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 Post subject: Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Arrange A (Xbox 360, PC)
PostPosted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 12:30 pm 

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This topic is about the mechanics and scoring stuff (not available yet) for the Arrange A (known as Ver L) version of Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu.
This mode can only be found on the Xbox 360 Version or the PC version

II/The mode overall:
_The mode's visual has been changed to make it look more Daioujou-ish. (Laser, bullets)
_The TFB (Hibachi) is now equipped with much more vicious pattern (more bullets and lasers)
_The 2nd player's choice has been removed in Arrange A, which means it's a single player mode.
_One more digit has been added to Arrange A's score counter.
_There's a new unique ending for Arrange A.

III/The requirement for accessing loops:
_Omote loop: Die less then two times, collect 35 bees, AND lose less than two bombs
_Ura loop: Die less than two times, collect 45 bees, and lose less than two bombs.
_Unlike other versions, getting two Bee Perfects (collecting all bees in a single stage) will not put you into the Ura route in the next stage. Therefore if you are in Omote route, you are stick with it forever.

IV/The ship:
_There's only one ship in Arrange A, which is the type A from Dodonpachi Daioujou, and it's Style is Power, therefore, you can only store one bomb max at the time
_In Normal, you have 3 sets of options (pods), in Boost, you have up to 4 sets of them.
_Even though the Normal Laser looks big, it can't block the big lasers, so be beware of it.
_The ship's hitbox is the same as any other Daifukkatsu modes (1x1 pixel)

V/Hyper System:

1/When you are not in Hyper:
_When you fill up a Hyper gauge, a Hyper medal will fall from the top of the screen, like Daioujou.
_When you don't have any Hyper Medals in your inventory, and you manage to fill up a Hyper gauge, all the bullets on screen will be cancelled. It will not cancel bullet when you pick up one so be mindful about it.
_You can make up to 5 Hyper medals to spawn.
_When you collect a Hyper medal, there will be a ring appear around your ships, with the number on it. The more Hypers you collect, the more rings will appear.
_Unlike Daioujou, dying will not make the Hyper medal disappear, instead just make them float around the screen.
_The Hyper medals can be pulled down faster when you are lasering.

2/During Hyper:
a)Hyper Level:
_When you use 1 Hyper Medal, your Hyper Level is 1
_The more Hyper Medal you use, the higher your Hyper Level is.
_The max Level is 5.
_The higher the Level is, the stronger the Shot/Laser are.
_Hyper Level does not affect the Hyper duration.

b)In Normal:
_Your Shot and Laser will turn yellow
_Your Shot can hit the enemies' bullets for hits, but it will get stopped and make it harder to kill the enemies.
_Your Shot's bullet cancelling ability is extremely weak, even at max level. If you manage to cancel a bullet with Yellow Shot it won't spawn stars.
_Your Laser can now push back big lasers.
_Your Hyper duration will last longer in Normal.
_Lasering enemies will cause the hit count to raise up steadily, and your total score will be added by the chain point (GPS) everytime the hit count ticks.

c)In Boost:
_Your Shot and Laser will turn purple.
_Your Shot's cancelling ability is extremely powerful, capable of cancelling hundreds of bullets with max Hyper Rank.
_Your Shot can't raise your hit count by hitting enemies' bullets.
_Your Laser becomes extremely strong, however it's only strong when you are vulnerable.
_Lasering enemies will also raise the hit count steadily, however your total score will not added by the chain point.
_Your Hyper duration will drain much faster.

3/Hyper rank:
_Hyper rank is maxed out at 5.
_No matter if you use 1 or 5 Hyper medals at the same time, the rank will only increase by 1
_Losing a bomb/die will reduce the rank by 1.
_The higher the Hyper rank is, the more hits you will get from hitting enemies' bullets with Yellow Shot.
_There's no suicide bullets as well as the hexagon enemies in Arrange A.

4/Hyper gauges:
_When you fill up a hyper gauge, all the bullets will turn to stars and a new hyper gauge will appear
_You can fill up to 5 Hyper gauges during one Hyper usage.
_When you have filled the fifth Hyper gauge, the bullets will turn into big stars instead of small stars, and the cancel effect will last twice as long.
_Be warned that after this you can't cancel bullets by filling Hyper gauges anymore.

5/Exiting Hyper:
_You can let Hyper run out or manual cancelling it.
_If you manual cancel Hyper before you lose less than 50% Hyper duration, all the bullets on screen will turn into big stars after you exit Hyper.
_You grant 1 second of i-frames.

VI/Bomb and MAXIMUM bonus:

_You can only use bombs as Autobombs in Arrange A.
_If an autobomb is triggered your chain will not be broken.

_One additional bomb carrier can be found in the end of stage 1
_One additional bomb carrier can be found after the midboss in stage 3
_Two additional bomb carrier can be found, one at the start, and one after the twin tower laser in stage 4
_One additional bomb carrier can be found just before the first midboss in stage 5[/size]

2/MAXIMUM bonus:
_The MAXIMUM bonus has been increased, although unknown how much.
_The multiplier has been increased to 21 instead of 11 thanks to the additonal bomb carriers. (Provided that you keep the MAXIMUM bonus through the entire game)
_Since the Hyper Rank is not a threat but rather a good thing for scoring, it's good to try to keep the MAXIMUM bonus throughout the game.

VII/Star item, hit count, and chain meter.

1/Star item:
_Unlike Ver 1.5, star items' score are based on your current hit count.
_When you collect a star item, around 1/10 (needs confirmation) of the score's value will be added to the chain score. (known as GPS/Get Point System, but I prefer to call it like this)
_It seems that collecting a large star item, while gives you more score, but will add the same value to the chain score as the small stars (also needs confirmation)
_If your hit count is 0, the stars' value WILL BE 0.
_This also applies to the ground star items, however they are a lot more valuable than the aerial stars (both small and big)
_The stars will not increase the chain meter.

2/Hit count:
_The hit count is the major mechanic for scoring.
_The hit count controls the star items' value and the bee items' value.
_The hidden multiplier does not exist in Arrange A.
_In Arrange A, the Hit count can never be broken, not even by dying, autobombing, or letting the chain meter empty. (both in Hyper and not)
_The hit count has been added a digit, with the maximum at 999999, which can be reached by playing stage 2-5 Ura.
_There are colors on the hit count presenting the chain meter's color. The lower the chain meter, the lower the colors on the hit count, and vice versa.

3/Chain meter:
_The chain meter takes around 1,5-2 seconds to fully empty, this is even longer in the 2nd loop (and boss battles obviously)
_You can only fill up the chain meter by destroying enemies or lasering.

VIII/Bee items:
_There are only two forms of bee items: Orange and Flashing.
_Orange Bee gives you 25% Hyper gauge, Flashing Bee gives you 50%
_Both will give you additional 25% when you are in Hyper.
_A bee's value is calculated like this: (X represents 6-stage's number, Y represents the amount of bees you collected, Z represent how many Bee Perfects you have)

1/Orange Bee:
a)1st loop, not a Bee Perfect: X00*Hit
b)1st loop, a Bee Perfect: X0000*Hit*(2+Y)*(1+Z)*2 (Y is 6 if you are in Omote route, 8 if you in Ura route)
c)2nd loop, not a Bee Perfect: X00*Hit
d)2nd loop, not a Bee Perfect: X0000*Hit*(2+Y)*(1+Z)*4

2/Flashing Bee:
a)1st loop, not a Bee Perfect: X0000*Hit*(Y+2)
b)1st loop, a Bee Perfect: X0000*Hit*(2+Y)*(1+Z)*2 (Y is 6 if you are in Omote route, 8 if you in Ura route)
c)2nd loop, not a Bee Perfect: X0000*Hit*(Y+2)
d)2nd loop, not a Bee Perfect: X0000*Hit*(2+Y)*(1+Z)*4

IX/Extra stuff

_Slowdown has been fixed in Xbox 360 version, but not the Steam version.
_In Steam version the slowdown still exist if you are not in Hyper mode.

(If you are in Omote route then around roughly half the stage the slowdown will disappear, if you are in Ura route this doesn't happen)

_Dying is the thing that you MUST avoid no matter what in Arrange A if you want to score.
_For the mode, dying will cause you to generate Hyper slower, which is a very bad thing for scoring. So if you are playing purely for score, it's better to just restart the game if you ever die once,
since if you die once the punishment will persist permanently until you start a new run.
_This happens in both Xbox360 and PC.

3/Overflow glitch:

a/What is the overflow glitch:
_As mentioned in the Bee Item section, the hit count determines the Bee Item's value. It's often a good idea to try to get your hit count as high as possible.
_But for some reason if it gets too high, then the bee item's value will go mess up completely, and gives you very low score.
Example:. I have 70000 hits in stage 1, collecting the first bee. Then it should go like this: 70000*50000*2=7000000000, which equals 7 Billions.
.I have 90000 hits in stage 1, collecting the first bee. Then it should go like this: 90000*50000*2=9000000000, which equals 9 Billions.
HOWEVER, in the second example, the value of the bee item is way, WAY lower than that, only around a few dozen million points.
_Because of this, you must know when to stop increasing your Hit count so that you can get the maximum value out from the bee items.

b/Hit count limit:
_Every stage has a "hit count limit", which is the max hit count you can allow to have before the overflow glitch happens.
_After some careful testing I have found the supposed limit for the stages:
+Stage 1: 85000 hits
+Stage 2: 100000 hits
+Stage 3: 140000 hits
+Stage 4: 210000 hits
+Stage 5: 429000 hits
_This is also applied to the 2nd loop as well.

4/The Crash Bug:
_If you are holding down the Shot and Laser button, then pressing both the Hyper button and the Change button in the same frame, the game will crash.
_The full detail of the bug can be seen of this picture: ... stmeme.png
_Examples of the bug:

5/Other stuff:
_Stage 5's Tiger Lilies can now be destroyed with Laser for a mere 5000 flat chain points.
_The Tiger Lilies cannot be destroyed by Shot and Bomb. (Even in Hyper mode)
_The more Hyper Medals you have, the more stronger your Shot+Laser are, but very hard to notice.
_Occasionally when switching to Boost in Hyper mode, Hyper duration will be drained twice as fast for some unknown reason. Switching it again seems to fix the glitch, although you may have to do it multiple times. Can be a hassle sometimes.
_This bug never happens during boss battles.
_Hitting the satellites in Stage 4 Boss will still damage the boss (not the balls though)
_Hitting the offscreen parts of the Stage 5 boss will also damage the boss.
_Whenever you destroy a Tiger Lily, all the other Lilies that fire lasers on screen will stop shooting lasers and turn them into stars.
_In the 2nd loop, you generate Hyper much faster than in the 1st loop.

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