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 Post subject: GD: Eden's Aegis
PostPosted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 7:06 pm 

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I've thought about this for a while now and Eden's Aegis is simple enough that a two hour long STG Weekly video is possibly overkill. What I'd like to do in this thread is collect the most pertinent info for a newbie to learn the game, whether this is small facts from the manual or things I've learned along the way. Eventually, I'll be adding photos to demonstrate the stage results screen, where bombs and the 1UP are located, as well as ideas on where to bomb (I hesitate to say they are objectively the best places, only ideas)

Enemies are worth a base amount multiplied by your current chain.
Zako ········· Counter value × 10 points
Middle boss ········· Counter value × 100 points
Stage boss ··· Counter value × 200 points
As far as we can tell, autoguard off does not affect score in the same way it does for Blue Wish Resurrection ; wait off also doesn't seem to affect score
Chain meter decreases quickly during the stage, slowly during the boss
Probably obvious in hindsight, however I didn't realize until a good few months playing the game how crucial early stage chain is. If you get a high chain going in stage 4, for example, in the first 30 seconds, you'll snowball into something in the 30+ million range. Late stage can be optimized for bullet cancels as well, definitely, but the early moments are crucial.
During the stage results screen, 300x gems are from enemies, 100x gems are from bullets you cancelled
Gems carry over from stage to stage as a small bonus, so in a sense the game has a light form of full game chaining
Use your special shot to turn enemies blue ; kill enemies while they are blue to cancel all of their bullets into scoring gems that will increase your chain. Nanathy and Maple can choose to use half their special by pressing the button again, to fine tune a route. Also, different characters have different recharge times. Eve's is the longest, Ridmie's is the shortest. (I think? double check on this)
be conscious of the meter below the chain and when it empties - you can let enemies keep firing for that long until it empties, because obviously your chain is not decreasing during this grace period. basically, a free pass to get some bullets appear on screen.
Certain enemies are screen clearing, such as the birds that appear four times in a row during stage 5. [possibly add photos of each screen clearing enemy]
Extends at 7 million and 30 million ; each remaining extend at end of game is worth 3 million

Autoguard consumes one bomb, as well as reducing your chain by a third ; dying reduces your chain to 0
Using a manual autobomb will grant you a period of invincibility after the bomb is finished, varies by character used - Eve's invincibility is longest
Bombs turn all bullets into score gems, thus increasing your multiplier. You are not punished for bombing in this game. You have 9 bombs total, during a no-miss run, and your goal is to find the most lucrative spots in which to use these bombs. Easy candidates are midbosses of stage 4 and 5, because they take quite some time to kill without them, which destroys your multiplier. Also, as is standard for many games in the genre, killing midbosses quickly will spawn additional enemies that would not have triggered otherwise.
I think IDEALLY, assuming you're a god or Jaimers, that none of these bombs should be used on a boss, considering the chain is dropping much more quickly during the stage, combined with the fact the earlier you get those gems cancelled and added to your multiplier, the higher your score for a stage will snowball. Candidates for stage bombs that you don't typically see in a run are stage 3 midboss, stage 4's three enemies that spew out bullets like... popcorn machines...? and stage 5 has multiple flowers and birds that neither PTR or TPY use.

~general info on the stages (under construction)
~misc info
You cannot pause during a run, or else a replay cannot be saved
The game has no rank
Eve is unlocked by 1CC'ing the game with Nanathy and Maple, any difficulty; Ridmie is unlocked by 1CC'ing the game with Eve, any difficulty; you can create an empty .txt file named "yutori" to unlock these two characters immediately, as well as stage practice for each mode (can also take on hell mode TLB in this way)
Bombs and the one collectible extend are items you collect buried in some part of the terrain. You must use your special attack to reveal them, and they absorb damage while doing this. Remember this, because when an enemy is also in front of you and you're betting on cancelling its bullets, the bomb/1UP could very likely act as a shield where the enemy won't turn blue to cancel bullets. Because of this, try to reveal items at an angle, where you're touching both enemy and item with one special attack. (Sounds complicated, basically don't fuck yourself over)

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