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 Post subject: GD: V.V / Grindstormer
PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2006 5:52 am 

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V.V / Grindstormer

V.V / Grind Stormer is a great game, but it is not as propurlar as Batsugun since it only got a MD port, which of cause not acrade perfact.

High Score Thread

I start this strategy discussion by wrting down all I know:


I know:

Length of the Game:
6 Stages 2 Loops

Weapon System:
Max 4 Level
Would become SPEED DOWN after you reach Max.

Max 4 Level

Sustands one hit.

You could alter the angle of the spread shot by moving up and down while tapping or released the Fire button. Demage increash a lot when you make it shooting stright forward. Holding the Fire button would fix the fire arc.

Lv 1-2 2 Options
Lv 3-4 4 Options

Tapping or release the Fire button would have the Options circle around you ship. Holding the Fire would have the options seek out and fire at enemy at point blank.

Lv 1-2 2 Options
Lv 3-4 4 Options

Tapping or release the Fire button would have the Options come to the same position of your ship. Holding the Fire Buttons would have the Options follow you like in Gradius.

Lv 1-2 2 Options
Lv 3-4 4 Options

Stage Clear Bonus:

If No Miss During the Stage:

No. of Powe Up Item Collected x (Stage + 1) x 1,000

If Missed During the Stage:

No. of Powe Up Item Collected x 1 x 1,000

Only Count those item collected by the ship during stage clear. So if you die during mid-stage, the Item Count would reset.

1st Loop Clear Bonus:

2nd Loop Clear Bonus

Rank System:

It was said that the HP of Boss and Mid-Boss is depend on the weapon you got when you first meet them.


It was said you could trick the game ranking system by switching weapon after you met the boss. Thus making it got less HP.

I don't know:

When MISSILE hit any enemy, it would leave an area of bust behind, could this bust hurt other enemies on screen?

Player Ship's Hit Box.

Does the Hit box got the same size w/ SHIELD and w/o SHIELD?

Any Reminding Life bonus?

More about the Rank System.

Grind Stormer / V.V (Bomber Ver.)

I know:

Bomber Ver. Code

I don't know:

Could Grind Stormer be changed to V.V mode using some kind of code?

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2006 8:34 pm 

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Hi, as far as I know, the PCBs of V-Five and Grind Stormer do not contain the game system for the other. I've tried messing with their test modes in MAME to see what can be done but I can't find the option, so unless there's a pad code I guess it can't be done.
However, the Megadrive conversion has the option to switch in the options screen, which is nice.
V-Five utilises a Gradius-alike power-up system with selectable weapons based on pod collection. Personally, and this may be heresy according to some, I'm really not a fan of the Gradius system. I find it annoying in that if you die, in a lot of situations in a lot of games that use it you're basically shafted because you have to get at least two speed-ups before you can move faster than the enemy bullets.
Grind Stormer uses a power-up system that drops the right (or wrong) weapon at each point that V-Five would drop you a pod and also provides a handy bomb button, which might be considered the ladies' way out but I prefer to be given a weapon and allowed to shoot things instead of the large amount of faffing about that a Gradius system brings.
No score to contribute as yet, my Megadrive cartridge version hasn't arrived yet.
Any differences between the arcade and MD versions I should know about?

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 Post subject: orz
PostPosted: Tue Apr 25, 2006 12:57 pm 

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okay, here's what I *think* I know

re: V-FIVE

>amount of Gems in each stage
st1 = 10, st2 = 14, st3 = 27, st4 = 25, st5 = 92, st6=54

>end of stage bonus calculation
if you do NOT perfect collect the gems (either cus you miss one/some, or you die, or both)
if you DO perfect collect the gems (no deaths AND no miss)
Gems*1000*N+1, where N=number of stage

so, if you collect all gems from start to finish w/o dying,
bonii go like-a this-a

10*1K*2= 20K
14*1K*3= 42K

during 2nd round, amount of gems and end of stage calculation remain the same (ie. no more gems, higher base values, multipliers, and whatnot)

>loop over bonus = 5M

>end of game bonus = 1M per reminder + 10M

re: misc

*notes on weapons -- this is elementary, but hey. since you get points per hit
missile; try powering up 2 times instead of 3 (ie. you stay one below max power) - this way you hurt the bosses less, can drag out the battles, place more hits, and score higher (think Garegga).
shot; arrange options to semi wide so that you actually "tickle" the bigger enemies/bosses, land more hits and score more (think Mushi, W-Power).
full frontal can be useful to kill enemies faster, but you'll get less hits.
search; only pussies and bulletmagnets use search...

of course if you play a full game and you dont power up all the way, you'll miss out the various power surplus bonii.

*amount and location of MAX-POW items
1 in st1-6; 2 in st2-3, st2-4, and st2-5; 3 in st2-6.
if you are at full power already, you get 100K per pick-up.

re: bombs in Grind Stormer (corrections inside)

most (all?) enemies have what you can call a Base Value Upon Detonation -- iunno, like pretty much every other shooter out there.. -- however, when a smartbomb is active on screen during an enemies detonation, this value seemingly gets doubled. (see also snapshot sequence in post below)

popcorn enemies, midboss1, boss1, midboss2 have all values that are too small to be noted.
for the rest, things go roughly like-a this-a:

boss2; BVUD = 10K (so, if you finish her w/ a bomb, you get 10K*2=20K. its not much, but its fun in single stage attacks)

boss3 = 20K

[shot] = 20K
[search] = 10K; so, if you use a bomb on each plane, you get a total of 60K. (3*(10*2)).
[missile]; 1st form = 0K, 2nd form = 30K - in st4, bombs have no effect.
in st6, however, the use a bomb before he dies trick (ie. 30K*2) works no problem.

boss4; 1st and 2nd form = 0, 3rd = 60K (again, see post below)

midboss5 = 30K.

boss5; 1st form self destructs after roughly 1min; pointwise, bombs dont seem to be useful.
however, during his 2nd and 3rd form, he's vulnerable to bombs all the time, and you can gain 50+K per bomb used;
3rd form's BVUD = 80K.
so yea, if you stockpile bombs, you can get up to 400+K points from him (5*50K+(1*80K*2)).
the level is very generous w/ bombs, so just experiment with stage selects.
needless to say that if you concentrate your fire on the satellites during explosions you can earn even more points...

midboss6; each part (2 side-cannons, front body, shell) is worth around 20K, so seemingly you can get 80K(4*20).
however, if you use 2bombs and ride him during the blasts (to destroy the various miniguns), you can get approx. 240K - so maybe she's made of 6 parts after all.. (240/2=120, 120/20=6)

boss6 = 100K

no of bomb carriers per stage:
1,2 = one each
3,4 = two each
5 = 2 before the alienhead;
1 before and 1 after the speedsection; during speedsection: a lot.
again, experiment with stage selects -- if you can grab 9B, counter should reach 2000p/s, or something like that...
6 = 4 before midboss; +1 towards the end.

BTW, the max bomb stock counter seems to start at 500 points/sec;
for each surplus, you'll add another 500p, i.e you gain 1000/sec, then 1500, then 2000, etc.
if you dont die and pick up pretty much every bomb in sight, once you reach the stage 5 boss you'll earn roughly 7000p/sec.
I'm quite sure it goes all the way up to 10000p/sec -- yea, that's a lot.
if you bomb, the counter stops.
if later you pick up a bomb and go back to max stock, the counter restarts, at a seemingly lower(?) value, but it doesnt seem to reset completely.
no idea what happens if you use multiple bombs and then max out bomb stock again at some point, or if you crash and burn, etc.
as you'd expect, bomb counter is only active during stagetrips, not boss battles (think dodonpach).
all three forms of the stage 5 boss count as stagetrip, however.
oddly enough, the alien head in the same stage does not.

N.B. all the idle chatter you just read is based on the genesis rev, arcade might be different. also pretty much everything is unofficial, speculative, uncomfirmed, approximative, guessed and simplified -- I dont have the time to test this crap w/ stopwatches and metronomes, if you catch my drift (yea, Im a lazy bastard, and i always do my best to sound like an asshole...)

loop over bonus in Grind Stormer is 0 points, BTW. end of game bonus is 50M (no kidding) -- so yea, have fun loosing all your lives to the 2-6 boss!!!

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 Post subject: ...
PostPosted: Tue Apr 25, 2006 1:29 pm 

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if the images dont show up properly, nevermind...

<screenshot demonstration>

boss is about to die...


...keep shooting and perform a Normal Kill.


+60K :|

...finish him off with a bom-ber


+60K technical bonus :shock:
Spoiler: show

Platonic Shumpper
Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Apr 30, 2006 6:11 am 

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Joined: 03 Jun 2005
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Location: A tiny nameless island in South China Sea
Thank you, Ko.oS, for your valuable input. :D
*Meow* I am as serious as a cat could possible be. *Meow*

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Apr 30, 2006 10:57 am 

Joined: 12 Dec 2005
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Very interesting.
I always thought using a bomb on a boss would be the less 'technical' way to do things but obviously this game feels the opposite.
Thanks for the interesting info.

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