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 Post subject: ST - Royal Edoma Engine
PostPosted: Tue Oct 31, 2006 7:40 am 

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This game gets no love whatsoever, not even a single topic on it =/

This calls for me.


Royal Edoma Engine

Gameplay Basics

Controls (Default)

Arrow Keys - Move
Z - Shoot (Hold down to rapid fire)/Confirm
X - Edoma Wave/Cancel

Basic Movement
Although the game is isometric Up still makes the character move up and left makes her move left. Always keep this is mind. The shots she makes are two fireballs which move in a straight line. The typical shmup weapon. Unlike in most shmups though you have health, you can heal health buy collecting a certain amount of sushi. If you run out of health you die and start at the last checkpoint, like in Gradius games.

Destroying enemies will produce sushi with sushi you get score but opens up a few extra options to what your character can do.

Edoma Wave
After collecting a certain amount of sushi you can use this to transform all bullets into a special type of sushi and activate Burst Mode. In Burst Mode anything you'll hit will create the same special sushi. This sushi heals you.

Maximum Mode
When you collect enough sushi you'll enter Maximum Mode in this mode your attack power is increased and you'll get bonus points for a certain amount of time. Maximum Mode will wear off if you get hit, activate Edoma Wave, or run out of time.

Bullet Slow
In the options screen if you enable this bullets will move slightly slower. If its enabled it'll be noted in the scores screen.

If an enemy enters the circle around your character and tries to attack it'll be canceled. This doesn't work on all attacks however. The circle will shrink slowly while your firing.

Phase Level
Depending on your performance, Phase Level will increase. When it does enemies will improve in difficulty. This may sound bad however you'll get bonus points for higher phase levels. Every time you die or use the Edoma Wave your phase level will lower.

Time Limit
When you encounter a boss you'll get a timer to appear. Like in most shmups the boss will self-destruct when time runs out. The more time you have left the more score you get. If a boss does self-destruct you'll get no bonus score whatsoever, so be sure to kill them.

End Level Bonuses
Shoot Down: Amount of enemies killed

Life Left: How many health you had left

Sushi Get: Number of sushi obtained in the level

Time Left: Amount of time left before the boss dies

Phase Level: Phase level acquired.

All bonuses will be at zero if the boss kills itself.

When you complete the game or get a game over you'll prompted if you wish to make a replay. Relays do what they say, replay what you've done during that play through.

Scoring Tips

Don't die!
This needs no explanation, if you have more lives by the end f the game, you'll get extra points for it.

Don't overuse the Edoma Wave!
Unlike in most shmups, using the "Bomb" weapon in this game penalizes your score by lowering your Phase Level, try to avoid using it.

Remain in Maximum Mode!
You get more points if you remain in Maximum Mode however Maximum Mode tends to build Phase Level to high levels. This may or may not be a good thing.

Shoot Down Everything!
This needs no explanation either.

Always kill the boss!
You get punished big time for failing to kill a boss within the time limit.

Collect Sushi!
This one needs no further explanation either

It seems there's no secrets in this one.

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Feel free to add any extra info

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