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 Post subject: Fusion: Project Razor (Working Title)
PostPosted: Sun Apr 28, 2019 5:55 pm 

Joined: 28 Apr 2019
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I am about 3 months into Development in Unreal Engine 4 of a Modern Schmup based on the classic styles. I am new to game developement (my first one) and new to UnrealEngine so Development is kinda slow as I am learning alot. I am not new to programming or 3d modeling however (Well, not totally new lol). I would like to get an idea if anyone is interested in what I am developing. As mentioned I am only 3 months in development which is practilly just getting started. I have managed to get a good chunk of the game mechanics developed (Buggy tho :( ). I have included a short sample vid of some simple play testing I did spawning random primitives as the targets for dev testing. You can see in the upper rigt hand corner my devHUD i setup so I ca see all the realtime values for the game mechanics. The lines on the ship are debug lines indicating thrust vectors and such along with a controller showing real-time input. The effects are simple for now as this was to get the mathematics o the mechanics working.

The ship runs on a fusion reactor, and fusion thrusters. You must collect mass particles droppped by destroyed enemies to keep up your mass storage for your fusion thrusters and as well for weapon systems requiring mass such as plasma cannons and homing missiles/Bombs. Based on 3D Printing, the ship has High Rate Mass Fabricators to re-produce missiles etc. using available mass in storage. A recator which is planned to b upgradable will have a standard energy output which will affect weapon chrging. In the video I think the reactor is baseed on producing 5MW of energy with 680kW Compressed Pumped Pulse Lasers for main weapon (Blue), Plasma Cannons (Yellow) and Wide Beam Lasers. I would like to have a large variety of weapons to customize the ship. The ship also has a "G-Burst" with 3 modes of Bursting, which is like an afterburner to allow the pilot to manuever quickly pulling Max-G maneuvers (Which is based on actual human toleraences, that is based on, not exactly). As well, each weapon will have 3 modes of Fire dynamiccally switachable in game with homing weapons switching between some variations of fire or forms of targeting (I am developing a "Smart-Targeting" system which will allow you to auto-target according to Enemy HP, or Range or other variatious targeting methods.

Just curious if this project will have enough attention to continue development. I currently live outside the system, sleeping outside, working in Coffe Shops and Delis and volunteering at a local deli for food. If there is enough interst I will continue development.

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