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 Post subject: ST - Gundeadligne
PostPosted: Mon Dec 11, 2006 11:06 am 

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A few months ago someone requested for information.


It may be 7 months or so late now but if your still looking for some now's your chance.



Gameplay Basics

Controls (Default)

Player 1
Z - Shoot/Confirm
X - Mana Ability/Cancel
Z - Bomb
W - Change direction

Player 2
Currently unknown

Basic Movement
It plays like a normal horizontal shmup only the sprites are quite large. However the game provides a hit box, thankfully. The hit box is the character's chest, it is marked by a heart each time you die for reference. Like in G-Darius your character can change directions, though this manually done as opposed to automatically done. This is important for attacking certain enemies throughout. Lastly, you can fly over enemies without being harmed. Only bullets (Or flame laser things) will damage you.

Bear in mind that changing directions consumes a tiny amount of mana. Mana is used for special abilities which are mentioned below.

Eryth Millfall
Her shot is a twin shot. Tapping the fire button has high firepower and you can move quickly whilst holding it down reduces your firepower and also lowers your movment speed.. Her Mana ability throws the Fortune Wheel that slows down bullets and enemies (Slows down time pretty much. For future reference this will be referred to as the in-game term: 'planeshift') as long as it hits something (Be an enemy or obstacle).

Be careful when tapping the fire button though as your guns may overheat and will not be usable for a short time.

She has several bombs, which are...

Ruby Matrix Master
Fires a huge powerful beam for a short amount of time. Her bomb gauge recharges quickly.

Diamond Matrix Master
Summons four crystals which lock onto enemies and shoot lasers. She also has two bomb gauges instead of one. This one seems to be the most popular choice for players.

Sapphire Matrix Master
Freezes time. Bomb gauge recharges slowly however.

Emerald Matrix Master
Emerald appears and shoots fast moving bullets over the screen, destroying everything. Her bomb gauge recharges quickly as well.

Pearl Matrix Masters
5 cards surround you that block bullets for a short amount of time. If you use a bomb while dying you'll summon the other master who attacks enemies with a scythe. Slow bomb recharge time though.

Jet Matrix Master
Summons a huge machine which does several swift punches destroying enemies.

Eryth also appears as a playable character in Hitogata Happa (As Fourtuner) and Dicing Knight.

Elixirel Chrome Matrix Proxy
An easy to use character, good for beginners.

Tapping the Z button slowly fires a weak single shot. Tapping Z quickly fires a weak five way shot. Holding the Z button lowers your speed but fires a powerful laser. The X button allows her to activate Dath Wind, an ability which activates Planeshift until she runs out of mana. She only has one bomb and that's Gundemonium, which summons the demon crystal to destroy everything on screen and change all bullets into gems. She appears as a playable character (As Lovers) in Hitogata Happa.

Nagi Takama
To play as her simply 1CC the game. She is a character made for experts.

She cannot Auto or Panic Bomb at all and her main shot is close range. When she turns around she becomes invincible for a short amount of time. Her normal attack is to punch in front of her constantly. It does a lot of damage, even more then Elixirel's laser! If you move close to bosses or certain enemies time will slow down (Activates planeshift in other words), this is very important to know. All her types give her a different option which change direction depending on how she last moved.

A sword option. It shoots normal bullets and can damage enemies by touching them. This can sometimes be better than Masakado as it makes maximum use of Nagi's fists.

Its like the one above only it cannot damage enemies and when its in front of you it fires a beam which does almost the same amount of damage as her punching! Very useful for bosses since you'll won't be moving as much.

Yes, I know. Anyway this option is like the first one except it can cancel bullets by touching them whilst its moving. By far, the most useless option.

Collecting gems fills the Mana gauge but also you to perform AlterBreaks. They give you score too. To get gems simply kill enemies or use Bombs. Also when you die with AutoBomb enabled you change bullets into special blue gems which give you mana but no score or AlterBreaks. Only the big gems will count into the AlterBreak gauge as well. Smaller ones only give score.

Each stage has a timer of a sorts. By collecting a certain amount of gems you can extend the timer and gain a couple of bonus points.

Due to laziness, I took the values from the Murasame Wiki. I'm not in the mood for gathering the Area 5 values at the moment ==;

Area 1-A: 200 gems
Area 1-B: 240 gems
Area 1-C: 240 gems
Area 1-D: 120 gems
Area 2-A: 200 gems
Area 2-B: 200 gems
Area 2-C: 240 gems
Area 2-D: 240 gems
Area 3-A: 160 gems
Area 3-B: 480 gems
Area 3-C: 280 gems
Area 3-D: 320 gems
Katharine: 120
Mysty: 240
Eclipse: 280
Neige: 240
Machina13th: 120
Wendy: 80
Area 5 Novice: 3600
Area 5 Standard:
Area 5 Advanced:
Area 5 Demonic:

Phase Level
Phase level is the game's general difficulty. The higher the phase level, the harder enemy's attacks will be. You'll also get bonus points based on your phase level. The higher the phase level, the more score. The following actions can alter phase level:

Increases Phase Level
- Defeating a Named Enemy
- Panic bombing
- Overheating Eryth's guns
- Alterbreaking

Decreases Phase Level
- Getting hit
- Using an AutoBomb

Works like most shmups in which every time you hit an enemy a counter appears adding up the number of times you continue hitting enemies. Doing nothing will causes the counter to reset after awhile.

(Copy/Paste again)When you complete the game or get a game over you'll prompted if you wish to make a replay. Relays do what they say, replay what you've done during that play through.

Bombs and AutoBomb
To use bombs you have to wait for the Bomb Gauge as I call it to fill. When it reaches a certain amount and you take damage, your character will create a magic circle which changes bullets to those special gems and you won't lose any lives, this is called AutoBombing. However if you press the bomb button at the right time, you can use your bomb's ability instead. This is called Panic Bombing.

The Michael Factor
A common question asked is how the hell you damage Michael. The solution is you may notice two orbs that fly in every now and then. With Eryth you'll need to use the Fortune Wheel to activate planeshift in order to damage her. Nagi has this battle tough as she needs to be attacking Michael with her fists (The last thing you would want to do against Michael). You're better off playing the dodge game with her. Elixirel has this battle the easiest as all she needs to do is activate Dath Wind.

XXX Lotus Blacker Factor
XXX Lotus Blacker is the hidden boss in the game which appears after the final boss. I'm currently unsure on the conditions but it is confirmed it involves Phase Level and Score. Having a Phase Level of 21 will get her to appear weather you like it or not. I'm pretty sure she appears if you have a Phase Level of 10 and/or have over 1000000 score. After playing Hitogata Happa, you would expect the hidden boss to be an epic battle but instead its just ML Lotus only more violent and as the XXX implies, is naked.

The Boss Rush Factor
The boss rush changes depending on which character you use. Here's the list taken from the Murasame Wiki.

Eryth Ruby
- Katharine
- Mysty
- Eclipse
- Nagi

Eryth Diamond
- Neige
- Eclipse
- Mysty
- Nagi

Eryth Sapphire
- Eclipse
- Katharine
- Machina13th
- Nagi

Eryth Emerald
- Wendy
- Neige
- Eclipse
- Nagi

Eryth Jet
- Mysty
- Katharine
- Machina13th
- Nagi

Eryth Pearl
- Eclipse
- Mysty
- Machina13th
- Nagi

- Katharine
- Mysty
- Wendy
- Nagi

Nagi Murakumo
- Mysty
- Eclipse
- Machina13th
- Eryth

Nagi Musakado
- Wendy
- Neige
- Eclipse
- Elixirel

Nagi Ikaruga
- Katharine
- Wendy
- Mysty
- Eryth

Play as Nagi - Complete the game without continuing. Difficulty doesn't matter.
Unlock Mission Mode - Complete the game. Difficulty doesn't matter.
Unlock Endless Babel - Simply defeat Babelforge. It'll become available in Mission Mode
Unlock Demonic Challenge - AlterBreak a stage and the stage's bosses will become available in this mode.

PSN Trophies/Steam Achievements
Rosenkreuz Agent - Complete Novice difficulty
Operation Successful - Complete Standard difficulty
Matrix Master - Complete Advanced difficulty
Que Pholith Conqueror - Complete Demonic difficulty
Far East Temple Knight - Complete the game without continuing
The Long Road - Get at least 6 alter breaks in one run
The Spice of Life - Complete the game with all three characters
Revenge is Sweet - Defeat the true last boss
Who's next? - Complete all the Demonic Challenges
Line 'em up! - Clear 25 lines in Eternal Babel mode
Demonic Duet - Complete Duet player with both players still alive

Related Links - Murasame Wiki - Platine Dispositif Website - Rockin' Android's Gundemonium Collection website


Feel free to add any extra info.

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2007 9:55 am 

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I revised it and now the information should be more accurate.

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 8:23 am 

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General clean up and adding some things. The guide is far more complete than before.

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 3:58 pm 

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Wow, Thanks!! :D
*Meow* I am as serious as a cat could possible be. *Meow*

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