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 Post subject: GD: Eden's Aegis
PostPosted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 7:06 pm 

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Eden's Aegis is a combination of ESP Ra.De.'s constantly recharging special attack, Espgaluda's bullet cancelling, and Mushihimesama's rapidly decreasing multiplier. It's a simple experience and that's why I love it.
There's not a lot to say about it that you can't find within the manual. In this thread I'll list a few things which might help you when deciding to pick up the game.

  • Honesty upfront - the worst part about this game is pausing during a run will invalidate a replay. This is something I've learned to tolerate, to the point that sometimes I forget it's a thing.

  • My opinion on characters, roughly applies both for survival and score: Nanathy is "easy to learn, hard to master" - Maple is "hard to learn, hard to master" - Eve is "easy to learn, easy to master" - Ridmie is "stay the fuck away unless you want a challenge"

  • As far as we can tell, wait on/off and autoguard on/off do not affect the score.

  • Early stage chain is crucial. If you get a high chain going in the first 30-ish seconds of a stage, this will snowball into a better score than if you instead focused on perfecting the last half of a stage.

  • Speaking of ways to optimize score, that popcorn rush at the end of stage 5 comprises 25% of the score in the WR. Don't take a hit during this part if you're playing for score. For that matter, just don't take a hit during stage 5 at all.

  • Bombs turn every bullet on-screen into gems, meaning you are ENCOURAGED to use bombs in this game. The most obvious way to use a bomb is to speedkill the stage 4 and 5 midbosses to prevent the multiplier from suffering too much. Ideally, you shouldn't use a bomb on a boss if you can help it, because as implied in another bullet point, a bomb could instead be used to crank up your multiplier earlier in the stage.

  • Bombs and the collectible extend in stage 4 are rather annoyingly "buried" in the ground. You won't be able to loosen them up without firing your special attack. The problem here is using your special attack at the wrong angle will have these items act as a barricade which absorbs your special attack, thus protecting enemies. You'll need to get used to the angle where you'll both loosen the item AND turn on-screen enemies blue.

  • TLB is exclusive to hell mode. In addition to the obvious prerequisite of 1cc until the TLB, there is one more condition for TLB to appear: you must have at least one bomb in stock when stage 5 boss is defeated. If playing for score and lacking confidence and/or skill, using all available bombs on the final phase of stage 5 boss is an easy way to keep up to 15 million points (each of the 5 lives is worth 3 million points at the end of the game) instead of feeding them away to the TLB.

  • You can create an empty .txt file named "yutori" to unlock the two hidden characters (Eve and Ridmie) immediately, as well as give yourself access to stage practice for all difficulty modes.

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