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 Post subject: RQ: Mars Matrix Phoenix
PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2006 5:42 am 

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Hey, I've had this game since it came out and I've never been able to get past the stage 4 boss without losing a bunch of lives.. what is the absolute safest way to beat this guy? Any ways people can think of other than the way in Rando's guide, and what bullets should I focus the most on? Anything in particular I should be reflecting to make my life easier?

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Mar 03, 2006 5:16 pm 

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Well I'm entirely unhelpful as I have yet to put any serious play into MM, but Rando's usually right about strategy-oriented stuff ;)

If his method isn't working I recommend MARPing the game and seeing if anyone else can handle it properly. There's a few entries but for some reason the URL doesn't change so I can't link you to the results, sorry.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2006 12:43 pm 

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The problem with Rando's guide, is that he details how to do the part before the Red fighter, which I have no problems with. It's the little fighter jet that gets tossed out after that always kills me, bloody thing.

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 Post subject: Re: RQ: Mars Matrix Phoenix
PostPosted: Wed Jul 02, 2014 6:15 am 

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Yeah, this is an old thread, and I have no idea if the OP still needs advice, but this is a clip that I recorded of my boss strategy which I believe to be the lowest risk possible with the blue ship (though it still takes a while to get into the rhythm of it since these are fast bullets and the pattern is hard to read). I'm posting it because I would have appreciated having this when I trying to figure out this attack. It's basically the same as in SFKhoa's MM 1cc video, but I think I do it with slightly less risk involved.
This is not a very good video, i don't think, in spite of it's giant size (hence 7zipping it). Seems to have some framerate issues, but will do the trick. It's taken from a savestate in the japanese mame rom but this part is identical in the DC version on default difficulty. Also: feel free to upload this to youtube or something, anyone who wants to.

What I'm doing is basically: piercing until the boss begins to move right, then I suck up the first whiplash attack, dodge until my mosquito recharges, suck up the next one, in order to dodge the next part you need to move way over to the right at one point then back, then stay more or less toward the center of the whiplash attack until the bullet spam attack starts

The bullet spam attack can be divided into two overlapping patterns. One is blue bullets and makes up the majority of the attack, then there's the pink bullets that stay roughly along the sides of the boss.

For the first part of the bullet spam attack, don't move too much from your final position during the whiplash attack, then slowly move right til you're almost touching the outer pattern (pink), but activate the mosquito before you get hit, move up to the center of the boss and hold on til you've almost exhausted the gauge, then release those bullets in that mo'fucka's face. You then want to move rapidly to the bottom of the screen. For the next part, the most important thing is to stay near the center of the boss. You can actually move in either direction about as easily during this attack, but it can be hard to see the opening.

Usually the boss will die to your normal fire before moving on to the final pattern (as in this example), but if it doesn't, the final pattern is easily handled by mosquitoing till the end of your gauge and releasing right on top of the boss.

Basically, if you pay pretty close attention to my positioning in this video, and practice a shit ton to get a feel for the rhythm and learn to read the pattern and see the openings, you should be able to make this boss your bitch most of the time.

Note also that if you die after the first mosquito on the bullet spam pattern you can actually take out the boss by using the same trick that you'd normally use on the final pattern without having to dodge any more bullets. Most of the time, anyway. you get more experience that way, too, but not a significant amount, still.

Hope this helps the OP and also whoever else might be having trouble with this part.

EDIT: Also, I'd recommend being at level 5 shot or higher if possible (this should not be too hard even if you're not really playing for score, just learn how to full chain the first stage, or short bursts of chaining in first and second, or experience waterfall in third). I say this because the speed of the blue ship reduces a little bit at level 5 which makes getting through those tiny gaps easier. I've done it a few times on level 4 (in score attack mode), but level 5 is definately easier.

EDIT2: Now available to stream instead of downloading. Quality much worse, though: ... videogames
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