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 Post subject: Galacide (XB1 - Series X|S - PS4 - Switch - PC)
PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2020 9:59 pm 

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Putting two different styles together in one game.

Shooting and Puzzle has met their paths in very few times, the most recent that I remember was the Neo Style mode of Thunder Force VI which utilized the color mechanics with the game's weapons. Once again, both genres combine in this shmup-puzzle mix we know as Galacide.

*Zone Select from Super Nova plays*
We retake the sand planet, kill the Matriarch and then we escape to the Megistus star system.

Before starting a puzzled dogfight, you are given the option of select a stage and the difficulty level you've want. However, you don't need to play on the highest level to get the ending, making it more of an optional decision for those who are looking for a greater challenge.

*Ship select theme from Super Nova plays*

After selecting a mission, you can select if you want to fight alone or take 1, 2 or 3 more players to the stage. Once that's done, they can select 1 of the 4 available ships. Keep in mind, you have to unlock them by completing the levels and even the whole game to be able to play with them.

The initial starter ship with all-rounder configurations.

The Mining ship is the initial spaceship which utilizes a basic spread shot which can be powered up to a thin death-beam to inflict constant damage to the bosses. It's main feature is the Tractor Beam which allows you to pull nearby orbs and items.

The Heavy Loader for those who need to pick something and use it later.

The Freighter ship has a different firing and terrible fire rate, but its true strength lies on its main ability of picking and holding three object which can be used as Options that provide extra fire.

The X-Buster of the game.

The Phase ship is pretty much like the R-9 of the game since it utilizes a chargeable beam for its main weapon and is its main feature. The Charged Shot can take multiple enemies with one shot. It can "split" generating a holographic projection of itself which fires just like Space Harrier's Fixed Burst in the DLC Mode of Dariusburst CS: Chronicle Saviours.

Breaking through Bits is not cheating, you've earn that priviledge for clearing the game once.

The Military ship is the special ship of the game, not just because you have to complete the game to unlock it, but also because of its main feature: Ramming through bits, this is very helpful when you're stucked.

This is like playing a game of "Stack Up" in Outer Space.

The core gameplay of Galacide is pretty unique since it utilize the concept of destroying blocks like in Tetris Attack and Bust-A-Move rather than shooting enemies. To break through the barrier of Bits you have to create lines of 4 or more Bits of the same color by grabbing scraps left by the destroyed enemies. Like in some puzzles, you can make combos by breaking Bit chains quickly. Stacking them is not the only way to make chains. You can change the color of a Bit by getting close to it and change its color with the Scrap you've got (example: Orange > Purple). You can also make "Circuits" by placing your ship between the gap of two bits (Example: <>|Ship|<><><>) to complete the row of 5. If you're fast enough you can increase the size of the destroyed chain by adding scraps to a chain while its destroyed.
While all shmups have an automatic slow stage scrolling, you can sped up the scroll by moving to the right as the game says "Warp O.K.", going Warp Speed is also a factor to unlock an achievement as it requires to get a total of 500,000 Parsecs.
As a shmup, you can get experience points to power up your ship by destroying enemies and/or getting items dropped by them, however, the levels are only temporary just like in Turbo Force and Otomedius Excellent, a reason of this is the game's major emphasis on the puzzle factor rather than shooting things.

Hi!, Lea!, DIE!
Way to Die #319: CRASHCODE

Enemies are not the only thing capable of destroying your ships, being pushed aside by the Bit-covered screen will result on instant death. Fortunately, you have 3 lives to finish the level, and you can get an extra one by getting 500,000 points. Losing all your lives will result in mission failure, but you're given the chance of retry the stage or select another level so you can pick a different ship.

Looks like you're gonna break your head to clear this stage...

Along with the main "campaign", there's two additional modes: Puzzle Mode, which is a series of challenges focused on the different ways to play the game. From the basics to complex moves and quick scrap shooting. Clearing the 5 levels of each "segment" will unlock a special level for those who've mastered a category, and there's the Endless Mode which consists on reaching the highest stage and score possible. This one unlocks a few achievements.

Of course, "Detective Edrist".

The graphic aspect omits the bright, colorful concept of puzzle games, with the exception of the first planet based stage, as we have dark colors in all the stages and brightness is barely existent, making darkness almost as dominant as in R-Type Final (the first stage for example). Only the lights of the orbital platforms and space signs provide the enough light to illuminate the scenery. This problem obscures the major detailing in the stage's scenery like the asteroids or the space stations in the far away distance, making everything somewhat boring and unexpressive.

A lawsuit from EA seems to be imminent...

As for the character design, I don't know what to say. First off, "what a team we have": An old woman pretending to be a young lady, the DBZ Fusion of a Salarian and an Asari from Mass Effect, the big guy who looks like a club bouncer with a cyborg hand to throw drunk and violent people out and a punk mechanic straight out of the 80's street gang movies. Konel looks way too much like a reject from Mass Effect that will probably end up getting the game designers in legal troubles 'cos it looks like a plagiarized character.

Can shmup fans have the anime girls on the right instead?

┬┐Does the artist is really pushing me to ASK the same thing AGAIN? Well, this is gonna be my new guarantee: "If I don't talk about anime girls while criticizing bad western-character designs in shmups, it's not an SP Review". So, here we go again. Our pal Meredith Laxton decided to use the less popular western-realistic style, but the selection for the female characters were quite odd for me, especially Edrist, who looks like if we're looking at an old woman pretending to be a youngster. If you're looking for cute shmup girls better pick a different game.

It's the god-damned spider from Megaman X!

The final boss is a letdown. With a name like "The Matriarch" you'd expect a large Bydo-like monstrosity behind the Bits that will cause you a lot of trouble, but guess what?, the dreadful Matriarch is nothing more than a mechanical spider that looks like the rejected niece of Bospider, the first boss of Sigma's fortress from the first Megaman X.
To make things worse, the ending of this game is one of those open endings that imply a sequel as the team says there will be another Matriarch waiting to take the place of the one they've defeated.

The music of this game is an electronic-orchestra-hard rocking mix that feels like the score of a sci-fi thriller in the vein of Blade Runner, being Asteroid Belt the most notorious on the Blade Runner feeling. To complete the sound department, this game features voiced dialogues to add some life to the whole game.


- Galacide is a portmaneau of "Galaxy" and "cide" from the latin word cida (Kill), meaning "Galactic Kill".
- The achievement name "Combo Breaker" is a reference to the famous "CO-CO-CO-CO-COMBO BREAKEEEER!!" voice sample from the fighting game Killer Instinct.
- "Bombastic" is mostly remembered by the 2001 song by Shaggy.
- "The Final Frontier" is a clear reference to Star Trek.

To put an end to this review, all what I have to say is that Galacide while being an interesting experiment of blending shmup with puzzle elements, can be frustrating enough to irritate must players with the challenges of Puzzle Mode. I was about to say this is a Gamerscore Milker, but the difficulty to obtain the Puzzle Mode achievement is one hell of a challenge for those who are going for an Achievement Hunt.

Got any problems with that mode?, We've got a Twitch user to help. You have our thanks, ScoobyDoobyD0nt.
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