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 Post subject: Forum Rules 2019.06.08
PostPosted: Sat Feb 26, 2005 2:10 am 

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Shmups! Forum Rules – 2017.02.21

Welcome to the Shmups forum! The forum through thick and thin (and several hosts), has generally been a nice place for people to discuss their favourite genre, offer game help, compete in score competitions, and hang out with like-minded people. We'd like to keep it that way, and we hope you do too.

Basically, use your common sense and think about what you post, but here are the rules in detail:

General posting:
  • You're legally responsible for anything you post here.
  • No personal attacks, threats or harassment of any kind.
  • Repeated trolling, reaction baiting, topic derailing, drive-by one liners, image spam and general offensiveness are not welcome here.
  • Treat others respectfully as individuals, regardless of perceived identity and/or beliefs.
  • Keep posts to the appropriate topic areas. We will never have a concrete definition of a shmup, so make a sensible judgement.
  • Sticking to established threads on a subject is appreciated (even old ones), the search function and indexes where posted will help.
  • Please consider using the spoiler tags where required or placing a note in the topic title.

Not for discussion:
  • No ISO trading, ROM begging, copyright infringement, or assistance with any of these – for example torrent links. It doesn't matter what is legal in your country, although discussion of emulation is not a problem.
  • Don't disclose the personal information of other board members outside of the bad traders thread, and then only where this information would genuinely protect the community from persistently bad traders or actual scammers.
  • In most cases NSFW content is unsuitable for this forum - remember that some people may visit the forum from their place of work or school. Certain rare occasions within context (for example some game artwork) are acceptable if tagged.
  • There may be forum sections containing topics and posts with views you feel particularly strongly about, if you are unable to follow the rules above then please don't participate in the thread, and do not start picking fights with posters you dislike in unrelated threads.

  • We operate a strict policy of one account per user.
  • In an effort to fight spam accounts the first post of a new user will be sent to a queue where it will wait until approved by a moderator. After the first post has been approved posting will happen normally.
  • Signatures must be a maximum of 4 lines long, including newlines. If you want an image, it must be non animated, and a maximum of 200x50 pixels. The image will count as using 3 of the 4 lines.
  • Avatars should not be offensive or political in nature.

  • Moderators may take any appropriate action to uphold these rules and protect the atmosphere of the forum as they see fit.
  • Where posts have been edited these will be noted, locked topics will contain an explanation in the last post.
  • If you don't understand why a moderator has done something, please discuss it with them first in private messages. If you need to refer it to someone else, you can send a message to any of the other moderators.
  • We understand people make mistakes, and will try not to unfairly bust them up over it. The same understanding in return is appreciated.

Trade forum additional rules:
  • No sales of bootleg / conversion items, aside from dedicated bootleg PCBs 15+ years old.
  • No mod-chip sales, flash or multi-carts, no sales of consoles modified to defeat copyright protection, region mods are OK.
  • All trading threads must have buyer/seller location either stated in the post or correctly set in your user profile.
  • All sales (FS) must state the item price, auction links are acceptable. All items that are being offered for trade without item prices belong in the Wanted sub-forum.
  • All sales of arcade hardware must include photos.
  • One trade section post per person. They should not be bumped within two weeks without there being a significant change in items sold/sought and/or significant reduction in prices.

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