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 Post subject: RQ: Cybattler
PostPosted: Fri Feb 25, 2005 1:44 am 

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Joined: 02 Feb 2005
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ok so the scoring seems pretty straightforward, but i just discovered this amazing shmup and wanted to see if anyone else was playing it?

any interest in a HS thread?

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Mar 04, 2005 2:56 am 

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Joined: 26 Jan 2005
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This is a great shmup, although I am having insane troubles in stage 4. I like the variety between the levels.

A few screenshots:

Middle of stage 1; I stay at the side to take out this green battleship.

Staying at the top and shooting down will get rid of most of the asteroids, which are moving up, by the way. There aren't many asteroids here: they are easy to clear out...

Unless you stop shooting.

After each level, the game changes your weapon armament. You always stick with the beam sword, though.

A large battleship in stage 2. Notice the bullets.

Try this game out in MAME, people. :)
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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Mar 04, 2005 9:50 pm 

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Joined: 02 Feb 2005
Posts: 4506
Location: sweden
aww man finally someone else has discovered it and my monitor just went bust.. f**k!!
i'll have to fix somekind of supergun setup.. :(

about those battleships in stage 1 (yeah i know theyre not that hard but still) i usually "sword" the front asteroid and some in the front untill the first burst of fire and then move out to the side while shooting, usually destroys 'em pretty quickly ;)

for some reason this game feels kinda cave'ish too me.. am i crazy or..??

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 Post subject: Re: RQ: Cybattler
PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2014 3:15 am 

Joined: 07 May 2007
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Here's what I've gathered during TRP-STGT:

Locking your direction
If you hold down either attack, you'll lock into the direction you are currently facing. This can be very beneficial if you're using autofire with your rifle; rifle autofire won't lock your direction as the game considers you to be pressing the attack button constantly, so you'll need to hold down the beam saber button to lock your direction.

2x points with beam saber and other variable point sources
Killing certain enemies with your beam saber will give you double its points. In general, if the enemy splits in half, it'll give you double the points. However, this general rule appears to stop applying to certain enemies when you get to stage 4. Here's a breakdown of what I've gathered so far:

Stage 1 - the green mechs with wings need to extend their wings before you can get 2x points, all the other mechs will give you 2x points as well
Stage 2 - the green/black mechs with wings need to extend their wings, all the other mechs will give 2x points as well
Stage 3 - even though the white ships have a splitting-in-half animation when killed with the saber, they don't give 2x points, all the mechs will give you 2x points
Stage 4 - only the jetpack mechs that appear when you exit the tunnel will give 2x points
Stage 5 - the jetpack mechs that appear after the first battleship will grant 2x points, as well as the 2 blue mechs that assist the red mech

There are also a few areas where killing enemies fast enough will spawn more enemies. 2 major key areas are on stage 4 and stage 5:
- the jetpack mechs that show up after exiting the stage 4 tunnel give a large amount of points, especially when killed with the saber. Try to memorize the order they appear in so you can get the maximum points possible
- killing the red mech on stage 5 as fast as possible will spawn more enemies for you to kill until you get to the boss

The stage 1 boss spawns enemies that you can milk for a decent amount of points. After a fixed period of time, it will spawn 4 mechs, and it has an attack pattern where it flies off the screen and shoots 4 bits that you have to destroy to get it to come back. Try to balance it so that after you kill the 4 mechs, you trigger the 4 bits attack while the mechs take their time to spawn. Triggering the 4 bits pattern is kind of tricky; it seems like it usually triggers when you get close to the top of the screen but it doesn't seem to work 100% of the time.

End of stage bonuses
After completing a stage, you'll be presented with a results screen that has the following bonuses:

Armor: You'll get (1000 * amount of health remaining) points, up to a maximum of 8000 for full health.
Time: Basically, going for a speed kill on the bosses will get you the most points. I think each stage has a different starting value (or it starts at some value and is just naturally reduced by the natural length of the stage), and I think it's reduced by 100 per second. The most I've obtained is 20K on stage 4.
Shoot: You'll get points for every enemy you kill, I think 100 per enemy, up to a maximum bonus of 20K. Missiles count toward this bonus.

Special Bonuses (the ones that say "Special Bonus" when you get them):
Depending on whether your health is full or not, the stage 1, 2, and 3 bonuses will give you either 99990 or 50000 points at the end of the stage. The stage 4 bonus is actually a nifty item that grants you 100K regardless of your health, and it is picked up in the middle of the stage.

Stage 1 - collect the energy power-up near the beginning of the level. When you defeat the boss, kill the green mechs that are gathered around the red one before they flee.

Stage 2 - use the saber only. Collect the power-up on the left half of the ship. You don't have to actually kill anything specific, just make sure you don't fire your rifle. Of course, this also applies to the boss...

Stage 3 - keep the cannon alive all the way to the end of the stage. It can take a number of hits before it's destroyed but it'll only take damage while you have it attached. You can let go of it and grab it later if you want, just make sure it doesn't fall off the screen. And make sure you're holding it before the score screen comes up.

Stage 4 - a little after you exit the tunnel, you'll come to an area where you can destroy pipes. On the second pipe, there is a structure on the left with its middle vent closed. If you shoot it with your rifle long enough, an item will come out (2P side will need to destroy the structure connected to the third pipe). The positioning is kind of strange; you need to move into it a little. Be careful that you don't reveal the bonus item too early as it can disappear off screen.

Other bonuses
Stage 4 - right before the boss are 4 turrets. If you destroy 3 of them in the correct order, a bunch of medals totalling 50K and a health repair item will appear one by one from the 3rd destroyed turret. The order you destroy the 3 turrets is based on the hundreds digit of your score. Numbering the turrets like so:
1 2

3 4

You have to destroy the 3 turrets in this order if your score's hundreds digit is:
0/4/8: 123
1/5/9: 234
2/6: 341
3/7: 412

Stage 5 - this one you'll probably get without knowing, but it just seems weird to me that it's worth mentioning. Once you kill the red mech that appears after the 4th battleship, it'll attempt to grab you in a last ditch effort to self-destruct and kill you. Let it grab you and you'll get a nice 100K, but if you actually avoid it, you only get 5K, wtf? However, if you don't kill it in time, it'll time out and go for a grab. If you get grabbed before you can kill it, it's instant death and game over (it even goes through the shield). Avoiding the instant death variant also grants a paltry 5k.

The Defense Shield Bubble:
That bonus item on stage 4 is actually a defensive mechanism that you get to use on stages 5 and 6. It comes with a limited number of charges, based on how many Special Bonuses you've received from stages 1 to 3. You don't need to get the full 99990 points, just getting the Special Bonus is enough to give you more charges. The maximum amount of charges you can get appears to be 30.

To use the shield, press the saber button and before the animation completes, perform a quarter circle clockwise motion (2P side does a counter-clockwise motion). You don't have to start in any specific direction, the motion just has to come out during the saber animation. The timing isn't too strict, and you might be doing this often by accident, especially with autofire.

This shield protects you from all sources of damage. It also slows you down for about half the duration of the shield, so you should already be close to your target if you intend to use it offensively. Each use lasts for a good long duration, and is especially useful against the final boss. You'll also get 10K points every time you use the shield, for a total of 300K points if you get the maximum 30 charges.

One more bonus/scoring trick left?
With the Arcadia score hitting 2.55m (, I'm wondering if there's a bonus or scoring trick left that racks up 100k of points. Through save states/invincibility cheating, I can only get 2.45m...

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