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 Post subject: Steam Summer Game Fest
PostPosted: Fri Jun 19, 2020 6:00 pm 

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Now, throughout the weekend, Steam has about 500 demos available for game that are in alpha and whatnot. These demos will cease working Monday morning. So if you play anything noteworthy, post it here

What I've got to thus far
Everspace 2
Big fan of Everspace, so I jumped on this. Mixed feelings. They've definitely made it more noob friendly, so if you're one of those you won't notice any of my caveats, and you'll get a great space dogfighter, with randomly generated areas, and great control. Personally, I found they made the action much slower and much easier than the first game's. Leading to much less strategizing and much more running in guns blazing.
(Edit: So, the nerfing didn't stop me from becoming horribly addicted. Monday morning is going to be rough... Why didn't I pledge $80 to their Kickstarter so I could play the alpha?? Oh, I remember. It was eighty fucking dollars!)

Tesla Force
Again, big fan of Tesla vs Lovecraft so I jumped on this. They knew it wasn't broke, so they didn't try to fix much in the sequel. Still a twin stick arena shooter, but now you have a choice of not only Tesla, but Madam Curie and Percy Shelly (and I guess more in the final version). Also, there's now a choice of various stages and missions instead of being on rails, and the only task being 'kill everything'. I'll be buying when released.

Ex Zodiac
Like Starfox, but not. There's nothing at all bad about this game, but I really don't understand it's raison d'ĂȘtre. To make me nostalgic for Starfox? Mission accomplished! Now I want to play Starfox instead of it...

Titles I dl'ed, but have yet to get to
Oddinary Highway
A hori with very a fallout-esque futuristic mid-century art style. Looks like it could be fun.

Vert that seems very 'euroshmup' but I'll give it a look-see

Twin-stick with some sort of color chaining mechanism. Looks bright, colorful, and fun.

Again, if you end up playing something noteworthy, post it here. THX

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 Post subject: Re: Steam Summer Game Fest
PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 2:37 pm 

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Wait, the demos don't work anymore? That's weird, I am not fond of Steam creating an artificial sense of urgency to push you to try them.

I did try Oddinary Highway though. The aesthetics were quite good, with a fun art style and good music. The game itself has its fair share of design issues unfortunately, but after discussing with one of the devs about said issues, I feel like they are now on the right track to make something that's pretty cool to play.
RegalSin wrote:
I think I have downloaded so much I am bored with downloading. No really I bored with downloading stuff I might consider moving to Canada or the pacific.

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