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 Post subject: RQ: Raiden Fighters Miclus locations
PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, 2008 5:18 pm 

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And the locations for the miclus in RF2 and RFJ would be awesome as well.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 1:01 am 

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The cave whore count in this thread is unbelievable!!!

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 20, 2009 10:11 pm 

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Raiden Fighters 1 miclus locations:

Forest (stage A):
-When you reach the village, hover over the first rightmost house you see for the first miclus.
-Destroy the large bomber ship ONLY when it's flying away to reveal the second miclus (it'll walk out of a set of trees on the left side of the screen)

Enemy Airstrip (stage B):
-Avoid destroying the first fuel can stack you see (it's on the right side of the screen), then destroy the second one (left side, appears some time after the large tank stops) and THEN destroy the first one. The first miclus will appear under the tail of the first inert bomber ship.
-Hover over the tail of the inert bomber ship facing diagonally right to find the second miclus coming out of it.

Carrier (stage 3):
-The only miclus in this stage is in the water a little above the area in between the two hoverships. Hover over the area where the beach ends positioned sort of in between the two hoverships to have him pop out.

Train Depot (stage C):
-The first miclus is found in the lower end of the first red/brown building. Hover over it to reveal him.
-The second miclus is found in the right end of the second red/brown building (at the end of the train depot). Hover over it to reveal him and splatter him for points.

Ice Area With Terrible Music (stage D):
-The Miclus' position cannot be described with words, so here's an image of where you should be to reveal him, via DAB.S:

Airship (stage 6):
No dice.

Enemy Base (stage 7):
-Hover over the remains of the right turret tower before the large tank miniboss to reveal the first Miclus.
-Destroy the large bomber ship that appears after the three turret towers appearing in a row ONLY when it's flying away to reveal the second Miclus (spawns in the left turret tower following.) The large bomber will start flying away when it crosses the pair of turret towers.
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