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 Post subject: Re: Great shmups without memorization
PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 4:16 am 

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WelshMegalodon wrote:
Shepardus wrote:
That describes most of the 1CCs I've gotten, so I guess if you want games where you can do that you can just check out my 1CC list linked in my sig. Just not the Psikyo games.

I'd love to know what shmups gods allowed you to clear Battlantis and X-Multiply in this manner, so I can start praying to them.

Right, Battlantis took some stage practice. Also Ikaruga, Ketsui, Battle Garegga, and Armed Police Batrider, but not a whole lot else on that list. I almost cleared X-Multiply without any savestate practice but resorted to it specifically for the final boss because having no checkpoints in the entire final stage is infuriating. That game definitely takes memorization but aside from the final boss I find it mostly straightforward. Progear was a pretty similar story, the stages 4 and 5 bosses gave me trouble until I had those memorized. I can't say the rest don't take memorization, but I generally just remembered what I needed to by playing them a bunch rather than any sort of focused practice/memorization. There are a bunch of games that are hard not to remember if you play them any significant amount, which is probably more interesting to consider than games that take absolutely no memorization.
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 Post subject: Re: Great shmups without memorization
PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 11:45 am 

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I'm surprised when this kind of threads come up no one mentions X.X shmups like Blue Wish/Blue Wish Resurrection/Eden, etc...

Those, IMHO, are the best way to get into the genre, nothing comes as close and are a lot of fun too.

OP, try out Blue Wish Resurrection, start with the easiest mode and WAIT on, you'll probably 1CC it on your second or third try. Then you can work up to a no-miss CC and then ramp up the difficulty.

By the time you'll have cleared the normal difficulty level (can't remember what that is called), go for Batsugun Special and then you can jump into CAVE games like Dodonpachi.

Memorization in shmups is not what you're thinking, you're not jotting down notes on paper or necessarily using save states to do the same spot over and over again. Just by playing the game and credit feeding the first playthroughs you're memorizing on a subconscious level. I've noticed that in some parts of Mushi Futari my hand moves automatically because they know what to do in certain spots. It'll come to you naturally eventually.

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