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 Post subject: GD: Fixeight - Jigoku no Eiyuu Densetsu
PostPosted: Thu Jan 27, 2011 10:45 pm 

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The title is hilarious.

There are 7 stages that loop forever, like Out Zone. There's a great video of a loop clear with Ziguragi here. As with Tatsujin Oh, the overseas releases (US and Europe) are easier.

Don't forget to turn on Full-Auto in the configuration bios (press the Service Mode button three times). There's also an option to switch between two or three-player games.

Characters: Ziguragi is probably the best character; I don't like his second weapon (others seem to) but his first and special weapons are very good. Vistario's second weapon is a charge shot. The cast in this game is as interesting to play as Street Fighter II's cast, really; even has Ryu/Ken characters.

Points: Bombs are powerful, and worth saving. Despite the invisible timer system, there are some milking spots (where the timer simply doesn't work as it should); try the stage 2 mid-boss.
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 Post subject: Re: GD: Fixeight - Jigoku no Eiyuu Densetsu
PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, 2016 9:27 pm 

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Wow, I've been playing w/ Semi- Auto the whole time. Thanks for the tip.

I've noticed that each time you loop the game, each defeated enemy gets an extra suicide bullet. So in loop 2, defeated enemies send off 1 suicide bullet, loop 3 they send off 2, etc.

Ziguragi is really good for those learning the game, and going for a survival clear. His first weapon is good for arcing around corners to hit enemies, but his secondary weapon is even better to a degree since it can used to cancel any bullet that hits the claw arm. This makes certain sections ( middle area of stage 4, stage 7, and final boss), much easier to deal with since I don't think any other characters have normal attacks that cancel out bullets.
C.Horn is also one of the best characters from what I've seen. His first weapon shoots forwards and backwards, which can convienent for clearing out enemies surrounding you on both sides. His secondary weapon is very powerful, and destroys mid-bosses and bosses in seconds. This allows you to take a more aggressive approach on some stages, at the cost of not having much room to dodge as bullets come out pretty fast.
Vistario, and R'L Angelo were also good, but not as good as the other two. I'm still not sure about how good the other characters are, but I think the worst one is the robot GX-026, since his first weapon doesn't cover anything in the middle ( bad for when you are stuck in a small area), and his second weapon can be limited by the surrounding walls. His damage output wasn't that good from the one credit I played with him.

Points: The scoring system is pretty straightforward. You shoot enemies and collect items for power-ups, bombs( extra bombs give you 5,000 points), golden statues( 5,000 points), tiny gold bars( 100 pts), and question marks. The question-marks seem to be randomized, and can either give you: 5000 points, a special weapon ( specific to your character,), a speed-up, or very rarely a shield. The shield will protect your character from one hit against one small orange bullet; however you'll still die if you get from the row of red bullets, or a row or small orange bullets.
You can carry up to a maximum of 10 bombs, and your end stage total is calculated by your current number of bombs x 5,000, and statues collected x 3,000 ( on your current life).

Another thing to keep in mind is the timer system, which will alert the player to go ahead if they spend too much time in one section, or don't scroll the screen fast enough. After about 20-30 sec and nothing happens, spiked balls( invincible) will come after the player to kill them. The timer for the first few stages is pretty short, while the other stages have generally longer timers due to their layout.

There are a few spots for milking in this game. The first one is the stage 2 mid-boss ( eye laser gate), where the timer stops. You can ignore the face and just kill the spider enemies for about 30k, until the mid boss auto destructs and time starts to move again.
Another spot is the stage 2 boss, where you don't attack the big eye, but instead keep destroying the green balls and the blue ends of the orange beams. You can easily get around 70k with this method, but make sure to be careful so that you kill the boss before it auto destructs( in order to get 50k points for killing it).

The best milking spot is near the end of stage 5, with the walker enemies on your right that infinitely respawn. You want to position yourself so that you can kill those walkers without getting hit by them. If you set it up correctly you can get about 250-350k pretty easily ( max I've seen is almost 500k but you need to get through the early part of the stage very fast). This is where C.Horn is most effective, either by using his secondary or special weapons.

The last milking spot is the near the end of stage 7, right before the part with the floor with " Go to hell!" on it. You can kill the respawning guards before they shoot at you ( i used c.horn's secondary weapon) for about 30k before they stop respawning.

Another thing for survivalability is that its better to use your bombs than to take a death. This is because in stage 2, you can easily increase your bomb stock to 9 or 10; but if you die it goes back down to 3. Having a limited amount of bombs makes certain sections/ milking tougher to get by w/o dying. There are also some sections where its better to be more aggressive and kill some enemies so that its easy to kill the rest, rather than being defensive and getting back into an unescapable corner or death. For successive loops, suicide bullets will appear from enemies from a moderate distance ( as well as some destroyable structures), so having enough room to avoid these is key, as well as killing enemies close range so that enemies die normally.

Sometimes the game does soft lock in the sense where weird things happen. Some of these include: platforms don't line up correctly, the stage 4 turret midboss self destructs and leaves no bomb item, the missile enemies in stage 7 don't appear, or ( in Euro version) the 1.5 million extend sometimes appears.

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