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 Post subject: GD: Lord of Thunder Boss strategies
PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2005 7:10 pm 

Joined: 18 May 2005
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Let's discuss good strategies for fighting the bosses in this classic.

Water level boss (difficulty 7/10)
Keep making counter-clockwise circles to avoid the homing bullet, 3 shot, and boss' firing into the water. It takes me a while to beat this boss, hence the difficulty.

Fire level boss (difficulty 4/10)
Do not stay in front of the boss very long, it will charge you. Boss also charges with bullets moving vertically on the screen, pattern of these bullets is easy to learn and avoid if you are far enough away. Boss sometimes fires bullets in all directions, keep your distance to avoid. When boss changes into 2 balls, safe spot in upper left corner. With practice I found this boss easiest in the game.

Forest level boss (difficulty 5/10)
Destroy the tentacle arms on bottom of screen and fire into middle of boss. Boss will fire a stream of blue balls from high to low or vice versa, should be easy to avoid if you are centered in the screen. This boss goes down quick so there isn't much strategy involved.

Ice level Unicorn boss (difficulty 9/10)
The toughest boss for me to defeat, help!

Cloud level eagle boss (difficulty 6/10)
I just kept on firing and dodging (lots of movement, do not sit still) and he went down, any advice on how to approach this guy more methodically?

Desert level boss (difficulty 6/10)
Watch for arm to open on lower body, then dodge up or forward the incoming ball. Fire into boss' midsection. Avoid fire from mouth, but usually this is only a problem when the boss gets close. Some kind of wave is also fired by this boss from the mouth I think.

Anything to add here? Which boss is easiest/hardest for you?
Also, should note that this is for normal difficulty level. Boss attacks change for higher levels.

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 Post subject: Re: GD: Lord of Thunder Boss strategies
PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2005 7:21 am 

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Joined: 26 Jan 2005
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boom wrote:
Ice level Unicorn boss (difficulty 9/10)
The toughest boss for me to defeat, help!

He's very hard to beat in a traditional way, so I always just bomb him. One single bomb and you will get rid of him in an instant.

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, 2008 7:02 pm 

Joined: 26 Jan 2005
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5/18: Adding in hard mode changes for the later three bosses.

(By the way, does anyone else think the boss fights should have had two parts; first human form, then demon form?)

Dezant boss: His weak point is the gem on his breasplate. It's a good idea to have the earth armor here (at least, if it's better than L1), since you can use the upwards bombs to hit it and stay away from the boss's breath and lightning blasts. Just remember to get ready to move when the torso's mandibles open. On hard mode, the mandibles emit a fan of three wind blasts.

Azual boss: Her weak point is her open mouth. Of course, she only opens her mouth in order to shoot a homing blast at you. Be careful about moving low to avoid the blast; that's her trigger for shooting the pressure wave into the water, and it's MUCH faster than the three-way shot. Concentrate more on attacking her when she's surfacing or diving, since she only has her breath weapon then. Of course, on hard mode, there's the not-so-little matter of the rockets that rise up from the water whenever she's diving/submerged (as well as the straight shot that accompanies each homing breath)...Fortunately, because she's not vulnerable very often, she doesn't take that many successful hits to permanently submerge.

Llamarada boss: He can be hit anywhere. Just remember that he can't be hurt when punching or in liquid form. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to dependably avoid getting pelted while he's in his liquid state. In hard mode, his sword thrust generates shots that are closer together, and he shoots two eight-way salvos in a row.

Bosque boss: Attack the main body. The problem is not getting hit by the blasts from his arms. QUICKLY destroy the two centipedes coming from his roots to have room to move, then keep an eye on his hands. If his upper hand glows, move to the ceiling and about two-fifths of the way forward to avoid the blasts. If his lower hand, the same except moving to the floor. In hard mode, the arm blasts cover a wider arc—you'll have to move closer to him to avoid all the shots. Also, in between those blasts, the energy pulses from his armor come in sets of two, rather than single pulses.

Helado boss: Like the Azual boss, he doesn't have much endurance, but he can only be hurt by blasting his mouth when it's open (which always involves a bullet being shot at you). All I can suggest is to use the earth armor and let the aerial bombs blast his mouth while he leaps. Keep an eye on his head; that way you can tell when he telegraphs the horn wave and horn beam. If he crouches, get ready to dodge his dash. On hard mode, the situation gets MUCH nastier. Not only does he spit a wave of THREE bullets whenever he opens his mouth, but he has an all-new attack where he shoots out shards of ice from his coat to rain down over the whole screen. At least your own shots will shatter them...

Cielom boss: The main threat is when she throws her shield at you; that thing can chase you for quite some time, and make her salvos very difficult to avoid (the shield is quite a bit faster than the Azual boss's breath, I've found). Try to stay in the upper part of the screen to make her diving attack less dangerous. Her only hard mode change seems to be the wing shot salvo—it now fires five bullets rather than three.

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