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 Post subject: Solaroids: Prologue - Looking for feedback
PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:37 am 

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Joined: 02 Jan 2018
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I've been working on an Asteroids (crazy right) "reboot" that focus on mechanics and power-ups first and foremost with a simple but clean visual style. It amps it up quite a bit, not to bullet hell extremes, but it can be quite challenging especially if you stick with my classic "tank" control style -- it now has twin-stick style controls too.

It's called Solaroids, but I've been letting people play it under a Solaroids: Prologue title on Steam (Win/Linux/OSX) under there early access program. It's been great for feedback, but not as direct as I would like.

I've wanted to make this thing since my Amiga days, and in homage to both it and the original Asteroids arcade machine I'm planning to do a 16-bit and vector skin before it's finished. I still have some of my original 16-bit Deluxe Paint III art.

I have a free demo available and would really like to get feedback from fans of 360 shmups, and of course fans of Asteroids style shoot'em ups in general. If this looks like something that you'd be interested in joining early access on, it's actually on sale for the holiday season. There's quite some competition in the high scores, and I still haven't top'd the best -- and I made the damn thing!


I haven't figured out the best way to describe the game, but here's my current "store" page lingo:

Solaroids is a re-imagined version of the classic Asteroids® as a single or local multiplayer shooter. Dodge and strafe your way to victory against insurmountable odds. Compete on the global Leaderboards using either modern "Twin-stick" or classic "Tank" controls and see how you stand up to the best pilots.

Fly solo, or with up to three of your friends, against a seemingly insurmountable threat that is after your precious sun. Defend your solar system in a Campaign that progresses from tame introductory levels to epic high-octane space battles that will challenge even the most experienced pilots.

As the campaign progresses and the threat continues to grow, so will the kinds of weapons at your disposal. Perform advanced maneuvers while dodging asteroids, mines, and enemy missiles, as you upgrade the capabilities of your ship and rack up higher and higher scores. Keep your ship and outrider attachments in good repair, or watch your precious power-ups float off into the darkness of space for the taking.

Current Features
  • Classic Asteroids┬« style game play
  • Huge wrapping arena
  • Wide assortment of power-ups and threats unlocked throughout the levels
  • Forward and reverse thrusters
  • Primary, secondary, and defensive weapons
  • Customize primary and secondary player ship colors
  • Reticle indicating location of items of interest including enemies and players
  • Damage system based off physical, mechanical, and electrical properties
  • Up to 4 local players
    • Join at any time
    • Unlimited credits (configurable)
    • Cooperative or not - you decide (configurable)
  • Game modes (current):
    • Campaign - Defend your solar system from the impending threat
    • Free Play - Provides instant and insanely intense action (unlockable)
  • Separate local and global leaderboards for both First Credit and Any Credit high scores
  • Original soundtrack with support for Steam music
  • 4K+ resolution support
  • 60Hz-240Hz+ support
  • Configurable controls:
    • Classic
    • Hybrid (single-stick)
    • Modern (twin-stick)
  • Supports common controllers:
    • Keyboard
    • Xbox 360/One
    • Dualshock 3/4

I'm still actively developing it and will bringing it to major consoles (Xbox One, PS4, & Switch at the least) and mobile sometime around the end of next year(ish). I keep hoping Atari will get there VCS plans figured out, as I'd love to be able to put it on the new VCS when it comes out.

Anyway, I don't want to ramble on. I'm happy to answer any questions you have about it, or about development, and am also very interested in meeting other developers in the genre to "talk shop".


Chad (kiates)

P.S. Here's a few more gifs. I have a bunch more on my website here (maybe too many) along with my current trailer, links, etc. You should check it out, even if to marvel at my wonderful parallax... ;) I worked hard on that css!

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 Post subject: Re: Solaroids: Prologue - Looking for feedback
PostPosted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 4:01 am 

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Joined: 25 Mar 2016
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Looks pretty cool, I love jump in/out local co-op especially, I may give it a try. I am about to release my first game and am currently working on a new game, which is a twin stick shooter. I love talking to other devs about anything so hit me up on twitter or something.
Developer of IRIDESCENCE.

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 Post subject: Re: Solaroids: Prologue - Looking for feedback
PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 10:29 pm 

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Joined: 02 Jan 2018
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Thanks! Have any WIP links for your game? I'll find you on twitter!
KIATES: 71,794,747 (1st CR)

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