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 Post subject: RQ: Blazing star (stage 6 scoring & last boss fight)
PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2007 3:55 am 

Joined: 03 Sep 2007
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Hello everyone,

Here's my very first post here, so first of all: hello again, and thanks for all the nice information available here. It seemed to me that there wasn't any "presentation topic" in the first two pages of the general chat forum, so I didn't dare to create a topic just for saying "hey, that's me!". But I'll happily introduce myself a bit more if required. I also hope you will forgive me my so unperfect english.

I'd like to have some more information about Blazing Star. For the moment I'm playing it keeping the rank as low as possible (no lucky items, 3 power-ups only). Doing this I'm still able to score around 25 millions at the end of stage 6. But...

...In stage 6 I'm never able to use a "x128" event on the 50.000 points large orange ship under the boss. That is, I never ever get the event item when destroying the little wing of the boss. I usually get it two or three ennemies later (i.e. from one the mechas coming when the orange ship has already disapeared or been destroyed). And, as I know this trick is possible, it becomes... really frustrating.

Can someone help me on this ? I really would appreciate it !

Also, I would appreciate an advice on stage 7 boss, too. I've never beaten him, apparently because I'm not able to destroy the two big parts of his "ship form" quickly enough (I mean, the parts with which he shoots very fast bullets just after the large white "balloons"). Do I need to take more power-ups for that (using hellhound) ? For now I'm still a bit concerned with taking power-ups and increasing the rank, as at minimal rank I still always lose a life in the "3D corridor"...

Thanks in advance to you all !

Little edit - just trying to use a more accurate english...


EDIT - 09/03

Well, I now manage to 1cc Blazing Star and also found some answers by myself, so I put them here just in case someone can confirm (or is interested by what I found).

Last boss is far more easily if there's no "hole" in your fast shot, i.e. in your button tapping : first baby form has not the time to shoot, penultiem form is destroyed just after the white balloons but before the rotating fast shot, etc...

So faster button tapping was the key for me in order to avoid some bad shoots (and I suppose the game with an autofire hack would just be very very easy).

For the stage 6 scoring trick, it seems to me that sometimes you just get event items later than you should. Apparently, if you make one appear really on the right side of the screen then it will float around a bit longer. So the next one comes a bit later, and you end with a shifting which just keeps growing all the stage long. For now I still couldn't get one at the proper place, but perhaps playing in stage 6 a bit more in the left part of the screen would help ?

However, I'll still be happy to get any advice. :D

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 10:31 pm 

Joined: 03 Sep 2007
Posts: 50
Location: France
Well, Bumping my own thread because I'm really really happy !

I just found a way to survive at maximum rank, AND managed to get the 6 400 000 extra point in stage 6 ! And I did that with rank raised up. That just gived me a score just beyond 40.000.000 !

OK, I know good scores on Blazing star are beyond 60.000.000, and that 40.000.000 is just crap for you all. But still, I'm very happy for now ! :D

Now the real reason of the bump comes: in this run I really had the impression to do like usual. So in the end I still don't know what exactly made me get a x128 event item at the proper place. :?

Please, is there a way to ensure the place of this event item in stage 6 ? I really would like to get past this trick and fight for a respectable score !


EDIT - 22/11

Well, played a bit Blazing Star again this week, and found a quite reliable way (although it's clearly not the best one) to get the event item at the proper place in stage 6.

In the end it seems there's an "incompressible gap of time" between two event items. So if you get the penultiem one too late in stage 6, you won't get the desired one in time. A way to avoid that is to not shoot anything once the green ships carrying the last lucky item appears.

This way you can avoid an event item to appear there and, if you don't kill anything from there until the boss appears again, you should get an event item on the boss little wing.

Of course you'll miss the lucky item and will loose 300.000 points. So this is still not the best way, but it's still something: 300.000 points losed for 6.400.000 points gained make a 6.100.000 benefit, after all.

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