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 Post subject: "Hyperion" (name TBD) DDP-inspired Superhero VShmup
PostPosted: Sun Sep 20, 2020 11:10 pm 

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Hey all,

Super long-time lurker here, finally took the plunge in trying to put all I know about the genre into an actual playable thing. "Hyperion" is an edgy take on the genre, with inertia, huge hitboxes, 600 weapon types... Kidding.
It's Superhero-themed, and hugely inspired by DoDonPachi (at least the less crazy bits), ESP Ra De and ZeroRanger. Instead of trying to think up some completely unique twist (GalaX does this so well, IMO, I'm intimidated to even try) so I went for a Light/Heavy attack split - with the idea being to soften bigger enemies with your super eye laser beams, then finish them off with normal shot. That way, you'll keep the level from pressuring you too much and maintain a supply of Energy items so you can keep lasering. Though doing well at this, along with other fancy things, will raise your rank - which, as you'd expect, lets the enemies do their more aggressive/advanced attacks.

So far I'm trying to get the balance right between popcorn and bulkier enemies, trying to arrange enemies so you don't wave to constantly weave side-to-side and instead one wave *should* mostly lead you to the next one and make it easy-ish to get a good ranking once you know what you're doing.

Aesthetically, I tried to learn from ZeroRanger - so expect cool delayed destruction effects, certain shapes for bullets, chunkiness in sprites and a limited palette (albeit augmented with some more advanced things than the NES-level sprites might suggest, e.g. exposure). Plus obviously having a humanoid you control instead of a space fighter jet is very ESP Ra De, although my pixel art skill level's not exactly good enough to pull off how expressive just the flying motions for those characters are :?

Stage 01:


Any & all opinions welcome :)

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 Post subject: Re: "Hyperion" (name TBD) DDP-inspired Superhero VShmup
PostPosted: Sat Oct 03, 2020 9:19 pm 

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The game look very good, but I don't think inertia be a good idea.

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