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 Post subject: GD: Ketsui Deathtiny Scoring?
PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 1:04 pm 

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So I recently picked up Ketsui on the PS4 to play the new deathtiny mode and I'm enjoying it, the game is mad fun.

My PB is 140m atm and I want to improve that

How does the scoring system work exactly and what are some general tips I should keep in mind whils playing

update: pb is now 189m, ive kinda figured it out now, tips are still appreciated though

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 Post subject: Re: GD: Ketsui Deathtiny Scoring?
PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 10:15 pm 

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Aside from knowing about building the meter and cashing in, you need to trigger the secret scoring mode. I've done it a fair few times, but by no means consistently. Do a level 3 hyper and I also do another 2 hypers before the stage 1 midboss, if it works it'll say die death in the bottom right of the screen. When triggered there's more aggressive patterns/more bullets on screen to cancel.

Hopefully someone can tell me how to do properly/consistently...
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 Post subject: Re: GD: Ketsui Deathtiny Scoring?
PostPosted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 7:59 pm 

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Zaarock made a post with some of his findings in the main Ketsui PS4 thread, although they seem to be mainly educated guesses.

Reposted here for easier reference:

Spoiler: show
Zaarock wrote:
Hyper system = Deathroy
Alternate player ship mode; increased attack power, bullet cancel ability, create scoring items.
Manual activation by pushing Bomb button while gauge is orange (30% gauge).
Automatic activation by being hit while gauge is orange.
90% gauge is enough to activate 3 hypers.

Player is fully invincible during Hyper level 1. Hyper level 1 cancels onscreen bullets.
Activating another hyper after previous hyper ends will begin a hyper of the next level.
Higher level hypers do more damage and give more points. But they do not give the defensive property of lv1.
Dying does not reset the current hyper level.
Hyper continues past normal duration as long as player is constantly collecting orange cubes.

Power & Bomb items greatly refill hyper gauge.
Dying with lives in stock respawns you with full hyper gauge.

Ura route / Max rank mode = DEATH-DIE
Alternate difficulty mode: Enemies start shooting Ura-mode patterns, score multiplier and potential massively increased
Unlocked by activating a level 2 hyper before Stage 1 midboss.
Activate at any point by holding bomb button. Can buffer input by holding bomb before dying/autobomb & enter death-die immediately.
Deactivates on auto-hyper or death.
Lose access to this mode when on final life.

Blue cubes : large hyper refill, increase counter
spawn conditions:
1. Hitting enemy with full lock-on
2. Destroying enemy with full lock-on, including its explosion
3. Speedkilling (?) zako/popcorn

4. Bullet cancel after Hyper lv1 spawns blue cubes

Orange cubes: score value, increase counter(?). small hyper refill. value changes depending on hyper level
spawn conditions (during hyper):
1. Destroying any enemy
2. Bullet in proximity of destroyed enemy
Any blue cube spawn condition

spawn conditions (LV1. hyper activation, LV2> deactivation):
1. Bullet in player proximity

orange and blue cubes change into eachother if hyper state changes

Increased by hyper level.
Increased by being in DEATH-DIE mode.
eg. massive increase during hyper lv3 in DEATH-DIE

Does destroying enemies with lock-on still reduce Rate like in base game (now hidden?)
Do orange cubes consume rate or only raise it?
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