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 Post subject: My confession as a shmup developer and how I got here
PostPosted: Fri Feb 28, 2020 12:31 am 

Joined: 27 Feb 2020
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Growing up I rarely played shmups as I preferred platformers far more. Money was tight, and pickin's were slim. Galaga, R-type, Captain Skyhawk, and asteroids were the extent of my shoot em up experience (I'm 36). For a long time I just glazed over the genre and forgot it existed.

The cat is out of the bag.
I Hope i'm not boo'd out of here.

So why did I decide to develop a shoot 'em up game if I had little experience with them?

Well, as an artist I've learned over time, consuming great media whilst in the creative process can be very influential... sometimes to the point of allowing unoriginal ideas to sneak into your work.
I wanted to portray what my mind's eye envisioned a space shooter should be so i went in blind. When I closed my eyes with no idea where the genre had been going over the last 30 years, I was able to imagine without discrepancy something that to me feels new... looks kinda familiar, but in totality different than other shooters i had played. I wanted it to be a fresh take so I personally could like it (I'm really critical of work)(I can't stand obvious clones). I didn't want to re purpose others ideas to fit a generic shooter mold. I wanted to know when it was all said and done, what I was making was something true to me and fun for me to play. It's like drawing a picture from memory. It doesn't look exactly like the photograph, but it has character and it's yours... it's your interpretation.

ExtraGalactica is my interpretation of a retro style Arcade vertical space shooter.

Our game was designed with a completely fresh perspective.
It wasn't built off of studied mechanics that are known to work for the genre, it wasn't built following the formula most vertical shoot 'em up/ bullet hell's seem to follow.
it is deceptively much deeper than it appears and I hope i can convince at least a few of you to check out what is in my view,
a great addition to the standard formula. To me, it's fun. Maybe others will hate it... I don't know haha. I guess we will find out soon!

Currently releasing for early access on Steam tomorrow,
the game's platformer campaign that directly ties into our shooter loop is still a year and a half off.
But! As part of our early access roll out, our infinite mode "ExtraGalactica Infinite" will be available.

Infinite showcases our shooter mechanics in all their glory set within an infinite arcade mode.
It's gotta be worth it for the few bucks we ask.
We just want the world to play it.
Our tiny indie dev team with zero budget, full time jobs, and a dream are practically begging you to see what we feel makes our
game stand out from the crowed.

If you read this, thank you for your time!

If you want to check out ExtraGalactica Infinite you can follow this link:

-Matt Lewis (Digital Yogurt)

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 Post subject: Re: My confession as a shmup developer and how I got here
PostPosted: Sat Feb 29, 2020 6:38 pm 

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It looks pretty good!

But to be honest with you, after that sales pitch of being something out of left field, the first thing that struck me is how, by contrast, it seems a lot like games we already played. Like Score Rush, for example.

Mind you, I only watched the trailer, so maybe there are hidden details in the mechanics. But then I would say you should revamp your trailer to make the "different" parts really stand out.

I love the shmup genre, but as you say, it suffers from a tremendous amount of clone-itis. So I'm seriously into pushing out of the barriers and developing new takes that can push the genre into new hands.

Whatever the core mechanic or "difference" maker is in your game, my advice is to make it REALLY stand out. I mean, make it obvious at first glance. Because, as I've learned, people don't really read (myself included!)
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