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 Post subject: NOISZ: rhythm game & shoot-em-up hybrid [WIP][PC][DEMO]
PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:52 am 

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Hey all- I'm on the development team for a game called NOISZ, which is a cross between a shmup and rhythm game. We're trying to reach out to the shmup community more for input/feedback- a lot of us are pretty well-connected in the rhythm game community, and that's where a lot of our previous experience lies, but we haven't gotten too much feedback from hardcore shmup players and we're looking to talk to them more :)

As I mentioned, NOISZ is part shmup, part rhythm game. As is standard for the genre, you have a boss on top shooting bullets and lasers at you that you need to dodge, and you have the ability to shoot back and shield against certain bullets (in this game, blue bullets/lasers are shieldable, red are not)
However, you can only shoot and shield to the beat of the song that's playing. So you have to juggle dodging the bullets and keeping the tempo.

Our Kickstarter is currently running, so we'd love if it you guys could give it a try and tell us what you think :D
It's in a very early state (pre-alpha, essentially) so a lot of the gameplay mechanics are very up in the air, and we're more than open to changing anything that doesn't work.

Images/preview video below below:
Spoiler: show

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 Post subject: Re: NOISZ: rhythm game & shoot-em-up hybrid [WIP][PC][DEMO]
PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2018 9:58 pm 

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So, this game is out as of August 31st, and is currently on sale. I've bought it and played for a few hours, and figured I'd share early impressions.

There are two main modes here, Story and Free (With a third dancepad-capable mode that I haven't toyed with). Going through the story lets you face the bosses/songs in order, and appears to have multiple routes (ie: 4-A or 4-B, I believe this is based on your choices in the light-VN story bits). Free mode functions more like a standard rhythm game, letting you pick a song/boss and difficulty.

There are two buttons here, Shot and Shield. Each must be pressed with the timing of the song rather than being held, and only one can be pressed at a time. Shot is self-explanatory, and shield makes you immune to any white bullets/lasers. Your standard movement speed is closer to the slow speed in Cave/Touhou, but while your shield is active you move at a faster rate. Each phase of a boss has a health meter, which can be depleted to 0%, and then refilled to 100% for bonus score. Once the boss reaches 0%, it goes into an overdrive state, making the patterns more difficult. You also have a chain, though it functions more like a rhythm chain than a Dodonpachi one. Taping in the rhythm (with either shot or shield) increases your chain, and missing a tap or tapping too fast drops it. I believe the chain directly relates to damage, allowing you to get further into overdrive.

Patterns here, from what I've seen so far, are quite good, and tie into the songs so well that you can almost predict whats coming next. The game is also very willing to play with these patterns, moving them in and out to the beat, having lasers change colors to the timing of the song, etc. Scoring has been good so far too, as it rewards both the shmup and rhythm aspect. You want to use shield as little as possible, which means you need good dodging skills, so that you are always damaging the boss, but you also need to keep your chain up, which means not only tapping in time, but moving to the tempo of the game so that, when shield is necessary, you only have it up for 1-2 quarter notes.

Very pleased with this game so far. Being a fan of both genres, I feel like I am more than their target audience, but I think the game would at least be enjoyable to fans of either genre, without necessarily needing to be well-versed in the other.

Its only $10 right now, and it also has a free demo on steam that lets you freeplay 3 songs on any difficulty, so there's no reason to not at least check it out. :)
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