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 Post subject: RQ : Touhou 12.8 Great Fairy Wars, easiest way ?
PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2012 7:09 pm 

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As I try to 1cc (to 1-sissy !) the game, I can't believe it's so hard !
So I was wondering if one of the roads was easier than the others ? (I play Forest of Magic, Misty Lake and then Spring Path, on Normal)

Thanx for your answers !

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 Post subject: Re: RQ : Touhou 12.8 Great Fairy Wars, easiest way ?
PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:17 pm 

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I think that Route A1 is the easiest. It looks somewhat insurmountable at first but when you get used to how the ice works and get some basic strategies down for the stages and the bosses then it became pretty easy to clear. Iirc, I 1cc'd it on Lunatic on my third credit (that made it past Stage 1 flawlessly) so it shouldn't be too hard to do on Normal where the enemies doesn't even shower you with suicide bullets.

If you are having trouble then I'd recommend watching a replay just to get the basic ideas of how to approach the stages. Also, you'll probably want to learn how to abuse the system for more extends, like if you can find places where you can graze a lot of bullets fast and then freezing them. I'm pretty sure that the final boss of Route A1 has an attack that with proper freezing can give you an extend on its own.

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 Post subject: Re: RQ : Touhou 12.8 Great Fairy Wars, easiest way ?
PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 4:01 am 

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I personally don't recommend grazing [1] for new players unless they want to specifically (but not limited to) get familiarized with the player and bullet hitboxes.. instead I'd say that shooting and/or grazing are helpful for filling the ice gauge faster, and that points (not sure about the extends or exp -- shot power) are usually earned by freezing shots and covering as much screen space with these frozen shots as possible (and not by how many shots you actually freeze). You gain enough bombs in the game, so spend them occasionally because they don't go beyond the 300% mark (or was it the "confidence" %, a.k.a. the extends? Don't remember now..).

- graze and shots fill the freeze gauge faster (remember you can use the freezing with at least 30%)
- try to freeze large areas of screen for more points (or extends/shot power lvl) (I need some confirmation on this, but the bullet amount that's frozen seems irrelevant)
- spend bombs for survival (don't die when you have max % capacity, since each death also gives some bomb meter and you don't want to waste that)
- if you're still having problems after a while, there may be ways to make the problem spots less difficult, available on Youtube..
- I fail at tl;drs
- good luck!

[1] - with this, I mean "actively grazing", which may cause more retries and more frustration than usual. May also cause more restarts if you're like me and misremember stuff and end eating other attacks instead.

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