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 Post subject: ST: F/A ( Fighter & Attacker)
PostPosted: Sat Aug 18, 2018 1:58 am 

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Decided to make this guide after a recent clear. Most of these notes are taken from an archived guide on ( from another player iirc) Additional credit goes to Sapphire for finding the JP guide and helping me with the translation along the way. If you want to view the original guide in JP, here's the link: ... index.html

I'll dump the text here and make some additional changes when i get back:

0. Introduction
F / A is a vertical STG released by Namco in 1992. At the time, fighting games were booming in popularity in arcades, so many STG went unnoticed comparatively speaking.
At first glance, F/A looks like a traditional vertical STG, but there are game mechanics that are quite different from more recent STG.

There are two buttons, a regular shot (similar to other STG) and a ground shot designed specifically to deal with tanks and other ground enemies.
There are 16 aircraft to choose from
The game has no bomb mechanic
There are also no powerups in the game
The only items that grant you score in the game are prisoners, which act similarly to medals in other games (Raiden etc.)

By the way, rather than a traditional life system there is a healthbar which can get depleted with hits. By default, it starts from 3 (and you can get 2 extra hit points in the game at 120k & 360k), and the invincibility timer is quite low whenever you take a hit.

1. (basic ship characteristics, English)

The ships in F/A are mainly classified by shot type, but there are 6 types of air shots and 3 kinds of ground shots. Usually, you would think there are 18 shot types, but because there is only one aerial shot "FULL - AUTO", there are 16 shot types in all.

As for the ships, the types of shots, hitboxes, speeds, etc. are finely adjusted, so the playing sensation may be significantly different even on ships with similar configurations.

The ground shots are of the following three types.

Aiming from your ship, this secondary shot is launched in a straight line. Although its power is low, it is the easiest weapon because it has the strongest range of any of the ground shots, and you can pointblank tanks using this secondary weapon, hitting directly above the tank while being able to efficiently capture prisoners.

This is a secondary lock weapon like the gun sight in Xevious. However, because it drops several times at once, it can clear out the enemies around the place it was dropped. It may be easier to use than a Vulcan depending on your playstyle.
Actually, the range is different depending on the aircraft (You can compare it on your own aircraft selection screen, such as the Vulcan?)

Guided missile
This weapon will automatically lock on to the enemies in range of your ship and attack them. Due to the range of the weapon, there is no need to approach enemies and pointblank them. Although it gives out multiple shots, there is a time delay (recharging) until you can use it again.

In general it is said that Vulcan is easy to use, but I often use bombs because of its high power and no need for autofire. (Note from maximo- I use vulcan since its so straightforward)

2. (ship descriptions, English)

Next is an introduction of the ship and shot type combinations. As expected, I’m not familiar with all ships, so I will comment only on the ships that I used frequently.

It fires six bullets in a spread each time. The shot count (the number of bullets displayed on the screen) is suppressed by the number of shots more often than other shots.
However, it does not matter if you stay close to the enemy, so its power is the strongest in that respect. Nonetheless, it has a large hitbox.
F - 15 J (Bomb)
YF-23A (Guided missile)
JA-37 (Vulcan)
^The speed on this ship is fast, and you can easily know where your hitbox is.

There are four rounds of bullets fired in a radial pattern, the shot form "SEMI-AUTO" is very similar, but has a lower power than the shot pattern here.
F-16AFTI (bomb)
It is an easy aircraft to use with crisp maneuverability. The flame range of the secondary shot is short.
YF-22A (guided missile)
F-14D (Vulcan)
Based on the F-14 Tomcat. It must have been easy to use if the wings were closed.
This shot consolidates four rounds of bullets that are fired to the front. There is considerable power in the primary shot, but its range is considerably tight because the shot does not spread.
In addition, this shot is characterized by the bullets coming out when you release the button. So it is pretty good for people who can’t fire at a fast rate.
F-4EJ (bomb)
A-6E (Guided missile)
GR.5 (Vulcan)
The fastest of all models and the smallest per-shot width can be covered. Recommended.
There are four rounds of bullets, the 2 shots in the middle are straight, the rest will the diffuse from the center and spread out to the left and right.
I've only used it a little, but you will feel "where the 's semi-auto!?", I have a feeling that, two shots in the middle is fired twice in one shot. It doesn't mean much. But it is the most easy to use shot.
The Aircraft itself is just something safe.
F / A-18E (bomb)
This aircraft is selected by default. The ship is decent in all categories including bomb range, size & speed.
MRCA-IDS (guided missile)
It would be safe to enter from this aircraft first for people who are thinking of trying to use a guided missile aircraft.
ACM (Balkan)
At the time that this came out it has been said that this is the most easy-to-use aircraft in the field. If you are aiming for your first clear it would be this aircraft.
The aircraft below here is completely for advanced users. It fires 2 shots at semi-automatic (close to semi-automatic speed?). Power is ... is still low for the primary shot. However it is deadly that there is no width of the shot anymore. The third and fourth stages will be the highlight of this.
Mir2000 (bomb)
X-29 (guided missiles)
I cry when I choose it because of the coolness of the aircraft, seriously.
A-10A (Vulcan)
G, Greg ~! (That’s another game)
This is the genuine full auto. I feel safe even if I leave for many days... It is! I cry due to low power more than auto.
The word "full auto" is used to get stuck in this game itself, there are many patterns (crying)
F-117A (bomb)
I can fire two bombs on the scary thing, why only this aircraft? In other words, the ground attack is the strongest of all models! ( It has the strongest ground attack)
However, it is very difficult to clear because it has two uses of a big slow bomb and takes time to recharge. In particular, the final boss has no way of using bombs, so its hell.

When you actually choose the aircraft, the three points "spread the aerial shot", "fast and decent", "small recharge time" will allow you to naturally narrow the ship selection.
I think that those looking at ground shot choices should choose the bomb or the Vulcan preferencely.
People who dare to tilt, can try the F-117, but I think you'll regret it soon.
( Personal opinion on ships ggmaximo:- JA-37 is by far the easiest ship to clear the game due to the awesome pairing of the 6 way spread and vulcan ground shot. Other choices are the F-14D and GR5. F-117A is the hardest clear out of all the ships.)

3. Game layout ( 1 loop only)

In this game there are a total of 8 stages ( rounds), two stages of which there is only aerial warfare with no ground objects ( you get an aerial shot as well as a ground shot). Each stage contains a large boss but since the game does not stop scrolling forward, the ground based bosses ( boss 1-6) are gone in a few seconds (laughs). Also for bosses, the timeouts are fairly short.

Round 1

After selecting your aircraft at the fighter selection screen, you are deployed into a coastal region in the Middle East - it contains a forest area, a coast city with a harbor, and culminates with a battleship that submerges as you confront the boss. For now, beginners can get acquainted with the small tanks (laughs). Because of the unfamiliar firing pattern, and that they take 2 shots to fully destroy, remembering their locations is necessary. In addition, certain areas of the harbor ( on top of buildings) yield additional prisoners while fired upon with the ground shot. I have not determined if all of them are predetermined locations, as sometimes they fail to appear ( even if the end stage bonus is nearly the same).
The boss ( Giant Freezer ( a misspelling of Freighter?)) will gradually scroll upwards. Position your ship to direct the 4 small turret fire while destroying popcorns, and then destroy them in return after they stop firing. Afterwards, stay on the right, avoid the fire from the next section ( 4 small turrets+ 1 rotating turret) and destroy them all while the rotating turret is firing. Afterwards, the screen will scroll upwards, with 3 ground-based targets that deploy popcorns, periodic heli popcorns, and the main body which has 4 different appearances. For scoring purposes, you can milk the popcorns and scroll up to the top ( with 8 circular turrets and 1 rotating turret) and destroy those while making sure the main body is destroyed. You get 20,000 points for killing the boss, and a prisoner bonus of up to 56,000 points. Score of my pb at this point: 168k, Koizumi’s replay: 177k

Round 2
This stage only has aerial combat ( your secondary shot is disabled) . It is very important to remember the locations of the medium sized aircraft, as they give the player a large amount of points and some of them fire nasty spread patterns which can be avoided by point blanking their wings before they get a chance to fire off. It’s also important to remain in the middle to easily pick off the sets of 3 zako plane formations that comes from the left & right in the beginning, and later sections of the stage.
The boss ( Killer Boeing), does not take much damage to destroy with autofire, so a scoring route should not hit the body too much in order to milk the missile Zako that come out together. After destroying the boss for 10k points, you will get a prisoner bonus of up to 24k. My pb score: 339k, Koziumi’s replay: 359,900

Round 3
This is where the first difficulty spike of the game starts, as your plane enters a desert harbor.
This stage has an intermediate difficulty, due to the appearance of new helicopter enemies that will come dangerously close to you. Avoiding their patterns (especially in tight sections) can be accomplished by maneuvering your plane left or right in a diagonal manner. This is especially important to keep the amount of helicopters coming at you under control.
The initial section of this stage has you fight a few boats and tank formations as you enter the harbor, and introduces helicopter enemies as you make your way towards the city area, in a number of formations. Near the city entrance, is where you can be easily ambushed by enemy helicopters so take great care. After battling some popcorn helis, big tanks, a formation of planes will fire shots and fly away, which begins the turret section on the dunes. This requires you to be aggressive and destroy turrets and tanks by remaining near the top of the screen to remove enemies before they trap your plane. After this section, you will arrive at the airport with a few more smaller formations of the cowardly airplanes.
The Big airplane boss of this stage( Devil Airbus) will try to fly away from the airport. You want to take care of the green tank formation first, then damage the right centerpiece and the center while taking care of two blue tanks. Afterwards, destroy the center part of the airplane, and the engines on the right wing. Go to the left and destroy three engines, while keeping one alive. The plane will drift ahead, allowing you to move back down and destroy the left centerpiece. You can destroy 9 blue tanks and get prisoners, while they come out somewhat randomly. Afterwards, go destroy the last engine before the boss times out and flies away. Prisoner bonus can be up to 96k, My score: 553k Koziumi’s score: 589,900

Round 4
This is the desert stage ( with a forest thrown in). The first half has a nasty combination of enemy helicopters due to the way they will sporadically enter, forcing the player to move very carefully to avoid taking damage. The second half of the stage requires the player to be hasty and to remember the occurrence location of helicopters & other enemies, especially at the part with the turrets on the cliff that fire 3 way patterns.
The Boss( Power Station),is a base with nine parts lined upin a square.Because the scrolling does not it is necessary to destroy the center of the weakness quickly. Because the part in front of the center is stiff, but the durability of the center itself is strangely low, you should position your aircraft so that the shot goes out diagonally.
It might be easier to escape before you get used to it.
Prisoner bonus is as high as 52k My pb: 693k, Koizumi’s score: 751k

Round 5
This is the desert-valley area, which transitions from late afternoon to evening over the course of the stage.
The first half is a combination of helicopter and tank forces over a desert area that transitions into, the middle to attack the transport troops located in the desert valley region with overhanging cliffs. Since we also have quite a number of tanks do not shoot, it is more important to focus on the aircraft and gunwall turrets that line the valley. The second half of the stage? You want to destroy the small black aircraft at a position where the spread wont jump into your path, and continue to deal with the large tanks and gunwall turrets aggressively by hugging the top of the screen when possible. After passing a few stations with turrets, move right to left to destroy the wall turrets and the trains. A few ground turrets stand in your path before a Warning alert appears.
Boss is just a base ( Hyper Cannon) (a clinch since it is simple), is a strong train fort containing two large auto gun turrets on train tracks before you encounter the base ( along with a optional large third that appears on the left next to the base).It will be painful if you do not destroy both turrets as quickly as possible. It is advised that ja-37 can point blank the right train turret with just the primary shot, hang back down and destroy the left large train turret. Next, you can kill the station small turrets, and hit the right signal while avoiding fire. Move to the left and kill the center turret. This is a Hellish location for the full auto aircraft due to the lack of range and point blank, forcing the player to avoid more fire. (laughs) Prisoner bonus is 62k. My pb: 850k, Koziumi: 928k.

Round 6
The harbor at night. The song of the stage is one of my favorites. Anyway, it is helpless to remember the position of the small-scale fire tanks and not to destroy it too quickly.
( do not be too aggressive and remember the appearance position of the twin firing small tanks since they will continually move as threatening zako helicopters come in from the side at a few key points.)
You start out at night between the mountain range as 4 groups of zako helicopters come in from left-right-left-right. Afterwards, you have to deal with some little planes from stg 1 coming in from multiple spots; make sure to position yourself on the left afterwards so you can destroy the 4 twin firing blue tanks on the left, along with the gunboats. Another easy zako section follows, and I usually position myself a bit to the left so I can misdirect and kill the 2 zako tanks coming in from the top. Afterwards, you go to the left to kill the spawning zako tank and move to the right to hit the one on the right.
There will also be a section in the middle with the small black aircraft from round 5, make sure their spread does not block your path, and to remain towards the right so you don't collide with the ones coming in from the left.
The Battleship boss(Satan Midway) is trying to depart as you approach it. It can be defeated easily by destroying the two large turrets, then focusing on the main small turret section, and finally the main body. Prisoner total is 54k. My score: 993k, Koziumis score: 1.03 million

Round 7
The snow-pile enemy stronghold? Attack.
The enemy also comes out aggressively. If you do not remember the pattern to destroy the turrets, it is hell across the whole stage. Anyway, the first part is tough from the beginning due to the orientation of the ground turrets.
The only way to do this is to learn how to deal with this is by positioning yourself in a way that misdirects turret fire and allows you to retaliate w/o taking damage.
The middle firing battery right after the aircraft barrage & two large auto turrets is also an issue. It is usually marked by two twin firing tanks coming in from the top, and 4 small airplanes that take off from the ground. Two more groups of airplanes ( right-left & left right) will appear and you should do a sweep from left right so you can destroy the two twin-firing tanks that pop out and damage one of the four shot turrets in the process, taking care to make sure you dont get trapped by the ground turret patterns in the back. The next section has four shot turrets that fire w/ very little reload time so positioning is extremely important.
There is a place where it comes in mixed with turrets and helicopters and it is necessary to do considerable training to be able to come out of here with no damage ( which should be the area containing two large four shot turrets, two waves of 4 helicopters coming in from the sides, and two small turrets in the front). A Carpet pattern? It's finally late in the stage when something like that comes out.
If you ignore the missile hatches ( the ones that shoot out the destructible missiles), this last section is a cinch. The Boss is a big helicopter ( the Harrier Family). The main red helicopter only has a monotonous attack that just shoots the bullets down, and its two escort helicopters only shoot out missiles,which makes it important to destroy the small turrets in order and to get rid of the right escort helicopter first, then the right 4 bullet turret, before crossing over and destroying the turret and escort helicopter on the left side, after which the boss becomes very easy. You can milk some points by destroying the respawning zako helicopters, but the boss will time out after a couple of minutes so be careful. Destroying the boss nets 20k; Your prisoner bonus is a max of 72k. My score: 1.174 million, Kozumi's score: 1.309 million

Round 8
This is the final stage, but it has only has aerial combat and you can only use your primary shot ( secondary shot is disabled.
Although the configuration of the stage is similar to Round 2 , it is very difficult because the barreling spread attack of the medium-sized machine from the first half (interval of one machine every few seconds) comes continuously. A hit from the aircraft is quite hellish.
Think about moving in between the bullets as much as possible ( instead of worrying too much about killing these medium-sized aircraft) since In the second half, medium-sized aircraft come down from the top at high speed continuously. One of the aircraft in the middle will release a set of 4 falling missiles in the middle of the last medium sized aircraft section. You can move to the left around this and proceed to near the top middle of the screen as ships behind you collide with each other and the final red alert sounds, signaling the appearance of the final boss.
(Another piece of advice- planes with bigger hitboxes will have a more difficult time with this stage, such as the F-14D. In such cases, you may need to squeeze through the gaps slightly more to the left/right than normal ( especially in the first half of the stage). As a result, you may not be able to kill the medium sized planes completely and will need to finish them off after squeezing through the gaps.

Boss (King Concorde), in a large fighter, by way of example two escorts(handouts medium-sized machine) will stay on top of the left and right two of the aircraft screen. We will ignore the Escort aircraft to concentrate our attack onto the main boss. The main boss will use the attacks in this order is "fire aimed bullet, easily destroyed missiles, & dropping missiles" , this is hard due to the overlapping diagonal patterns of the escort’s bullets over the aimed bullets of the boss. When some of the boss parts have broken off to some extent & the boss is flashing red), will be only to "fire aimed bullets". Endurance of the boss is quite stiff compared to the previous bosses,so prepare for a long battle. Let's go by yelling!

If you clear, "the number of bosses defeated × 10 "residual life × 100k" is entered as a bonus. By default your ship's life is initially 3, since it is extended by two more, a no mistake run is 500,000 points. This is big.

Final boss is based on Tu-160 Russian aircraft.

Vid replay aids:
Kozumis 2.087 mil replay:
my JA-37 replay ( 1.7 million):
my F-16 AFI replay
my GR.5 replay:
my ACM replay:
my A-10A ALL footage from rounds 6-8:
F-117A (up to last boss):
( more info to come in game layout for strats)

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 Post subject: Re: ST: F/A ( Fighter & Attacker)
PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2018 4:38 pm 

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Wow. Yeah, there's a lot of secret treasure troves out there. Hopefully we can get them all before Yahoo finally pulls the plug.

Now I kinda wanna make a Gaplus ST...
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