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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by SpryteMix »

DoDonPachi DFK Type C / Strong
Armed Police Batrider Normal / Shorty (A)
Darius Gaiden
DoDonPachi DFK BL Novice - Type B Strong
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Verticen »

1941: Counter Attack (JPN)
Armed Police Batrider (USA) (Normal)
Battle Bakraid (USA) (Normal) (video)
Battle Garegga (video)
Blue Revolver [PC] (Normal)
Danmaku Unlimited 3 [Switch] (Spirit Hard)
Dead End City [PC] (Normal)
Desert War (Beginner) (video) (Average) (video) (Expert)
Gekirindan [PS2] (Normal)
Graze Counter [PC] (Arcade)
Hydorah [PC]
Missile Dancer [PC] (Hard)
SF Assault Mothership Beluga [PC] (video)
Steel Empire [3DS]
Steredenn [PC] (Ultrawarior)
Super XYX [PC] (Normal) (video)
Techbeat Heart [PC] (Hard)
Wolflame [PC] (Normal)
ZeroGunner 2- For Nintendo Switch [Switch] (Arcade) (video)
ZeroRanger: Light Mode [PC]
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Angry Hina »

Akai Katana Origin --with type 2
Akai Katana Slash --with all 3 ships
Akai Katana Climax --with all 3 ships
Darius II (jp Mega Drive version) Proco & Tiat --6 different routes to see every stage
Darius Twin (SFC version) --3 different routes to see every stage, one with nomiss, 6,49 mio pts.
Deathsmiles --with all 4 girls
Deathsmiles MBL --with Sakura
Deathsmiles II (Casper)
Deathsmiles II Arrange (Follett)
DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu --strong style with A,B,C
DoDonPachi Saidaioujou 360 Arrange
DoDonPachi Saidaioujou Novice --A+Shot, B+Lazer
Fire Shark/Same! Same! Same! ( 鮫!鮫!鮫! ) (jp Mega Drive version) --Easy
GG Aleste (normal, special/hard)
GG Aleste II (normal, mania/very hard)
GG Aleste III (normal, mania/very hard, both with and without slowdown)
Guwange 360-Mode --with all 3 guys
Gynoug (normal)
Hishouzame --1LC
Mushihimesama Original (1.0 & 1.5)
Mushihimesama Futari 360-Arrange --ultra
Raiden III (easy)
Raiden IV (original on original)
Razion EX --maniac
R-Type Final with RX-12 +nomiss with RX-10, R-9A +no dose with R-90 I, R-90 II and 13A
R-Type Final 2 with R9 and LEO on kids; RX-10 on normal and bydo
Sagaia (Gameboy) --hard
Space Blaze (Switch Version with the wrong item placement (much harder))
Star Soldier Vanishing Earth (with all three ships in Expert mode via all secret stages)
Tatsujin MD (easy 60Hz 2-ALL, normal 60Hz)
Tiger Heli NES --2-ALL
Thunder Force AC with the Styx on hardest; with the Rynex hard without, hardest with thunder sword (all as 1LC)
Thunder Force III normal (1LC)
Thunder Force IV (1LC) both ships
Viewpoint --MD-version (1LC)
Zero Wing MD

*** Non-STG ***
Castlevania (NES) (1LC)
Castlevania Adventure (GB)
Castlevania II Belmonts Revenge (1LC)
Gunlord X
Mega Turrican (hard)
Super Castlevania IV (2nd loop clear)
Super Turrican NES
Super Turrican SNES (hard)
Turrican --Amiga/Switch
Turrican II --Amiga/Switch
Ultracore --on Switch
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by ashiteru73 »

Touhou 6 (lunatic) (hard no bomb)
Touhou 7 (lunatic) (hard no bomb)
Touhou 8 (lunatic) (hard no bomb)
Touhou 9 (lunatic)
Touhou 10 (lunatic) (hard no bomb)
Touhou 11 (lunatic) (hard no bomb)
Touhou 12 (hard)
Touhou 13 (lunatic) (hard no miss)
Touhou 14 (lunatic)
Touhou 15 (lunatic)
Touhou 16 (lunatic)
Touhou 17 (lunatic)
mushihimesama [pc] (normal - original)
Gradius 1 [nes] (no life loss)
Gradius 2 [nes](no life loss)
Gradius 3 [snes] (normal - no life loss)
Life force [nes]
Image Fight [nes](no life loss)
harmful park [ps1](easy - no life loss - no bomb)
striker 1945 [the free android game with the logo 'original'](reduce? - no life loss)(nvm they undated it into a gacha game)
r-type [arcade](no life loss)
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by EvilMike »

First 1CC despite playing Shmups most of my life. :)

Super XYX (Cobra)
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by leodash »

R=Game & Platform & Difficulty & Mode & Ship & Note R=Batsugun Special Ver. & MAME 0.240 & - & 1-ALL Stage 8 & Type-B Beltiana & [url=https://youtu.be/mml84VhCWBo]Video[/url] R=Blue Revolver & Steam & Normal & - & Mae/Follow/Vortex Barrier & [url=https://youtu.be/pK8sx3ZwYpA]Video[/url] R=Blue Wish Resurrection Plus & PC & Original & Wait On & Eden & [url=https://youtu.be/Pg234ZVLCOg]Video[/url] R=Crimzon Clover World Ignition & Steam & Novice & Boost & Type-Z & [url=https://youtu.be/dVXI0VUFhDo]Video[/url] R=Crimzon Clover World Ignition & Steam & Novice & Original & Type-Z & [url=https://youtu.be/jODMGFD8rfo]Video[/url] R=Crimzon Clover World EXplosion & Steam & Arrange & Boost & Type-III & [url=https://youtu.be/TGYnGFq2rjk]Video[/url] R=Dariusburst Another Chronicle EX & Steam & Route ADH & Original & Next & [url=https://youtu.be/aak86dEMXFM]Video[/url] R=Deathsmiles & Steam & Normal & No Canyon & Rosa & [url=https://youtu.be/lXqjxT7m2Rk]Video[/url] R=DoDonPachi Resurrection ver 1.5 & Steam & Novice & 1-ALL & Type-B/Strong Style & [url=https://youtu.be/JLq-UGFD6f4]Video[/url] R=DoDonPachi Resurrection ver 1.5 & Steam & Normal & 1-ALL & Type-B/Strong Style & [url=https://youtu.be/2LVtxi9KX44]Video[/url] R=Espgaluda & MAME 0.226 & Normal & - & Ageha & [url=https://youtu.be/H1pmpnjjlS8]Video[/url] R=eXceed 3rd - Jade Penetrate Black Package & Steam & Easy & Autobomb ON & - & [url=https://youtu.be/oWDio423AZU]Video[/url] R=Mecha Ritz: Steel Rondo & Steam & Starting Rank 1 & All-CBP & Ship 01 & [url=https://youtu.be/Kiogk8tQuSA]Video[/url] R=Mushihimesama & Steam & Normal & Original & S-Power & [url=https://youtu.be/tF32ObnbC_U]Video[/url] R=Pawarumi & Steam & Discovery & - & - & [url=https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2279852045]Screenshot[/url] R=QP Shooting - Dangerous!! & Steam & Normal & Aggressive & TwinCannon/Orbit/Shell & [url=https://youtu.be/NE9Mva2OT70]Video[/url] R=RefRain - prism memories & Steam & Normal & - & Miria & [url=https://youtu.be/kaH32evlDk4]Video[/url] R=RefRain - prism memories & Steam & Re:Normal & - & Miria & [url=https://youtu.be/bdvcVPBbdNQ]Video[/url] R=Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire & Steam & Normal & - & Sonay & [url=https://youtu.be/6Cg5rw_UfsU]Video[/url] R=Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire & Steam & Normal & - & Ece & [url=https://youtu.be/BIt5DUycgWQ]Video[/url] R=Touhou 06 Koumakyou ~ Embodiment of Scarlet Devil & PC & Normal & - & ReimuA & [url=https://youtu.be/aX6eWydO13Q]Video[/url]
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Dawn111 »

Einhander - Hard - Endymion FRS Mk.II
R-Type Final - Hard - TP-2 POW Armor
X-Multiply - playlist
Harmful Park - playlist

More 1cc lists that I have in mind:

19xx (Lightning)
Blazing Star (Dino246)
Darius Gaiden
Ether Vapor
Gradius III
Gradius Gaiden
Parodius Da!
Raiden I
Raiden II
Raiden IV Overkill (Light mode)
R-Type Dimensions (R-Type 1)
R-Type Final (w several ships)
Sexy Parodius (Hikaru)
Space Megaforce (Wild)
Strikers 1945 (Mustang)
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Wilsoncqb1911 »

I finally 1CCed Crimzon Clover on Switch in the Arranged Original mode. It felt like it took forever. It was a serious ordeal lol.
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by NMS »

Shooter 1cc
Elemental MasterMegadriveALLMania-Replay
Kiki Kaikai: Nazo No Kuro Manto [Pocky And Rocky]SFCALLNormalManukeReplay - 1 Life Clear
Gradius GaidenPSX1-ALLNormalVic ViperReplay - With Shield and Manual mode, default power-up order.
Magical ChasePC-EngineALLRough-Replay
Mr. Heli no DaiboukenPC-Engine1-ALLNormal-Replay - 1 Life Clear
Silver SurferNESALL--Replay - No miss no bomb
TraxGameboyALL--First try
Flame Zapper KotsujinPC-98ALLVery Hard-Replay
Touhou 4PC-98ALLLunaticMarisa AReplay
Touhou 5PC-98ALLLunaticMimaReplay
Cho Ren Sha 68kWindows2-ALLNormal-Replay - No autofire - No death until 2-5
DeathsmilesWindowsALLArcadeRosaNo Canyon
eXceed 3rd Black PackageWindowsALLNormal-Autobomb OFF, without the TLB/extra stage
MushihimesamaWindowsALLOriginal, ManiacS-PowerOriginal Replay - Maniac Replay - No Supershot for Original
Pocky and Rocky ReshrinedWindowsALLFree Mode and Story Mode - HardAll characters
ZeroRangerWindows1-ALL-Type B, I-III-V
Akuu GalletArcadeALL--Replay
Armed Police BatriderArcadeALLAdvanced CourseShorty CReplay
Batsugun SpecialArcade4-ALL-BeltianaReplay - No-miss 2-ALL
Battle BakraidArcadeALLAdvanced CourseFlame Viper CReplay
Battle GareggaArcadeALL-Golden BatReplay
DaiohArcade2-ALL--Replay - US 6 buttons version
Dangerous SeedArcadeALL--Replay - No ships lost in the first half
Darius GaidenArcade1-ALL--Route ABDHLQV
DoDonPachi Dai-ou-Jou BLArcade1-ALL-A-EXReplay
Dragon BlazeArcade1-ALL-QuaidReplay
ExerionArcade1-ALL--No external autofire
FixEightArcade1-ALL-Cull, H. YoungH. Young replay
GradiusArcade2-ALL--Replay - No-miss
Gradius IIArcade1-ALL-Type DReplay - 1 Life Clear
Gradius IIIArcade1-ALL-Type BReplay
Hacha Mecha FighterArcade1-ALL--Replay - bootleg version
Hellfire 1PArcade1-ALL--Replay
HishouzameArcade10M+α / 23-ALL--Replay - Suicided after reaching 12.5M
Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku TachiArcade1-ALL-Tiger SchwertReplay
Kiki KaikaiArcade1-ALL--Replay - No miss
Kyuukyoku TigerArcade1-ALL--Replay
Mahou DaisakusenArcade1-ALL-MiyamotoReplay
Metal BlackArcadeALL--Replay
Out ZoneArcadeCounterstop / 8-ALL--Replay
R-TypeArcade1-ALL--Replay - 1 Life Clear
R-Type IIArcade1-ALL--Replay - 1 Life Clear
R-Type LeoArcadeALL--Replay
RaidenArcade1-ALL-2P sideReplay - Set 2 without checkpoints
Raiden DXArcade1-ALLExpert course2P sideReplay - No special stage [1-9], JP set
Raiden IIArcade1-ALL--Replay
Same! Same! Same! 1PArcade1-ALL--Replay
ScrambleArcade3-ALL--No autofire, 2-ALL no-miss
Shippu Mahou DaisakusenArcade2-ALL-MiyamotoReplay - Also got several 1-ALL no-miss in other runs
Sky AdventureArcadeALL--Replay
Slap FightArcade1-ALL--Replay with auto - also did it without autofire
Super Spacefortress Macross IIArcadeALLExpert course2P sideReplay - No-miss
Tatsujin OhArcade1-ALL--Replay
Tiger-HeliArcade4-ALL--Replay - No-miss first loop
Time PilotArcade3-ALL--Not sure about the exact number of loops, no autofire
Thunder CrossArcade1-ALL--Replay - No autofire
Thunder Cross IIArcade2-ALL--Replay - No miss until 2-6
Twinkle Star SpritesArcadeALLStory mode-Replay
VimanaArcade30M+α /19-ALL--Replay
VulgusArcade1-ALL--First try
Zero Wing 1PArcade1-ALL--Replay

1P side (when it matters), Japanese version, default settings should be assumed if nothing is specified. Autofire can be assumed when relevant, unless otherwise stated. Only writing down the hardest difficulty setting, I may sometimes have done easier modes. Not counting novice modes or stuff like that.
Aside from Windows games, emulation can be assumed. I use Mame for Arcade (a newish version of vanilla Mame, sometimes ShmupMAME 4.2 for my older clears but I stopped using it in late 2021), Neko Project for PC-98, Snes9x for SNES and Mednafen for most other systems.

Breakdown by dev:
- Toaplan: 16 (all done)
- Konami: 9
- Cave: 6
- Raizing: 5
- Irem: 4
- Seibu: 3
- Taito: 3
- NMK: 2
- Others: 20
(counting different versions of a game as only 1 clear even if the routing can be very different, like Batsugun Special and Original, Mushi Original and Maniac, Same3 1P and 2P, various difficulty levels...)

Figured I might as well just post my few non-STG arcade 1cc I remember. No autofire can be assumed if nothing stated:

Other Arcade 1cc
CabalALL-With autofire, may try a no-auto run at some point
Combat SchoolALL-
Makaimura2-ALL-Replay - Japan Rev. C
Metal SlugALL-Replay - With autofire
Mr. DrillerALL-With autofire, 1000m mode
Neo Drift Out: New technologyALLToyota Celica
Prop CycleALL-Replay - Perfect balloons
Rastan SagaALL-Replay
Shock TroopersALLBig MamaJapan BIOS, Jungle and Valley route
Spin MasterALL-Replay - 1LC, No Bomb - With autofire
Special Criminal InvestigationALL-Replay - With autofire for the gun
Track and Field1-ALL-
Waku Waku 7ALLMarurunCheesy strats
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Krushal »

Nothing very difficult here. All PC/Windows except where noted.
Rough chronological order. 1-3 star ratings given :)

Various 1CCs
Game Difficulty Notes Rating
Twinkle Tale [MD] Easy **
Blue Wish Resurrection Plus Original Autoguard on, no-miss ***
Eden's Edge Heaven No-miss *
Batsugun Special [ARC] 1-ALL Beltiana ***
Zillion Beats Super Easy No-miss *
Magic Broom Shooting! (beta) Miracle ***
Sorcer Striker [ARC] 1-ALL Chitta ***
Eden's Aegis Original Wait on **
Coryoon: Child of Dragon [PCE] Normal *
Star Parodier [PCE] Normal **
Battle Mania Daiginjou [MD] Normal **
Witch-bot Meglilo Normal *
Leiria 2: Stargazer Easy **
eXceed 3rd: Jade Penetrate Black Package Normal No extra stage, autobomb off **
Jigoku Kisetsukan: Sense of the Seasons Normal Tenshi ***
Suwako's Jumping Shooting Game Easy **
Suwako-chan Cubic Normal *
Len'en 01: Evanescent Existence Normal **
Len'en 02: Earthen Miraculous Sword Normal Final extra spell failed **
Len'en 03: Reactivate Majestical Imperial Normal Ending B **
Len'en 04: Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle Easy *
Ore no Animism 2 Easy *
Mukai Genmaden ~ Chain of Lucidity Normal **
Crimzon Clover: World Ignition Novice Original mode **
StellaVanity Easy Strict rule mode, autobomb on, type-C**
RefRain - Prism Memories Easy *
Mecha Ritz TLB Rank 0 **
Redneg Hard No TLB. Normal w/TLB **
Collapse Dream Normal *
Redneg W Normal *
Nightmare Trip Maniac No TLB **
Redneg 3Stars Normal Autobomb on **
Sonic Sisters 1-ALL Level 4 *
Avenger with Natural Barrages Normal Rosette *
Aogami 4: Snow Princess Blooming in Summer Easy *
Aogami 5: Requiem in Doomsday Easy *
Aogami 6: Fleeting Memory and Everlasting Garden Normal **
Dream Justice and Remains Normal *
Pink Rose Garden Easy *
Kirisame Escape - *
Waves of Vapor - *
Espgaluda [ARC] ALL Ageha ***
Desert War [ARC] Beginner *
Hunter's Path Rebirth Enhanced Bad ending *
Mushihime-sama Futari Black Label [ARC] Original Reco ***
Sesshouseki: Malice Eater Normal TLB clear *
Blue Wish Desire Original **
Aurorablast 2 Easy *
Witch in Wonderland Easy *
Portrait of Strange Relic (beta) Normal *
Storm Blade [ARC] 1-ALL^ Easiest dips **
Giga Wing [ARC] ALL^ Easiest settings **
Amazaki Shindensho Normal **
Magical Chase [PCE] Breezy *
Progear [ARC] 1-ALL^ Default lives, easiest other settings ***

Fangames listed are minimum 3 stages / 15 minutes long (with one exception).

Touhou Project & Fangames
Game Difficulty Notes Rating
[th02] Story of Eastern Wonderland [PC98] Easy *
[th04] Lotus Land Story [PC98] Normal Reimu-A *
[th05] Mystic Square [PC98] Normal **
[th06] The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Normal **
[th07] Perfect Cherry Blossom Normal **
[th08] Imperishable Night Normal Final B, no last spells captured **
[th10] Mountain of Faith Hard Reimu-A ***
[th11] Subterranean Animism Normal Reimu-B **
[th12] Undefined Fantastic Object Normal^ Auto-bomb & focus-auto-collect patches*
[th12.8] Great Fairy Wars Easy A1 route *
[th13] Ten Desires Normal *
[th14] Double Dealing Character Hard Sakuya-A ***
[th15] Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom Easy Legacy mode *
[th16] Hidden Star in Four Seasons Normal Reimu-Summer **
[th17] Wily Beast and Weakest Creature Normal Marisa-Otter **
[th18] Unconnected Marketeers Normal SpiritBottle+BarleyRice abuse *
Servants of Harvest Wish Normal ***
Book of Star Mythology Normal ***
Shining Shooting Star Normal All shot-types ***
Concealed the Conclusion Normal Love sign ***
War of Fox and Badger Normal Mamizou-A, st.1-5 in reverse order ***
Wonderful Waking World Normal ***
Phantasmagoria Trues Standard & Trial modes ***
Glory of Deep Skies Normal All sub-shot types **
Hollow Song of Birds Normal **
Infinite Blade Pavilion Normal **
Mystical Power Plant Normal Front **
Frantically Forbidden Fruit Hard Route F, Yuka **
Fairies of Sorcery Normal **
The Alternative Age Normal **
Sapphire Panlogism Normal **
Dead and Alive Normal **
Cloudy Moon and Storm Flower Normal **
The Last Comer Normal **
Over the Developed Eden Normal **
Marine Benefit Normal **
Ephemeral Unnatural Balance Normal Both modes **
Phantasm Romance Normal **
Elegant Impermanence of Sakura Normal **
Myouren Temple Visit Record Normal **
DanMATHSkufu 2-5 Normal Long single-bosses **
Fantastic Danmaku Festival Normal *
Riverbed Soul Saver Normal *
White Names Spoiled Past Normal Lap 2 *
Crystallized Mythology Normal *
The Perfect Maid Normal Light sign *
The Shattered Sky Easy Marisa-A *
Touhou Crisis Scarlet Easy *
Re.Phantasmagoria of Imagine Breaker Easy *
Taisei Project Easy *
Mrs. Estacion Easy *
Trick and Treat Night Normal *
Bubbling Imaginary Treasures Normal *
Dream Logical World Easy *
Subterrain Reanimation Normal *
Touhou 5: Mystic Square NES Demake Normal *
Story of Bold Fairies Normal Trio mode *
Lost Memory Regeneration Easy Alice *
Painting of Disaster Easy *
Phantasm Dream Normal Reimu-A2 *
Galuda Storm II (demo) - *
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by MachineAres 1CC »

Continuing to update this as time goes on

Various 1CCs
Game Platform Difficulty/Mode Notes
Deathsmiles360Normal with Casper and Follett
Deathsmiles II360Normal
Guwange360Normal with all characters
MushihimesamaPS2Very EasyOriginal
Mushihimesama Futari360Arrange Original & Novice Original
Dangun FeveronXB1Fever & Super Easy
ESP Ra.DePS4Super Easy
ESPGaluda 2360Black Label Novice & Omake
DoDonPachi DaiOuJou360, PS4X Mode, Super Easy No Miss on Super Easy
DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou360Novice & 360
Muchi Muchi Pork360Arrange
Pink Sweets360Arrange
Crimzon Clover World IgnitionPCNovice Original w/TLB, Novice Boost w/TLB
Raiden IV360Easy
Raiden VXB1Easy
Caladrius BlazePS4Original & Normal No Miss on Easy
Battle GareggaXB1Super Easy
Mahou DaisakusenPS4Super Easy
Star SoldierPSPNormal
GG AlestePS4, GG MicroNormal
GG Aleste 2PS4Normal
GG Aleste 3PS4Normal
Musha AlesteGenesisNormal
Super AlesteSNESNormal
Senjin AlesteArcadeDefault
Gun NacNESDefault
Keio Flying SquadronSega CDNormal
Quad Fighter K/Kyougeki Quartet FightersSwitchArcade
Cotton 100%SNESNormal
Cotton Reboot!PS4Arrange Normal
Cotton OriginalPS1Easy
Cotton 2SaturnEasy
Panorama CottonPS4Easy
R-Type FinalPS2Kids
R-Type Final 2Series XNormal
Harmful ParkPS1Normal
IllveloWiiEasy No TLB
Natsuki ChronicleXB1Arcade Easy
Mamoru-kun Norowarete Shimatta360, PS3Arcade all diff, Story all diff
SagaiaGame BoyNormal
ScrambleArcade, Vectrex, 360, GBANormal
Omega Five360Normal
Fast StrikerVita, PS4Normal
Triggerheart Excelica360Normal
Trouble Witches Neo360Story & 360
Ghost Blade HDXB1Arcade, all diff
ChariotSaturnNormal Part of Arcade Gears: Wonder 3
The Game TengokuPS4Normal
Strania360Normal campaign and Vower side
Bullet Soul360Ver B
Anger Force ReloadedXB1Campaign Normal
Aegis Wing360Normal & Hard
Shikigami no Shiro III360Normal, Extreme 1-3
Strike Witches360Arcade Normal
Raiden Fighters360Easy
Raiden Fighters 2360Easy
Raiden Fighters Jet360Easy
Otomedius G360Original & Gorgeous
Soreyuke BurunyanmanPSP, PCEasy
eXceed 3rd - Jade PenetratePCEasy
The Hurricane of VarstrayPCStandard
Touhou Phantasm DreamPCEasy
CoryoonPC EngineNormal
Blazing Lazers/GunHedPC EngineNormal
Toilet KidsPC EngineEasy
Star ParodierPCE CDNormal
God PanicPCENormal
Super Air ZonkPCE CDNormal
Tiger HeliPS1Easy Looped once
Sky JaguarMSXNormal Looped once
Dragon SpiritNESNormal Blue Dragon route
Legendary WingsNESNormal Looped twice
Over HorizonNESNormal
Taiyou no Yuusha Fire BirdNESNormal
Silver SurferNESNormal
Go Benny!NESNormal
Gatchaman The ShootingPS1Normal
TakotanXB1Normal No death
Graze CounterPCNovice
Steel EmpirePCNormal
Giga WingDreamcastArcade
Witch Bot MegliloPCEasy
Fire SharkGenesisEasy
Mega SWIVGenesisHeli
Super SWIV / Firepower 2000SNESHeli
Task Force KampasPS VitaNormal
Magic Knight Grand CharionPS4Normal No death
Is It Wrong to Try to Shoot em Up Girls in a Dungeon?PS4 & VitaNormal
Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry BlossomPCEasy
Dragon BlazePS4Very Easy
Strikers 1945PS4Very Easy
Strikers 1945 IIPS4Very Easy
Raging BlastersPCNormal
Crescendo Symphony360Normal 2 loops
Magic GirlGenesis/MDNormal
The Monkey KingWiiNormal Both loops
Twinkle Star SpritesDC, Neo Geo, XB1, PS4Normal
Twinkle Star Sprites: La Petite PrincessPS23 Difficulty
Mecha Ritz: Steel RondoSwitchNormal
Spacewing WarPCNormal
RUN=DIM: Return to the EarthWonderswanNormal
Pop'n TwinBeeGame Boy
Cosmo DreamerSwitchCasual
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by pieslice »

Not much here but I'll do a list anyway.

Astebreed, EX-mode, Normal (PS4)
Blue Wish Resurrection, Heaven (PC)
Super XYX, Challenging (PC)
DDP Resurrection, Novice, Bomb B (PC)
Outzone, Bitwave Steam port Common ROM, Normal (PC)
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by penny »

R=Game&Area&Ship&Note R=Armed Police Batrider&Normal ALL&Car-Pet& R=Batsugun&ALL&All ships& R=Battle Garegga&ALL&Miyamoto& R=Darius Gaiden&ALL&-&V Route R=Gunbird 2&2-1&Valpiro& R=Hishouzame&142&-&JP version R=Nostradamus&ALL&1P side& R=Out Zone&119&-&Autofire off R=Progear&2-2&Bolt&JP version R=Strikers 1945&2-2&Bf-109 and Zero&Zero only 2-1 R=Strikers 1945 II&2-1&Focke-Wolf Ta152&Cleared with every ship except P-38 Lightning R=Strikers 1999&2-1&Av-8 Harrier&

Autofire used for everything except Out Zone.
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Vorde »

First CC of any shmup was just today :)
Mushihimesama on Novice, with 2 lives to spare!
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by endali »

Here's my non-easy mode 1ccs. I've only been playing about a year and a half, and i'm 40, and these were pretty hard for me. I still have no understanding of how someone could do things like 2-all ketsui. Seems so far away.

Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu 1.5 - 1-All - Steam
Mushihimesama 1.5 - Original - All - Steam
Mushihimesama Futari Black Label - Original - All - 360
Blue Wish Resurrection Plus - Original - All - PC
Deathsmiles - 1-All - Steam
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by pja »

I guess I'll start a list as well, could be fun :P

Default settings and difficulty unless noted otherwise.
R= Date & Game & links & comments R= 16.01.2021 & Radiant Silvergun & [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p21uXwZjWXQ]video[/url] & Arcade mode, Stage 2 route, emulator R= 4.04.2021 & Ikaruga & [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Luqdj5fl0EY]video[/url] & Arcade mode, PC version R= 18.04.2021 & Darius Twin & - & JP version, Super Famicom, starting lives set to max R= 4.07.2021 & Eschatos & [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tix4ayx1MM]video[/url] & Original mode, Normal, PC version R= 23.01.2022 & Darius Gaiden & [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8tN5bc_aq8]video[/url] & Route ABDGLQV, Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade, PC version R= 22.07.2022 & Gradius [NES] & - & US version, Famicom
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by blazinglazers69 »

Default settings and difficulty unless noted otherwise. Various replays available here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHynuv ... j9Q/videos

Shooter 1CCs
Date Game Platform Rating Notes
10/29/21 Advanced Busterhawk Gleylancer Genesis 7.5 Good, but some bullet visibility issues.
10/17/22 Android Assault: The Revenge of Bari-Arm Sega CD 7.5 Solid game with strategic weapon system.
7/9/22 Arrow Flash Genesis 6.5 Vintage Sega feel, cute mech.
1/31/21 Blazing Lazers PC Engine 8 Bit of a slog.
9/26/21 Cotton 100% SNES 5 Cute.
10/23/22 Dead Moon PC Engine 8 Mediocre, but fun. Nice crunchy explosion sounds.
2014 Deathsmiles 360 7.5 Rosa. Cool game, but not crazy about the lolis.
6/9/23 Download PC Engine 8 I CANNOT FUCK UP FOR THIS.
5/28/22 Elemental Master Genesis 9 Very solid and unique gameplay.
3/20/21 Final Soldier PC Engine 7 The enemy homing lasers were cool.
5/24/21 Gate of Thunder PC Engine CD 10 Very forgiving. Rad guitar squeals.
1/7/21 GG Aleste Game Gear 7.5 Short and sweet.
1/23/21 GG Aleste II Game Gear 7.5 Short and sweet also.
3/10/23 Gradius NES 9 1st loop. Shoot them cores!!!
5/19/23 Gradius Galaxies GBA 8 1st loop. Great game but good lord the music stinks...
3/10/22 Gun*Nac NES 7.5 Compile shows their technical wizardry on NES
10/13/21 Lords of Thunder PC Engine CD 10 Metal.
6/1/22 Magical Chase PC Engine 7.5 Better than Cotton. Nice colors and flexible mechanics.
12/19/20 MUSHA Genesis 10 Fuck yeah. So aesthetic. Compile rules.
6/29/22 Over Horizon NES 7.5 Like R-Type, but playable by a human.
3/27/21 Override PC Engine 7 EZ-PZ. Fun and fast though. Good for beginners.
2/10/23 Phelios Genesis 8 Lackluster presentation compared to arcade, but still very fun. Good, varied level design. Bosses are a bit spongy.
8/18/21 Raging Blasters PC 7 Fun throwback to PC Engine style caravan shooters with online leaderboards.
2014 Raiden Fighters 360 8 Raiden Fighters Aces collection. Fast af.
5/6/22 Rude Breaker PC-98 4 Weird Compile entry. Feels more like an okayish doujin.
5/6/22 Sagaia Genesis 10 ABEIMRW path. Nice, approachable challenge. Awesome looking fish sprites.
10/29/22 Seirei Senshi Spriggan PC Engine CD 8 MUSHA 2. Lot of weapons.
1/30/23 Slap Fight Genesis 9 Super fun and addicting. Made it to the end of the 3rd loop.
6/1/23 Slap Fight MD Special Genesis 9 No death, 1st loop. More balanced and challenging than original.
9/20/21 Solar Striker Gameboy 5 Shmup history. Feels a bit like Galaga.
7/10/21 Soldier Blade PC Engine 10 They took the Compile formula and perfected it.
3/17/21 Star Parodier PC Engine CD 9 Very easy, fun, and adorable.
2018 Super Aleste SNES 10 Best SNES shooter. Love that Compile.
3/12/20 Thunder Force III Genesis 7 Memorizer hell.
5/19/23 Thunder Force IV Genesis 10 My new favorite Genesis shooter. Perfect.
4/20/23 Trouble Shooter Genesis 6.5 Cute, but gameplay is underwhelming.
10/14/21 Zakesta PC 7 Fun little doujin.
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by njwelch75 »

R= Date & Game & Score & Comments R= & Batsugun & 3564390 &
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by AKRATEN »

R=Game&Platform&Difficulty/Mode&Comments R=1941 Counter Attack&PCB&Normal&8,995,200 R=Abadox&Nes&Normal& R=Armed Police Batrider B Version&PCB&Normal&Blanket and Strawman R=Battle Bakraid Unlimited Version&PCB&Normal&Saber Tiger R=Battlemania&Megadrive&Normal& R=Batugun Special Version&PCB&Normal& Iceman Stage 8 R=Darius Gaiden&F3&Normal&Route ABDHLQV - Autofire on R=Deathsmiles Mega Black Label&PCB&Normal&With Casper and Follett and Sakura R=Deathsmiles&PCB&Normal&With Rosa R=DonPachi&PCB&Normal&Type C 63 GP Count 2-2 R=DoDonPachi&PCB&Normal&Type C Shot 2-3 R=DoDonPachi DaiOuJou Black Label&PCB&Normal&A-E R=DoDonPachi DaiOuJou Black Label&360&Normal&A-E R=DoDonPachi DaiOuJou Black Label&360&Arranged&A-E R=Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu 1.5&PCB&Bomb&Type C R=Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu 1.5&PCB&Strong&Type C Stage 2-4 R=Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Black Label&PCB&Bomb&Type B R=Guardic Gaiden&Famicom&Normal&2,386,160 R=Gradius&Nes&Normal&575,600 R=Gate Of Thunder&PC Engine&Normal&1,481,000 R=Gaiares&Megadrive&Normal&1,330,728 R=Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire&Normal&PcEngine&597,200 R=Gunhed&Pc Engine&Normal&13,157,710 R=Karous&GDRom&Normal,Hard& R=Lifeforce&NES&Normal&691,400 R=Lords Of Thunder&Pc Engine&Normal& R=Mushihimesama&PCB&Original&1EX 18,605,980 R=Mushihimesama Futari Black Label&PCB Japan Version&Original&Palm , Recco R=Espgaluda&PCB&Normal&Ageha R=MuchiMuchi Pork&PCB&Normal&Iko and Rafute R=MuchiMuchi Pork&Xbox 360&Arranged&Rafute R=Pink Sweets&PCB&Extends 1000000 each&7,303,850 - Lace - Infinite Lives Trick R=Raiden Fighters Jet&PCB / Cart&Normal&21,415,292 R=HyperDuel&PCB&Normal&Lloyd R=Lethal Thunder&PCB&Normal&4,797,550 Autofire on R=Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire&PC Engine&Normal&Charotte R=Soldier Blade&Pc Engine&Normal& R=Thunderforce AC&PCB&World Version&1,802,590 R=Thunderforce 2&Megadrive&Normal&1,436,860 R=Thunderforce 3&Megadrive&Normal&1,047,720 R=Thunderforce 4&Megadrive&Normal&3,755,780 R=ArrowFlash&Megadrive&Normal&796,120 R=Whip Rush&Megadrive&Normal&1,840850 R=Musha Aleste&Megadrive&Normal& R=Summer Carnival Recca&Famicom&Normal&446,046 R=Section Z&NES&Default&314,320 R=Power Strike 2&Megadrive/Powerbase converter&Normal&3,053,180 R=Outzone&PCB&Normal&118%1,585,970 R=Night Striker III&Sega Saturn&Normal&15,434,670 R=Ibara Kuro&PCB&Normal&Bond 52,971,460 R=Illvello&PCB&Normal&2,406,912,510 Key 43 R=Sengoku Ace&PCB&Normal&Aine 809,200 R=Space Megaforce&SNES&Normal&5,332,450 R=Super Fantasy Zone&Megadrive&Normal&7,599,500 R=Super Air Zonk&PCE CD&Normal& R=Slap Fight&Megadrive&MD Version&682,370 Area 2-65 R=Vimana&PCB&Normal&2,558,850 197% Autofire on R=Zanac&Famicom&Normal&17,412,480 R=Zanac Neo&PSone&Normal&7,745,688

I will do my best to update my list as I make more 1cc's
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by yojo! »

Just 1CC Raiden V (hard mode) in solo play with 80829450 on Switch
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by G3n3raL86 »

1CC DoDonPachi Resurrection (Steam), Rank 554 (Area 2-5, Novice 1.5)
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Nugs »

My small list, I have just beeing working on it since last year

Crimson Clover - Switch
-Novice original
-Novice Boost

Ketsui - PS4
-super easy

Esprade - Switch
-super easy

Mushimisame - Steam
-novice original
-novice maniac

Mushimisame Futari - Xbox 360 (xenia)
-Arrange mode

DDP Resurrection - Steam
-novice ver 1.5 2-all Omote loop
-ver 1.5 type c strong
-ver 1.51
-Black Label Novice

DDP Resurrection - iOS
-smartphone mode all ships
-Arcade mode all ships

DDP Blissful Death - iOS

ESPGaluda 2 - Switch
-Novice original
-Novice Black Label
-Omake mode

Cotton reboot - Switch
-arrange mode

DDP SDOJ - Xbox 360 (xenia)
-novice mode

Rolling Gunner - Switch
-overpower novice mode.
-overpower original mode

GG Aleste 1 - Switch

Blue Revolver - Steam
-Normal difficulty- Val, Arc Blaster.

Eschatos - Switch
-Original easy

Raging Blasters - Switch
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Starfighter »

Arcade mode / normal difficulty where applicable

Aegis Wing (360)
Batsugun SP Ver. (Switch)
Darius Gaiden (MAME)
Deathsmiles (PC)
DoDonPachi (MAME)
DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu (Steam)
DonPachi (MAME)
Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, The (PC)
Espgaluda (Shmuparch 7)
Gaurodan (OUYA)
Gekirindan (SAT)
Giga Wing Generations (PS2)
Gunbird (Shmuparch 7)
Hazelnut Hex (Switch)
Jet Buster (PC)
Karous (DC)
Kaikan (PC)
Mountain of Faith (PC)
Mushihimesama 1.5 (PC)
Over Horizon (NES)
Perfect Cherry Blossom (PC)
Psyvariar Revision (PS2)
Samurai Aces (MAME)
Space Moth Lunar Edition (PC)
Strike Force Hydra (PS1)
Super Aleste (SNES)
Zero Gunner 2 (Switch)
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by M'cin »


- Over Horizon
- Recca (Normal/Hard Mode)
- Sky shark (1-All)
- Kyuukyoku Tiger (2-All)
- Tiger Heli (3-All)
- F-15 City war (who has that much patience?)
- Go! Benny
- Abarenbou Tengu (normal)
- Gyrruss
- Fantasy Zone (Tengen)
- Dragon Spirit - The New Legend
- Zanac

Window PC
- Blue Wish Ressurection (Normal)
- Varia
- Gamma bros (co-op. Not a feat :P)

Mobile Phone
- Siberian Strike
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Nahar »

I intend to keep this post as a log:


- M.U.S.H.A. - Normal Difficulty (2022)


- Gradius 1 (2023)
- Deathsmiles 1 (2023)
- Deathsmiles 1 Mega Black Label (2023)


- Andro Dunos 2 - Arcade Difficulty (2022)
- Andro Dunos 2 - Android Difficulty (2022)
- ZeroRanger - Green Orange (2023)
- Mushihimesama - Original (2023)
- Like Dreamer - Maniac Difficulty (2023)
- Cosmo Dreamer - Maniac Difficulty (2023)
- Infinos Gaiden - Arcade Difficulty (2023)
- Infinos Gaiden - Hard Difficulty (2023)
- GanaBlade - Normal Difficulty (2023)
- Raioh - Normal Difficulty (2023)
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Creamy Goodness »

R=Game&Platform&Difficulty&Character/Ship&Score R=Final Soldier&PC Engine&Normal&N/A&3,288,320 R=Stahlfeder&PS1&Normal&Blau Stern&2,922,800 R=Thunder Force III&Genesis&Normal&N/A&1,151,880 R=Darius Twin&SNES&Normal&N/A&3,354,400 R=Cotton Reboot Arranged&PS4&Normal&Cotton&358,852,480 R=Batsugun Special Version&FB Neo&Normal&Beltiana&3,150,840 R=Mushihimesama Original&Switch&Normal&S-Power&8,718,402 R=Lords Of Thunder&TG16-CD&Normal&Water Armor&1,190,200 R=Verytex&Mega Drive&Normal&N/A&686,600 R=Same! Same! Same!&Mega Drive&Easy&N/A&3,372,070 R=Air Assault&FB Neo&Normal&N/A&1,544,300 R=Deathsmiles Arcade Mode&Switch&Normal Rank 3&Rosa&59,817,662 R=Star Parodier&PCE-CD&Normal&PCE-CD&2,809,100 R=Dodonpachi Resurrection 1.5&Switch&Normal&Type B Bomb Style&2,712,669,353 R=Sorcerer Striker&FB Neo&Normal&Miyamoto&1,464,740 R=Magical Chase&TG16&Bumpy&N/A&1,188,170 R=Arrow Flash&Mega Drive&Normal&N/A&760,170 R=Override&PC Engine&Normal&N/A&1,214,860 R=Gate Of Thunder&PCE-CD&Normal&N/A&1,475,500 R=Akai Katana Origin&Switch&Normal&Type C&105,259,766
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Steven »

[table]R=Game&Difficulty/mode/whatever&Platform&Ship/side&Autofire [if optional or not natively supported]&Notes
R=1941 Counter Attack [SuperGrafx]&Normal&Analogue Pocket&NA&PC Engine controller autofire&
R=Andro Dunos II&Arcade&Windows&NA&&
R=Battle Garegga&Premium&PS5&Golden Bat&&
R=Battle Garegga&Super Easy&PS4&Golden Bat&&
R=Batsugun Special&B&Saturn [City Connection PS4 release]&Beltiana&Yes&2-2
R=Crimzon Clover World EXplosion&Novice&Windows&TYPE-I&&1 miss
R=Daisenpuu [Mega Drive]&Easy&Mega something. Probably Mega Jet, but I forgot&NA&Internal&1-ALL
R=DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu 1.5&Novice 2&Windows&Type-A, bomb, 1P side&&Omote 2-2. First time playing
R=DoDonPachi Saidaioujou&Novice normal&Xbox 360&Type-D, shot, autobomb on, 1P side&&No Hibachi or Inbachi
R=Eschatos&Easy&Windows&NA&&First attempt at easy mode
R=ESP Ra.De.&Super Easy&PS5, Switch&Irori&Internal + external&Probably 1P side, but I forgot
R=Fire Shark&B&PS5&2P&Internal&game over at 2-6 boss
R=Fire Shark [Genesis]&Normal&Mega Sg&NA&Internal&1-ALL
R=GG Aleste&Normal&PS5&NA&&First time playing
R=GG Aleste 3&Normal&PS5&NA&&Kaiteki mode off
R=Hishouzame&B&PCB&NA&No&2-ALL. Also did 1-ALL at Game Center Mikado Ikebukuro with auto
R=Kyuukyoku Tiger&B&PCB&NA&No&2-4
R=Mahou Daisakusen&Dual&PS4&Gain + Miyamoto&Maybe? I forgot&First attempt of Dual mode. Mode is way too easy to really be interesting; got bored halfway through
R=Out Zone [Normal ROM]&B&PCB&NA&No&2-ALL, 3-2
R=R-Gear&NA; no difficulty settings available&PS5, Switch&1P side&Yes&No miss
R=R-Type I [PC Engine]&Forgot if this even has difficulty settings and too lazy to check&SuperGrafx&NA&Probably&No miss
R=R-Type Final 2 main course&Bydo&Windows&Leo2 + Sweet Luna&&No miss, 7.2 route
R=R-Type Final 3 Evolved&Normal&PS5&R-101 Grand Finale&&No miss
R=Same! Same! Same!&Super Easy&PS4&NA&Yes&No miss
R=Same! Same! Same!&Taito Hey Custom Arrange&PS4&NA&Yes&Yes, this really was available to play in Taito Hey for a short period. Really fun and you can make it using Custom mode, so go try it!
R=Same! Same! Same!&Custom, based on Super Easy, green laser only&PS4&NA&Yes&1-ALL. Sumez made me do green laser only, so I did lol
R=Same! Same! Same! [Mega Drive]&Normal&Mega Jet&NA&Internal&1-ALL
R=Same! Same! Same! 2P version&B&PS4&1P side&Yes&1-ALL
R=Same! Same! Same! 2P version&B&PS4&2P side&Yes&1-ALL
R=Slap Fight&B&PCB, JAMMA version&NA&No&4-ALL. Also did 1-ALL at Game Center Mikado Takadanobaba with auto on non-JAMMA version PCB. Different fire button on JAMMA vs non-JAMMA PCBs really messes with muscle memory!
R=Slap Fight [Mega Drive]&Normal&Mega Drive&NA&Internal&12-ALL, counterstop on loop 13
R=Slap Fight MD&Normal&Mega Drive&NA& Internal&5-ALL
R=Super Stardust Portable&Arcade normal&PS5&NA&&1-ALL
R=Super Stardust Ultra&Arcade normal&PS5&NA&&1-ALL
R=Thunder Force AC&Normal&Saturn&NA&Internal&No miss
R=Thunder Force AC&Normal&Switch&Styx&Yes&No miss
R=Thunder Force AC&Normal&Switch&Rynex + Thunder Sword&Yes&No miss
R=Thunder Force III&Normal&Mega Drive + Saturn&NA&&No miss
R=Thunder Force IV&Normal&Mega Drive&NA&&No miss
R=Thunder Force IV&Normal&Saturn&Rynex&&No miss
R=Thunder Force V&Normal&Saturn&NA&&ALL and ALL!
R=Thunder Spirits&Normal&Super Nt&NA&Internal&Probably no miss. Do not play this trash
R=Twin Cobra&B&PS5&1P&Yes&1-ALL, 2-1
R=Zero Wing&B&PS5&NA&Yes&1-ALL no miss with warp, game over at 2-3
R=Zero Wing [Mega Drive]&Easy&Nomad&NA&Internal&1-ALL on stock Nomad internal screen[/table]

I figured I should probably do this eventually before I forget what all I have played, so here it is. Unfortunately, I didn't do this before I forgot what all I have played; I think I got the Thunder Force IV Saturn Styx no miss, but I forgot. I'm sure other things are also forgotten/missing. Maybe I will add scores or something here later.

PCB or other real hardware takes precedence over all emulators, including M2 ShotTriggers, MiSTer, Analogue systems, etc., so I'll replace emulator clears with PCB/hardware clears if/when applicable provided no major differences.
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by dojo_b »

I came to this forum for the sidescrolling-action talk, but gradually got sucked into the shmupverse too. I love the well-developed 1CC culture (and scoring, though generally beyond my ambition) and the relative ease of picking up new titles.

Mushi and Futari taught me much of what I now know. While I'll mostly skip Novice modes below, I played a lot during early stages and am definitely a proponent of getting broad-based experience from easier, fun clears (as the list will show). Especially between harder efforts.

Yikes, just one hori! I'd like to rack up more and better clears, but am posting this and taking a break instead to avoid burnout.

Deathsmiles I Normal and Arcade. Rosa, no Canyon or death mode. On Steam, CC port
DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu 1.5. B-Bomb and B-Strong styles. On Steam
Mushihimesama Normal Original and 1.5 Original modes. On Steam
Mushi Futari1.5 and Black Label, both Original w/ Reco Normal. On x360, 360/HD ver.

Dragon Spirit:The New Legend (NES) Blue Dragon, default settings
Elemental Master (MD) Normal/default
Final Soldier (PC-Engine) Normal
Gun-Nac (NES) Default settings
Soldier Blade (PC-Engine) Normal

PC originals
Blue RevolverNormal ("for novice players", why u so mean)
Cosmo DreamerManiac, CAAC options
Jamestown+Gauntlet 1CC, Legendary (ha)
KAMUINormal, default ship
Like DreamerManiac, Yuri AAAB and AAAC. Cleared 2x on routes jointly covering all stages
Raging BlastersHard
Touhou 10: Mountain of FaithNormal; Reimu, homing type
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by davyK »

Go easy on me - 57 y.o. in 2023.

Super Aleste (default) SNES
Firepower 2000 SNES
Gigawing (green ship) MAME
Darius Gaiden MAME, Saturn (A-B-D-H-L-Q-V) auto rapid ON
Raiden III (Easy) PS2
Mushihimesama (Original M type) Steam
Mushihimesama 1.5 (M type) Steam
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by LookingForPants »

Brand new to shmups. Thought making a post would motivate me to go get some more 1CCs.
  • Deathsmiles (PC) | Arcade Mode | 8/15/2023 | Video
  • Death Strike (PC) | All | 8/18/2023 | Video
  • M.U.S.H.A. (Genesis) | Normal | 8/22/2023 | Video
  • Flying Hamster (PSP) | Normal | 8/28/2023 | Video
  • Coryoon (Genesis) | Norma | 9/5/2023 | Video
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