu (DFK) 1.5 scoring basics, etc.
GD: Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Ura Midboss Requirements?
GD : 1-sissy Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu 1.5
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements
RQ: DDP DFK Arrange A
rq: dfk 1,0 unlock helicopter please
RQ: Dodonpachi Black label ketsui arrange mode
RQ: Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Novice Ura Loop Requirements
RQ: Dodonpachi Dai Fukkatsu Ver. 1.5
RQ: Ketsuipachi ura-route requirements
RQ: Long DFK Pauses
RQ: Unlocking Alternate Paths in DDP DFK BL Arrange (Ketsui)

Dodonpachi Daioujou
GD: DOJ system and strat
RQ: Bomb distributions for Ketsui, DOJ, ESPGaluda, Shiki II
RQ: Cave secret lives and strategies for getting them.
RQ: Chrissakes! How do I beat the DOJ second boss?
RQ: DDP: DOJ 1-up?
RQ: DDP DOJ Bee locations?
RQ: DDPDOJ - Hyper Usage
RQ: Differences between Dai-ou-jou White and Black
RQ: Dodonpachi DOJ Hypers....
RQ: DOJ Basics
RQ: DOJ Death Label Mode; help me fight Hibachi's 1st form!
RQ: DOJ Play for Survival and not Hypering
RQ: DOJ superplays
RQ: DOJ - What's the difference between A & B type ships

Dodonpachi Daioujou Black Label EXTRA
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements
RQ: DoDonPachi DaiOuJou Black Label EXTRA bee guide ?
RQ: Dodonpachi Daioujou Black Label Loop requirements?
RQ: Dodonpachi DOJ Black Label 360 - Training Mode

Dodonpachi Maximum
GD: Dodonpachi Maximum

Dodonpachi Resurrection
RQ: Best way to get bees on DDP Resurrection for iPhone?
RQ: DoDonPachi Resurrection bee locations?
RQ: Dodonpachi Resurrection Hyper
RQ: How to successfully activate the HYPER on DDP:R iPhone?

RQ: Dogyuun

ST: Donpachi
(by Randorama)
GD: Donpachi/DoDonpachi ship selection
GD: STG of the Month (May/June 2012) - DonPachi!
RQ: Cave secret lives and strategies for getting them.
RQ: DonPachi and DoDonPachi region differences?
RQ: Donpachi bees
RQ: DonPachi chaining, bees
RQ: Donpachi videos/tips (especially stage 3)

Dragon Blaze
ST: Dragon Blaze
(by RNGmaster)
SD: Dragon Blaze - Coin Chest Locations
GD: Dragon Blaze - character differences, etc...
RQ: Dragon Blaze - Basic Mechanics and Scoring

Dragon Spirit
GD: Dragon Spirit

Eden's Aegis
RQ: Eden's Aegis; what's going on here?

Eight Forces
ST: Eight Forces
(by Macaw)

GD: Einhander
RQ: Beating Einhander in hard mode in less than 2 continues

Elemental Master
RQ: Elemental Master - 6th Level Boss???

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
SD Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (Super Replay)
RQ: Touhou 6 Questions

RQ: EndEffector

ST: Eschatos
(by ratikal)
GD: Eschatos - Scoring and Extends
RQ: Eschatos (Advanced)

SD: ESPrade bosses (originally created by zakk)
GD: Esp.Ra.De
RQ: Cave secret lives and strategies for getting them.
RQ: esprade hitboxes
rq: esprade last boss help me kill that bitch garra!!
RQ: Esprade: Mrs Garra for dummies
RQ: Esp.Ra.De score bug
RQ: ESPRade scoring
RQ: hit box for ESP Rade and DoDonpachi?

ST: Espgaluda (PS2 Arcade Mode)
(by Douggie)
SD: Espgaluda stage 1 Sub-boss
GD: Espgulada (ps2) - your preferred char?
GD: 1-sissy EspGaluda, clear it without too much trouble...
RQ: A few Galuda questions
RQ: Bomb distributions for Ketsui, DOJ, ESPGaluda, Shiki II
RQ: Cave secret lives and strategies for getting them.
RQ: ESPGaluda arrange scoring
RQ: ESPGaluda End Game Bonus
RQ: ESPGaluda final boss
RQ: ESPGaluda (PS2) Stage 2 boss
RQ: Espgaluda (seemingly) random bullet patterns
RQ: some questions about ESPgaluda mechanics
RQ: Where and How to Trigger 1-ups in Espgaluda

Espgaluda II
ST: ESPGaluda II
(by GaijinPunch)
GD: ESPGaluda II speculations
GD : 1-sissy EspGaLuDa II Black Label, clear it easily.
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements
RQ: ESPGALUDA 2 360 Last boss
RQ: Espgaluda II Black Label
RQ: Espgaluda 2 (iPhone) Boss 6 Trouble
RQ: ESPgaludaII Stage 1 first point based extend.
RQ: quick, espgaluda 2 1up?

Exed Exes
RQ: Any tips for Capcom's Exed Eyes/Savage Bees?

Fantasy Zone
RQ: Fantasy Zone last attack
RQ: Fantasy Zone, PS2 version, Dawndusk boss

Fantasy Zone II: the Tears of Opa-Opa
RQ:Tears of opa opa system16

Fast Striker
RQ: Fast Striker Mechanics

Final Soldier
RQ: Final Soldier Blue Pancake Mystery Bonus
RQ: Final Soldier Stage 1 boss milking

Fire Shark
GD: FIRESHARK (Quick Tips Strategy)

GD: Fixeight - Jigoku no Eiyuu Densetsu

Flying Red Barrel
RQ: Flying Red Barrel Multiple Routes?

Flying Shark
RQ: Flying Shark/ Sky Shark

RQ: G-Darius; alpha-beaming Tripod Sardine C
RQ: scoring path?

G-Stream G2020
ST: G-Stream G2020
(by trap15)
GD: G-Stream G2020 mechanics

RQ: Gaiares Super Weapons T-Vulcan, F-Formation , A-Bullet....

Galactic Attack see Rayforce

GD: Galaga
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements

Galaga Legions
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements

Game Tengoku
GD: Saturn Game Tengoku strategies?...
RQ: Game tengoku menu translation?

Gate of Thunder
RQ: Gate of Thunder 1up locations.

Gekioh: Shooting King see Shienryu

RQ: Gekirindan secrets?

Gemini Wing
ST: Gemini Wing
(by Alluro)

Genocide Circuit 2
GD: Genocide Circuit 2 scoring

Geometry Wars - Retro Evolved
RQ: Geometry Wars RE rank?

Geometry Wars - Retro Evolved 2
ST: Geometry Wars 2
(by DJ Incompetent)

ST: Giga Wing
(by Randorama)
GD: Giga Wing
RQ: Giga Wing
RQ: Gigawing Extend
RQ: Giga Wing, Trainyard Scoring Help

Gigawing 2
ST: Giga Wing 2
(by Rob)

Gigawing Generations
ST: Giga Wing Generations (Yoku shin Giga Wing)
(by Randorama)
GD: Giga Wing Generations

RQ: Gleylancer stage 5 extend triggers.

Gokujyo Parodius
GD: Gokujou Parodius Rank System
GD: Triggering the Gokujyo Parodius Moai Battleship Stage

RQ: Gradius help

Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou
GD: Gradius II: Gofer No Yabou

Gradius III (Arcade/PS2/PSP)
GD: Gradius 3 (arcade) hints and secrets
RQ: Gradius III
RQ: Gradius III(Arcade) Big Core Mk. III Strats and Recovery
RQ: Gradius 3 Arcade - cube attack and Lizard Core
RQ: Gradius 3 Arcade - Cube Attack patterns
RQ: Gradius III (ARC) Rank?
RQ: Gradius III - Bubble Hell
RQ: Gradius 3 - difference between lasers
RQ: Gradius III extra edit
RQ: Gradius III Final Stage
RQ: Gradius III PS2, Wait Levels/Power Metre Set Ups
RQ: Gradius III & IV (PS2) - Konami Code Power-ups
RQ: which type to use in gradius III and IV

Gradius III (SNES)
SD: Gradius 3 SNES secret level screenshot maps
RQ: What sheilds/specials do you use in GIII?

Gradius IV
SD: Gradius IV - Fukkatsu Arcade/PS2 Screenshot Maps
GD: Gradius IV Fukkatsu
RQ: Gradius IV, Stage three
RQ: which type to use in gradius III and IV

Gradius V
SD: Gradius V Bosses using Type 1 (And edit mode w/freeze)
GD: Gradius V
RQ: Gradius V Option Types
rq: gradius v, stage 4 organic wall
RQ: Gradius V Vic Viper T301 hitbox
RQ: How do you get the E-Laser in Gradius V??....

Gradius Advance see Gradius Generation

Gradius Gaiden
GD: Gradius Gaiden

Gradius Galaxies see Gradius Generation

Gradius Generation
SD: Gradius Advance strategy that I've never seen before

Gradius Rebirth
GD: Gradius Rebirth
GD : 1-sissy Gradius Rebirth (Wii), clear it easily.
RQ: Gradius Rebirth very easy mode - point press techniques?

SD: Granada maps (X68000 and Mega Drive / Genesis)
GD: Granada

Great Fairy Wars
RQ : Touhou 12.8 Great Fairy Wars, easiest way ?

Great Mahou Daisakusen see Dimahoo

Grindstormer see V-Five

Guardian Force
ST: Guardian Force
(by Ruldra)
RQ: Guardian Force (SAT/ST-V) medal chaining

Guardian Legend, The
GD: Guardian Legend (TGL Mode)

Guardic Gaiden see Guardian Legend

Gun Frontier
RQ: Gun & Frontier

ST: Gun.Smoke (Arcade)

RQ: gunbird
RQ: Gunbird
RQ: Gunbird stage 6

Gunbird 2
GD: Gunbird 2 Boss Milking
RQ: Gunbird 2
RQ: Gunbird 2 autofire?
RQ: Gunbird2 , needs TIPS for using AINE
RQ: Gunbird 2 questions
RQ: gun birds 2 play as aine on mame codes ???

ST - Gundeadligne
(by Goshi)
RQ: Gundeadligne - Game System Explaination
RQ: Gundeadligne help needed (PSN)

Gundemonium Recollection
ST: Gundemonium Recollection
(by Goshi)
RQ: Help getting Gundemonium Recollection on PSN Play Orders

ST: Blazing Lazers / Gunhed
(by Zach Keene)
RQ: GunHed / Blazing Lazers weapon selection
RQ: Gunhed Debug Mode On Emulator
RQ: Gunhed difficulty

Gunlock see Rayforce

RQ: Gunnail scoring

ST: Guwange
(by Mode7)
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements
RQ: Cave secret lives and strategies for getting them.
RQ: Guwange health bonus list
RQ: Guwange Last Pattern
RQ: Guwange lives in stage 6: bug or tip?
RQ: guwange score translation
RQ: Guwange stage 3 health bonuses
RQ: Guwange tactics

Harmful Park
ST: Harmful Park
(by CStarFlare)

GD: Hellsinker
GD: Mysteries of HELLSINKER and its scoring/secrets

Hishouzame see Flying Shark

Hitogata Happa
ST - Hitogata Happa
(by Goshi)

GD: Homura
RQ: Homura superplays do they exist?

RQ: Hydorah Secret Item Locations

Hyper Duel
RQ: Hyper Duel 1UP item

ST: Ibara Kuro: Black Label [PCB]
(by EOJ)
GD: Ibara
GD: Ibara Black Label/PS2 Arrange mode
GD: Ibara (PCB/Arcade mode PS2 only)
RQ: Cave secret lives and strategies for getting them.
RQ: Does firing raise rank in Ibara?
RQ: Ibara is tough
RQ: Ibara scoring strategy
RQ: Ibara "special power ups"
RQ: Ibara Strategy site translation
RQ: scoring big points in stage 1 of Ibara.
RQ Sub weapons and option types in Ibara Arrange

GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements
RQ: Ikaruga
RQ: Ikaruga 'chain status' question
RQ: Ikaruga is kicking my @$$.

RQ: Illvelo (Wii) scoring system and bonuses

Imperishable Night
RQ: How to unlock last word in imperishable night?
RQ: Imperishable Night - how does scoring work?
RQ: Imperishable Night Scoring question

In the Hunt
GD:Kaitei Daisensou aka In The Hunt

Infinity Danger
RQ: Infinity Danger Boss Evolution

Judgement Silversword
GD: Judgement Silversword
RQ: Judgement Silversword

Kaitei Daisensou see In the Hunt

GD: Karous
GD : 1-sissy Karous, clear it REALLY easily.

ST: Ketsui
(by Valgar)
SD: NMNB Ketsui 1-4
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements
RQ: Bomb distributions for Ketsui, DOJ, ESPGaluda, Shiki II
RQ: Cave secret lives and strategies for getting them.
RQ: How the F do I take on the 4th stage of Ketsui?
RQ: Ketsui 1-1 Pre-Mid-Boss Scoring
RQ: Ketsui: 2nd score 1up, clearing st. 4, boss in st. 4...
RQ: Ketsui 3rd boss.... help please!!!!
RQ: Ketsui Loop Req.

Ketsui Arrange
ST: Ketsui Arrange
(by trap15)

Ketsui Death Label
RQ: Ketsui DS Death Label progression?
RQ: Ketsui Death Label achie... er, EVAC Report
RQ: Ketsui Death Label pattern trouble
RQ: Question about Ketsui Death Label
RQ: Scoring in Ketsui Death Label?

Kingdom Grandprix
GD: Shippu Mahou Daisakusen
RQ: Kingdom Grandprix boss strategies

KOF Sky Stage
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements

Kyukyoku Tiger
RQ: Item Appear Sequence and 1-ups in Kyukyoku Tiger
RQ: Twin Cobra Sega Genesis, Stage 5/Stage 8 bosses

Kyukyoku Tiger II
ST: Kyukyoku Tiger II (redux)
(by Randorama)

Last Battalion
RQ : Scoring in Last Battalion/Override (X-68000/PC-Engine)

Last Duel
RQ: Last Duel - rank control

Last Hope
ST: Last Hope
(by RHE)
RQ: Last Hope
RQ: Last Hope Video Playthrough

Layer Section see Rayforce

Layer Section II see Raystorm

Life Force (NES) see Salamander (FC)

Lightening Force see Thunderforce IV

Lords of Thunder
GD: Lord of Thunder Boss strategies
RQ: Lords of Thunder best armors for each level
RQ: Lords/Winds of Thunder last boss

Mahou Daisakusen
GD: Mahou Daisakusen

Mamoru-kun wa Norowarete Shimatta!!
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements

Mars Matrix
ST: Mars Matrix
(by Randorama)
GD: Mars Matrix
GD: Mars Matrix - Arrange/Elite Mode (A)
RQ: Mars Matrix Phoenix
RQ: That damn red tank in Mars Matrix

Meta Fox
GD: Meta Fox

Metal Black
ST: Metal Black
(by BIL)
GD: Metal Black

Minishoter RS Delta
RQ: Minishooter RS Delta Secret guide

Mobile Light Force see Gunbird

Mobile Light Force 2 see Shikigami no Shiro

Muchi Muchi Pork
ST: Muchi Muchi Pork!
(by EOJ)
RQ: MMP medal strategy?
RQ: Muchi Muchi Pork! boss help
RQ: Muchi Muchi Pork questions
RQ: Muchi Muchi Pork superplay video
RQ: Scoring in Muchi Muchi Pork & Pink Sweets!

GD: Musha
RQ: Hidden 1ups bonus in Musha Aleste?
RQ: Musha "Hard" mode help

ST: Mushihimesama Basics, Modes & Scoring
(by slateman)
ST: Mushihime-sama Maniac & Ultra modes: scoring (by EOJ)
SD: Mushihimesama Maniac mode(double play)
GD: Mushihime
GD: Mushihimesama - arrange easier then original?
GD: Mushihimesama Arrange mode - Scoring System
GD: Mushihime Sama - Let's talk about original
GD: 1-sissy Mushihimesama (Original Mode), and a bit more !
RQ: A few high-level play tips for Mushihimesama MANIAC
RQ: Bomb distributions for Mushihime, Ultra mode, rapid OK
RQ: Cave secret lives and strategies for getting them.
RQ: Dealing with fast bullets (Mushihimesama Original)
RQ: [HELP] Mushihimesama PS2 weird practice mode
RQ:Mushihimesama Button Config
RQ: Mushihimesama HD, what the hell is that Arrange mode ?!?
RQ: Mushihimesama - Saturn Pad Config Issues
RQ: Mushihime Sama scoring for idiots (ps2)
RQ: Mushihime-sama Slowdown on PS2
RQ: Mushihime sama, that final arrange boss...
RQ: Mushihime-sama Ultra mode final boss
RQ: Simple Mushihime-sama question

Mushihimesama Futari
ST: Mushihime-sama Futari ver 1.5
(by EOJ)
SD: Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 Stage 3 (Original)
GD: Mushihimesama Futari 1.0 Version differences
GD: Mushihime-sama Futari scoring & strats
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements
RQ: Mushihimesama Futari 1.5
RQ: Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 information
RQ: Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 Original - Rank Question
RQ: Mushihime-sama Futari Arrange mode Scoring
RQ: Mushihimesama Futari's scoring system
RQ: New Player Mushihimesama tips?

Mushihimesama Futari Black Label
ST: Mushihimesame Futari Black Label - Original Mode (by moozooh)
GD: Mushihimesama Futari Black Label basics
GD: 1-sissy Mushihimesama Futari Black Label, original mode
RQ: Mushihime Sama Futari Black Label questions
RQ: Mushihime-sama Futari BL scoring questions


Nemesis (GB)
RQ: Gradius on the Game Boy... Great game but damn hard!

RQ: Nexzr Normal Mode Score Save

Night Raid
ST: Night Raid
(by Randorama)

RQ: Noiz2sa Slowdown Strategy

Omega Fighter
RQ: Omega Fighter Special, Stage 3
RQ: Omega Fighter suicide trick

Omega Five
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements

Operation Ragnarok see Zed Blade

GD: Otomedius

Otomedius G
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements
RQ: Otomedius G superplay
RQ: Otomedius G! (360) Hitboxes

Override see Last Battalion

P-47 Aces
GD: P-47 Aces scoring

Paranoia see Psychosis

Parodius (series)
RQ: * Parodius, what affects rank?

Parodius Da
GD: Parodius Da Rank System

GD: PatriotDark
RQ: Patriot Dark Scoring Mechanics

PC Denjin see Air Zonk

Perfect Cherry Blossom
RQ: How do you get through level 3 In Touhou 7.
RQ: Perfect Cherry Blossom
RQ: Perfect Cherry Blossom- Help me understand the BASICS

RQ: Phalanx (SFC/SNES), Stage 3 Routes

Pink Sweets
ST: Pink Sweets
(by Plasmo)
SD: Hidden secrets of the Pink Sweets infinite lives trick
GD: Pink Sweets ~Ibara Sore-kara~
RQ: Pink Sweets Arrange
RQ: Pink Sweets Extends
RQ: Pink Sweets Increasing Shot Frequency (360)
RQ: Scoring in Muchi Muchi Pork & Pink Sweets!

Pistol Daimyo no Bouken
RQ: Pistol Daimyo no Bouken

PowerUp Forever
RQ: PowerUp Forever weapons systems and strategies?

RQ: PriZhm Scoring System

GD: Progear scoring
GD: 1-sissy Progear No Arashi, high time I cleared it !
RQ: Cave secret lives and strategies for getting them.
RQ: Progear boss 1 exploit
RQ: Progear gem streaming
RQ: Progear Japanese Test Menu
RQ: ProGear No Arashi Loop Requirements
RQ: Progear 'second boss exploit' video confusing!
RQ: Pro gear special endings
RQ: Progear Stage 4.... Tips anyone????
RQ: Progear's bombs
RQ: Quick Progear Question

GD: Psychosis / Paranoia

RQ: help me understand psyvariar.
RQ: Psyvariar Revision leveling
RQ: Psyvariar Revision unit - amount of stages?
RQ: Psyvariar Revision X-A and X-B bosses

Psyvariar 2
RQ: Psyvariar2 - an addiction that drives me nuts
RQ: Psyvariar 2 DC stage 6 with the guy Buzz type.
RQ: Psyvariar 2 (Easy/Normal/Hard)
RQ: Psyvariar II - PS-2 How Unlock Level 6...
RQ: Psyvariar 2 Ultimate Final - Mission Translations

RQ: Pulstar high-scoring
RQ: Pulstar, level 3

RQ: R Type stage 3 tactics
RQ: R-Type stage 7
RQ: R-Type Stage 7
RQ: R-Type Stage 8 Boss Battle

R-Type II
RQ: R-Type II Level 8 checkpoint recovery
RQ: R-Type II - Rios, Loop 2
RQ: R-Type II Stage 5 Boss

R-Type III
SD: R-Type III stage 4 boss insta-gib
RQ: Help on R-Type III
RQ: R-Type III The Third Lightning - Stuck..

R-Type Delta
RQ: Sausage of Doom R-Type Delta Level Six

R-Type Dimensions (compilation)
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements

R-Type Final
GD: R-Type Final Ultimate Ship Setups and Best Non-Ultimates
RQ: question Regarding R-Type Final and Unlockable Ships
RQ: R-Type Final hidden ship with cool DNA looking laser?
RQ: R-Type Final - Level 6
RQ: R-Type Final Level 6 Boss - How can I make it pay?
RQ: R-Type Final Stage 5 boss.

R-Type Leo
GD: R-Type Leo talk

Rabio Lepus
RQ: Rabio Lepus
RQ: Rabio Lepus Japanese translation request

Radiant Silvergun
GD: Radiant Silvergun 1cc
RQ: Levelling weapons in Radiant Silvergun
RQ: Need good Radiant Silvergun strat source.
RQ: RSG's last boss?

GD: Radilgy
GD: Rajirugi Game System
RQ: Radirgy DC - General Strategy or Detailed Guide
RQ: Radilgy multiplier info

Radirgy Noa
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements
RQ: Radilgy Noa PIckups
RQ: Radirgy Noa - the fucking dickhead on the even stages
RQ: Radirgy Noa - triggering extra extends

Radio Zonde
GD: Radio Zonde
RQ: Scoring on Radio Zonde

GD: Raiden I & II

Raiden II
GD: Raiden I & II
RQ: I have always sucked at Raiden II/DX please help!
RQ: Raiden II extends

Raiden III
GD: Raiden III
RQ: Raiden III Bomb Usage/Suiciding and score
RQ: Raiden III Double Mode PC Controller Configuration
RQ: Raiden III Help on 6th and Final Boss
RQ: Raiden III Replay Saves
RQ: Raiden III Secret Pickups/Bonuses

Raiden DX
ST: Raiden DX
(by saucykobold)
RQ: I have always sucked at Raiden II/DX please help!

Raiden IV
GD: Raiden IV
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements
RQ: raiden IV

Raiden Fighters
RQ: How to discover Micluses/Fairies in Raiden Fighters
RQ: Raiden Fighters FAQ
RQ: Raiden Fighters Miclus locations
RQ: Raiden Fighters, RF2, RFJ, VP1 rank systems.

Raiden Fighters 2
SD: Enabling Secret Ships in RF2/RFJ in rev. that are locked
rq: raiden fighters 2 medalling
RQ: Raiden Fighters 2 Operation Hell Dive -scoring
RQ: Raiden Fighters 2 Secret Planes?
RQ: raiden fighters 2 TLB
RQ: Raiden Fighters, RF2, RFJ, VP1 rank systems.

Raiden Fighters Jet
ST: Raiden Fighters Jet (WIP)
(by Twiddle)
SD: Enabling Secret Ships in RF2/RFJ in rev. that are locked
GD: Analysis of the jets in RFJ.
RQ: Getting palette swaps in Raiden Fighters Jet
RQ: Raiden Fighters Jet
RQ: Raiden Fighters Jet: Getting the highest medal values
RQ: Raiden Fighters Jet level 35 path on first credit
RQ: Raiden Fighters Jet Medal System
RQ: Raiden Fighters Jet stage 30 (4-B)
RQ: Raiden Fighters, RF2, RFJ, VP1 rank systems.

Raiden Fighters Aces (compilation)
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements
RQ: Raiden Fighters Aces Allrounder achievement
RQ: Raiden Fighters 2 Xbox 360

RQ: Best stage order to start out with in Raycrisis??...
RQ: ray crisis help
RQ: Raycrisis, Map No. 5?
GD: Scoring Techniques in RayCrisis

ST: Rayforce
(by Randorama)

GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements
RQ: 1 up Raystorm?
RQ: Layer Section II/Raystorm
RQ: Raystorm help

ST: Recca (Summer Carnival '92 Recca)
(by shiftace)
RQ: Recca "Summer Carinval 92

RQ: Scoring in Reflex

Rei Cho Aniki
RQ : Scoring in Rei Cho Aniki/Zero Cho Aniki (PSP)

GD: ring^-27

Rohga Armor Force
RQ: Any tips for Rohga Armor Force?

Royal Edoma Engine
ST - Royal Edoma Engine
(by Goshi)

RQ: rRootage - Psy Mode 6-C
RQ: rRootage Scoring System

Salamander (AC)
ST: Salamander - Bigger, Longer & Uncut!
(by Zach Keene)
RQ: Salamander stage 4 boss

Salamander (FC)
SD: Life Force NES 1-ups/5k hotspots/speed zone

Same! Same! Same! see Fire Shark

RQ: about PC shmup, Samidare

Savage Bees see Exed Exes

Section Z
GD: Here is the Section Z.

Seirei Senshi Spriggan
RQ: Spriggan Powerup Combos

Sengeki Striker
SD: Sengeki Striker scoring system deemystified.
RQ: Does ANYONE understand Sengeki Striker's scoring system?
RQ: Sengeki Striker hitbox

Sengoku Ace
RQ: Sengoku Ace random (?) elements

Sengoku Blade
ST: Sengoku Blade
(by Hagane)

Senko no Ronde
ST: Senko no Ronde Rev. X
(by dai jou bu)
GD: Senko no Ronde Rev.X/WarTech Senko no Ronde
RQ: Senko No Ronde Character info

Sexy Parodius
RQ: Sexy Parodius bells
RQ: Sexy Parodius - triggering the special stage

GD: Daioh/Shienryu
GD: Shienryu
RQ: Shienryu end boss
RQ: Shienryu - how to trigger extend items?

Shienryu Explosion
GD: Steel Dragon EX/ Double Shienryu

Shikigami no Shiro
ST: Shikigami no Shiro series
(by Icarus)
RQ: Shikigami no Shiro EX

Shikigami no Shiro 2
ST: Shikigami no Shiro series
(by Icarus)
GD: Castle of Shikigani 2 Scoring System
RQ: Bomb distributions for Ketsui, DOJ, ESPGaluda, Shiki II
RQ: Sayo 1 or 2? (shiki 2)
RQ: Shiki II, Chibi Fumiko, Appreciate DVD stage scores
RQ: Shiki II, difficulty to ALL certain character types
RQ: shiki2 Kuga help?
RQ: Shikigami No Shiro II Axes Remapping
RQ: Shikigami No Shiro II - Stage 3 midboss (the boxes)
RQ: Using Shiki 2's Difficult Characters

Shikigami no Shiro 3
GD: Shikigami no Shiro III / Castle of Shikigami III
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements
RQ: Shiki 3: What makes the walls disappear in Stage 3-1?
RQ: Shikigami 3 - Unlock all gallery pics?

Shin Chuka Taisen
RQ : level 6 in Shin Chuka Taisen ??? (Wii)

Shippu Mahou Daisakusen see Kingdom Grandprix

Shooting Love 200X
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements

Sine Mora
GD: Sine Mora

RQ: Level 4 in Sinistron, asteroid field

Silpheed: The Lost Planet
RQ: Best weapons configuration(s) in PS2 Silpheed??....

Skull Fang
GD: Skull Fang
RQ: Weapon positioning and changing in Saturn Skull Fang...

Sky Kid
RQ: What are arcade default extends for Sky Kid?

Sky Shark see Flying Shark

Slap Fight
RQ: Scoring tricks in Slap Fight/Alcon or Slap Fight MD
RQ: Slap Fight tips?

Sol Divide
RQ: Sol Divide magic attacks

Soldier Blade
RQ: 500,000+ In Soldier Blade 2min Challenge?
RQ: Maximizing score in Soldier Blade caravan

Soldier Collection
RQ: Soldier Collection PSP Translation?

Soldier Force
RQ:Soldier Force "Change" and "Dock/Purge" Options

Solid State Survivor
GD: Solid State Survivor Scoring System
RQ: Solid State Survivor secrets/need translators

Sonic Ironstorm: Fatal Attack
GD: Sonic Ironstorm: Fatal Attack [PC]

Sonic Wings (series)
RQ: Is there rank in the Aero Fighters/Sonic Wings series?

Sonic Wings
GD: Sonic Wings (Aero Fighters)

Sonic Wings 3
RQ: Sonic Wings 3 medal scoring
RQ: What does trigger final stages in Sonic Wings 3

Sonic Wings Special
RQ: Sonic Wing Special (how to unlock planes?)

ST: Soukyugurentai
(by Icarus)
RQ: Soukyugurentai
RQ: Soukyugurentai...a few questions.
RQ: Soukyugurentai net laser ?'s
RQ: Soukyugurentai - Saturn - Options translations
RQ: Soukyugurentai Tank Boss (st3)

Space Bomber
GD: Space Bomber "Hidden" bonuses?
RQ: Space Bomber 1,000,000,000,000-point bonus
RQ: Space Bomber, capture & chain reaction

Space Invaders Extreme
GD: Space Invaders Extreme
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements
RQ: Scoring and tips for Space Invaders Extreme (PSP)

Space Invaders: Infinity Gene
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements

Space Megaforce
RQ: Super Aleste/Space Megaforce

RQ: Orb power-up system in PCE Spriggan....

Star Force
GD: Star Force

Star Soldier
GD: Hudson selection vol.2: Star soldier (PS2/GC)
GD: NES Star Soldier: Bonus Points, Warp & Laser Weapon
GD: PSP Star Soldier
RQ: Does Hudson Selection Star Soldier loop?...
RQ: How many stages in Hudson Selection: Star Soldier??....
RQ Star Soldier
RQ: Star Soldier laser

Steel Empire
RQ: Steel Empire collection icons

Steel Saviour
RQ: Steel Saviour End Level Multiplier

Strike Witches: Shirogane no Tsubasa
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements

Strikers 1945
GD: Strikers 1945 (I)
RQ: Gunbird train in Strikers 1945

Strikers 1945 II
SD: Strikers 1945 II Boss Strategies
GD: Strikers 1945 II (Late Pass)
RQ: Strikers 1945 2

Strikers 1945 III see Strikers 1999

Strikers 1999
RQ: Strikers 1945 III
RQ: Strikers 1945 III/Strikers 1999 Hitbox locations
RQ: Strikers 1999 - Secret Plane
RQ: strikers 1999 - Spike Arm
RQ: Strikers 1999 (III) technical bonus?

Super Aleste see Space Megaforce

Super Darius II
RQ: Super Darius II PCE SCD - Help please!!

Super Fantasy Zone
RQ: Super Fantasy Zone (MD) Music code?

Super Real Darwin
GD: Super Real Darwin

Super Spacefortress Macross II
RQ: Super Spacefortress Macross II - What am I doing wrong?

RQ: Genesis Truxton stage 1, third midboss attack help
RQ: Truxton/Tatsujin weapon specific bonuses

Tatsujin Ou
SD: Managing the start of stage 5 in Truxton II
SD: Truxton II 1UPs
RQ: Truxton II Boss Strategies
RQ: Tatsujin Oh - How to beat the stage 4 boss?

Ten Desires
GD : 1-sissy Touhou 13 Ten Desires (PC)

Tengai see Sengoku Blade

Thunder Dragon 2
GD: Thunder Dragon 2 / Big Bang

RQ: Thundercross (PS2) - Bonus Enemies

Thunderforce II
SD: Thunder Force II overhead stages

Thunderforce III
RQ: Best stage to start out with in Thunder Force 3??...

Thunderforce IV
SD: Thunder Force 4/Lightening Force Stage 1 infinite score
RQ: Thunderforce IV sealed off items?

Thunderforce V
RQ: Thunder Force V Boss help 3-4
RQ: Thunder Force V PSX Replay, 800 million

Thunderforce VI

Tiger Heli
GD: Tiger Heli

Torus Trooper
RQ: Torus Trooper mechanics

Trigger Heart Exelica
GD: Triggerheart Exelica (DC) game modes
GD: Triggerheart Exelica Storymode Dreamcast
GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements
RQ: Medals in Triggerheart Exelica
RQ: Triggerheart Autospin off question
RQ: Trigger Heart Exelica: Faintear requirements
RQ: triggerheart exelica - xbla mechanics
RQ: Triggerheart Technique?

ST: Trizeal
(by Herr Schatten)
GD: Trizeal
RQ: How do you access XII-Stag "mode" in Trizeal?
RQ: use of the down-screen % w/ XII Stag ship in Trizeal ?

Truxton see Tatsujin

Truxton II see Tatsujin Ou

Tumiki Fighters
ST: Tumiki Fighters
(by shoe-sama)

TWilight INSanity
ST - TWilight INSanity
(by Goshi)

TWilight refrAIN
ST - TWilight RefrAIN
(by Goshi)

Twin Cobra see Kyukyoku Tiger

Twinbee Yahhoo!
RQ: Twinbee Yahhoo!

Twinkle Star Sprites
RQ Twinkle Star Sprites Tricks and Tips??

U.N. Squadron
RQ: U.N. Squadren Lv. 9 Boss

U.S. Navy see Carrier Air Wing

ST: Undead Line (Undeadline) (Mega Drive, MSX, X68k)
(by Damocles)

Under Defeat
ST: Under Defeat
(by m3tall1ca)
GD: Under Defeat Scoring
GD: Under Defeat version comparisons (DC vs HD)
GD : 1-sissy Under Defeat (Dreamcast)
RQ: Instructions for Under Defeat
RQ: Under Defeat, bomb distribution
RQ: Under Defeat loop requirement

GD: V-Five PCB "Bomber Ver." Code
GD: V.V / Grindstormer
RQ: V-Five (Toaplan) - second boss

GD: Varth

GD: Vasara

Vasara 2
RQ:Vasara 2- Prestige kill #75, Stage 3

GD: Viewpoint trick
RQ: Viewpoint replay

GD: Vimana

Viper Phase 1
GD: viper phase 1 - new / usa ver
RQ: Explain the 100,000pt medal in Viper Phase 1 - INH DVD
RQ: Raiden Fighters, RF2, RFJ, VP1 rank systems.
RQ: Viper Phase 1 - talk to me about this game

Vulcan Venture see Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou

GD: Vulgus

Wartech see Senko no Ronde

Warning Forever
RQ: Warning Forever scoring
RQ: Warning Forever Transformations

Whip Rush
RQ: Whip Rush (Stages 3, 4 and 5)

Winds of Thunder see Lords of Thunder

Wolf Fang see Rohga Armor Force

RQ: X-Multiply Stage 7

GD: XBox 360 Shmup Achievements

RQ: Xexex extra lives
RQ: Xexex Level 5 Boss

XX Mission
RQ: XX Mission info

RQ: Xyanide level branches

Yalkina STG
GD: Yalkinashoot

Zanac Neo
RQ: looking for zanac neo for psx strategy and secrets.

Zed Blade
ST: Zed Blade/Operation Ragnarok
(by Skykid)

RQ: Zen-Ichi Game & Scoring System

Zero Cho Aniki see Rei Cho Aniki

Zero Gunner 2
ST: Zero Gunner 2
(by Battletoad)
GD: Zero Gunner 2 scoring areas
RQ: Cannon Spike and Zero Gunner 2, maintenance codes?
RQ: Zero Gunner 2 Rotation question...

Zero Wing
SD: Warp zone in Zero Wing (AC)
RQ: Toaplan mascot in Zero Wing (AC)
RQ: Zero Wing (MD), stage 8 boss

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