Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

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Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by ACSeraph »

I know a lot of people on here pursue clears of arcade style games outside of the STG genre, and I thought it would be nice if we had a sister thread to the existing shmups 1cc lists thread. There are no particular rules to what kind of clears you can log, just think of it as a personal journal of non-shmup 1cc accomplishments. Can't wait to see what people have accomplished!

All clears were done on default difficulty and settings unless stated otherwise in the notes. The list is organized by date of the first clear of a particular title, and then divided into sub-clears of various modes, versions, and characters which may have occurred at later dates.

Titles Cleared: 9
Sub-clears: 15


 ・ Splatterhouse Classics: Splatterhouse - 360

Arcade Mode - ALL - February 1st, 2015
Notes: My first non-shmup 1cc (at least since starting this list). This game is almost entirely memorization, but the randomness of stage 6 can screw you out of a 1cc very quickly.

 ・ Splatterhouse - PCE

Arcade Mode - ALL - February 11th, 2015
Notes: A bit easier than the arcade version since you get two additional health per stage instead of 1, but there are a few points here and there that are a bit more annoying than the original. Overall a pretty good port, but the heavy handed censorship is unfortunate.

 ・ Splatterhouse - PCB

Arcade Mode - ALL - May 4th, 2015
Notes: Done in the retro arcade above Super Potato in Akiba. I cleared it a few times back to back as I was relaxing, but the initial clear was intense. Somehow after barely clearing the bubble stage with 1 health and 1 life to spare, I wasn't paying attention as I celebrated and was killed by the boss' death animation. By some miracle I still managed to clear the game on my last life.

Splatterhouse 2

 ・ Splatterhouse Classics: Splatterhouse 2 - 360

Arcade Mode - ALL - February 15th, 2015
Notes: After only a few days of Darius II, I've been sucked back into the Splatterhouse series. Splatterhouse 2 lacks the randomness of the first game that made the clear difficult, but makes up for it with a somewhat higher execution barrier.

Splatterhouse 3

 ・ Splatterhouse Classics: Splatterhouse 3 - 360

Arcade Mode - ALL (Worst Ending) - February 17th, 2015
Notes: And with this the series is finished. This was actually done back to back with 1ccs of Splatterhouse 1 and 2, with no restarts on any of the games involved. In a sense I 1cc-ed the series itself, so I'm pretty proud of it. I intentionally timed out to get the bad ending, as I felt it was the most fitting finale to such a dark trilogy of games. Alone... All Alone...

Arcade Mode - ALL (David Dies) - February 18th, 2015
Notes: I was actually attempting to get the good ending here but apparently I'm too stupid to read a map and lost a ton of time to respawning enemies in stage 4 resulting in David's death. Though this isn't really so different from my initial clear, I'm logging it since I achieved a different ending.

Arcade Mode - ALL (Good Ending) - February 20st, 2015
Notes: Payed a bit more attention to where I was going this time and easily cleared with a good ending. Pretty lame compared the the bad ending, I've gotta say.

Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti

 ・ Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti - FC

Arcade Mode - +EX1 - ALL - February 20th, 2015
Notes: Parody Splatterhouse game for the Famicom. This one plays similarly to the first two main series games except with a much faster pace and a heavier focus on combat. Not very difficult, but a fun game.

Hokuto no Ken

 ・ Hokuto no Ken - FC

Arcade Mode - 1-ALL - April 30th, 2015
Notes: Amusingly violent FC side scrolling beat 'em up. Not too hard once you figure out how things work; took only two evenings of play to clear.

Super Mario Land

 ・ Super Mario Land - GB

Arcade Mode - 1-ALL - December 29th, 2015
Notes: Bizarre thing to add to a 1cc list I know, but technically this game is arcade structured, so for the sake of completion it's here. Not at all difficult, but a fun game. Despite being a Mario game, this one actually includes STG stages, including the final stage and boss.

Bare Knuckle

 ・ 3D Bare Knuckle - 3DS

Arcade Mode - ALL - April 2016
Notes: I've loved this one since childhood so it was nice to finally get the clear.

 ・ Sega Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage - 360

Arcade Mode - ALL - April 17th, 2016
Notes: A quick follow-up to clearing the portable version. No real differences of note.

Double Dragon

 ・ Double Dragon - FC

Arcade Mode - ALL - September 27th, 2019
Notes: Special thanks to BIL for giving me a ton of tips to overcome this one. Incredibly fun game once you master the fight mechanics.

 ・ Nintendo Online Famicom: Double Dragon - Switch

Arcade Mode - ALL - October 2nd, 2019
Notes: Obviously there are no real differences here, but I have OCD about logging all variations of my clears.

Double Dragon II

 ・ Double Dragon II - FC

Arcade Mode - ALL - October 1st, 2019
Notes: This game was awesome and I loved rocketing around the stages with that knee bash, but honestly I think I still prefer the original for some reason.
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by kitten »

tbh, i feel like there's enough non-shmup enthusiasm on here to warrant an additional forum section in off-topic to other games. would help divorce this kind of talk from all the political threads and whatnot, too. i am but a wee lass on this age-old forum, but it doesn't seem like a particularly reaching suggestion.

i'll go ahead and reserve a spot if this thread ends up taking off - i had a bunch of non-shmup clears in the original thread and ended up removing it, might just lump all my clears in here. i think i broke 200, recently.
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by drauch »

Yeah, unfortunately won't be happening anytime soon :(. It's already been pushed a few times. Back in the dark days there was even talk of abandoning Off Topic completely. Aye, troubling times...
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by GaijinPunch »

I think the 1CC list thread is used for shooting and non-shooting.
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by BIL »

Lately, the vast majority of my gaming has been console stuff (or console ports of arcade stuff). Basically because I'm as much a collector as a gamer, and I like road-testing games that might be worth adding to my stash! Image I ain't no shelf queen, I demand quality. :cool:

Naturally most console games aren't arcade-tough, but here's a few recorded clears I consider worth mentioning in H4RDCOR£ action context - some due to interesting regional differences, or deceptively rich content, others because they're just uncommonly hard. None of these are particularly polished runs; I think of them as basic demos and proofs of concept for prospective players.


2010 Street Fighter [FC] No-miss (Alien Soldier 0. approach this like it's Ninja Gaiden or Mega Man and you'll get slapped, hard - get to grips with the idiosyncratic character and methodical yet relentless rhythm, and it'll provide a boss rush safari like nothing else)

When weenies attack

When Obligatory Shmup Snakes attack

Akumajou Dracula [FC] 1-ALL No-miss, knife-only ("wah wah its impossible" SCRUBS BTFO) ( :lol: )

Akumajou Dracula XX [SFC] Nomiss + Best End (this game has its shortcomings, namely sluggish walk speed and a very silly attempt at nonlinearity - but it's not without some oldschool method Dracula action! Clock Tower/Death is GOAT Dracula stage/boss design! And for the love of god, noobs, it's not a Rondo "port!" Just a very confused sequel :wink:)

Sadly, unlike CT/D, you gotta eat BAD END for this goodness

Alien Soldier [MD] ALL @ SUPERHARD (more like SUPERDEFAULT, but the term bears mentioning given this game's undeserved rep for merciless difficulty. Don't be scared, noobs! It ain't lookin' to victimise you, all it wants to do is tantalise you! Landmark Assault Course Sidescrolling with ravenous carnage, a towering performance ceiling, and fathomless technical/strategic longevity)

You don't need to stunt or die, but you may well want to!

Either way, technique and strategy are fundamental to handing out the bitch-slaps!

Assault Suits Valken [SFC] Nomiss + Good End (an easier game that still benefits from a little demonstration - as the developers once remarked, don't ignore the Punch weapon! Fist 'em real good!)


Contra [FC] Pea Shootin' 1ALL ("wah wah its impossible" SCRUBS BTFO x2 Image)

Contra [FC] Loop 7 nomiss (research run Image but also SCRUBS BTFO x3 Image )

Contra Spirits [SFC] Nomiss @ Hard (a legendary fan favourite that's genuinely arcade-tough in its de-facto second loop)

Attack aggressively, you pussies

Even when they're trying to drill your bum

Double Dragon II [FC] Nomiss @ XTREEM MASTER (see description - this ain't NES DDII! Play like it is, and you'll be looking for your missing teeth with a black eye and a pair of broken arms Image)

Dragon Fighter [FC] ALL @ Hard (underrated, excellent Natsume slash/blast - the hidden Hard mode should be considered its default)

Firemen, The [SFC] "Legend" class ALL (don't be fooled by the novel, seemingly-pacifistic premise! 110% hardcore topdown seek/destroy)

El Viento [MD] ALL (an easy game, but it's also known as terminally sloppy. I hope this run shows its high-speed, high-explosive, extra-chunky pixelled joie de vivre can be played entirely respectably)

Holy Diver [FC] Nomiss (infernally alluring, criminally broken action/platformer from Irem... see description for details. True to its rock n' roll namesakes, the no-miss is a hatefuck conquest that'll leave you angry, empty and possibly diseased. Yet undeniably satisfied. Image )

METAL BLADE Records Present

Metal Storm [FC] 2-ALL+Nomiss (this is more like it, Irem! Or rather, Tamtex! Good job somebody in that outfit knew how to code action games. Image Fight On Foot, second loop is arcade loop-tough. No not "arcade tough," ARCADE LOOP TOUGH. Hardcore. Image )

Ninja Warriors Again, The [SFC] (ancient, extra-crusty run. Natsume singlehandedly define and excel at the sidescrolling brawler. Masterpiece. Do not pass up this game. Kamaitachi is EZMODE, Ninja+Kunoichi are where it's at)

Use your i-frames nubcaek

Senjou no Okami II [MD] Original Mode Nomiss @ Hard (ancient run. just a quick preview of a hidden gem - one of the most extensive, generous home arrange modes ever. Ultra-manful topdown shooting ARPG!)

An ARPG that'll murder the faces offa level grinding nubs

Splatterhouse Part 3 [MD] Nomiss+Best End @ Game Master (ancient, extra-crummy run. ala Double Dragon II FC, a much harder and more technical beast than the easier US ver)

There are no free bombs here noob! Use ur fuckin moves!

Super Shinobi, The [MD] Nomiss @ Hardest (Alien Soldier 0.5; another initially-restricting assault course to master and tear apart at progressively higher speed & firepower)

Use your i-frames nubcaek PART II

Vampire Killer [MD] Nomiss @ Expert (ancient run. my assault course performance is pitiful, but this should give a glimpse of the game's immense potential for high-speed carnage that never forsakes its methodical Dracula roots)

Air control that's hard yet subtly flexible, just like my nerdboner
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by FinalBaton »

Castlevania NES(1LC)

Ninja Gaiden NES(1LC) -No firewheel, no spin attack on bosses

Shadow Dancer Genesis(1LC) standard difficulty, first loop

Castlevania : Bloodlines Genesis(1LC) standard difficulty, first loop

Contra NES(1CC) (I remember doing a 1LC of this one, but I'll wait till I get a cart again and record a 1LC before chalking it up here)

I'm sure there are a couple others but I forget. PLenty of adventure games, RPGs and survival horror games cleared with bravado as well, but those don't count here :mrgreen:
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by NTSC-J »

I still have hopes for a non-shmup high score forum, but this will do until then. All clears are on defaults.

Akumajou Dracula (Haunted Castle)
Cannon Spike (2-3)
Diet Go Go
Metal Slug
Out Run (all courses)
Pang 3 (Panic mode, lvl 99)
Puzzle Bobble 3
Puzzle Bobble 4
RC de Go!
Super Hang-On (Africa, Asia, Americas)

Akumajou Dracula
Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula-kun
Castlevania II Simon's Quest
Castlevania III (US)
Castlevania: The Adventure (GB)
Contra Hard Corps
Contra III Alien Wars
Contra 4 (Easy and Normal)
Crisis Beat
Douga de Puzzle (Novice and Expert)
Dracula X (PCE)
Kid Dracula
Ninja Hayate
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Super Castlevania IV
Super Ghouls n Ghosts
Time Gal
Vampire Killer (MSX2)
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by GaijinPunch »

NTSC-J wrote:I still have hopes for a non-shmup high score forum, but this will do until then. All clears are on defaults.
I wish stuck around.
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by GaijinPunch »

Here's my list, which is girly shit compared to BIL's.

Akumajo Dracula X [PC-E]
Alien Syndrome [AC]
Cannon Dancer [AC]
Chippoke Ralph no Daibouken [PS]
Contra [AC]
Diet Go Go [AC]
Dogousouken [AC]
Golden Axe [AC]
Gunstar Heroes [MD]
Gussun Paradise [PS]
Heavy Barrel [AC]
Ikari [AC]
Joe & Mac Return [AC]
Magical Drop F (Taisen Mode) [PS]
Magical Taruruto-kun [MD]
Midnight Resistance [AC]
Mr. Driller [AC]
Night Striker [AC] (JPN Version)
Panzer Dragoon Zwei [SS]
Purikura Daisakusen [SS]
Rastan Saga [AC]
Rodland (Story 1, Story 2) [AC]
Rolling Thunder 2 [AC]
Shinobi [AC]
Shinrei Jusatsushi Taroumaru (No Miss) [SS]
Silhouette Mirage [SS]
Space Harrier [AC]
Space Harrier II [MD]
Star Trigon (Beginner, Easy, Regular, Maniac) [AC]
Strider Hiryuu [AC]
Super Contra [AC]
Super Ninja-kun [SFC]
Tumble Pop [AC]
Umihara Kawase Shun [PS]
Vampire Killer [MD]
Wonder 3 (Roosters) [AC]
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The insult that made a man out of "Mac"

Post by NYN »

I got none.
Nothing I can particularly remember. Though me thinks I'm a fighter, not a lover.

Well, yet I know that I cc'd Viewtiful Joe, 'cause the save game marks Game Over in numbers next to a skull. :twisted:

It's a fine starting point for me to stop being a skinny lad and bulk up. Gasping at the exploits of others will not give me any physique of my own.

Will start with some self-imposed VJ stuff, which, on a side-note, has the benefit of subliminal harassment to get BIL to actually play the game. Maybe even in 2018.
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Re: The insult that made a man out of "Mac"

Post by BIL »

GaijinPunch wrote:Here's my list, which is girly shit compared to BIL's.
I dunno, Rod Land sounds pretty mantastic as per your usual fabulous form! ^_~

Ralph's probably as tough if not tougher than a lot of the stuff I listed, tbh. On pure survival, the only real murder machines in my deck are Holy Diver (which is at least 75% bullshit, sadly) and Metal Storm (loop is a head crusher).
Ronyn wrote:Will start with some self-imposed VJ stuff, which, on a side-note, has the benefit of subliminal harassment to get BIL to actually play the game. Maybe even in 2018.
It may happen, I religiously collect Kamiya stuff even if I lack the hardware to play it. :mrgreen: TBH I've been itching to revisit DMC1 with a more performance-geared mindset... all the NG+ stuff went completely over my head back in the day, along with much of its more esoteric techniques.
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Re: The insult that made a man out of "Mac"

Post by GaijinPunch »

BIL wrote:
GaijinPunch wrote:Here's my list, which is girly shit compared to BIL's.
I dunno, Rod Land sounds pretty mantastic as per your usual fabulous form! ^_~
All about the rod! Actually this list is definitely not exhaustive. I thought I kept it up to date. I 1CC'd all three of the Data East single-screen platformers: Diet Go Go, Tumble Pop, and Joe & Mac... none of which are listed. Oh well... gotta embrace immediacy I guess.
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Re: The insult that made a man out of "Mac"

Post by NYN »

BIL wrote: TBH I've been itching to revisit DMC1 with a more performance-geared mindset...
A fine idea.
New Game>Normal>No saves>No blue orbs>No yellow orbs for starters sounds fun.

I remember now clearing Onimusha 2 in the day with an S ranking. Requiring under 4h and no saves.
Thinking about it gives me the itch for an katana-only, no saves assault. Even save-free Issen mode.
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by kitten »

i'm going to just list shmups in here so i don't have to keep two lists. most of my clears are non-shmup, even though a substantial portion are shmups. if someone wants me to make a 2nd post i'll separate it but i'd really prefer to have just one because upkeep on this shit is a nightmare, as-is.

- - -

all ports of arcade games simply listed in "arcade" section (e.g. the raiden fighters games were played via raiden fighters aces for X360). all games played via virtual console (very few i've not replayed on the real deal, at this point) are listed as their appropriate console.

games ended at 1 loop unless otherwise noted.

games that require a 1cc to beat them are listed, even if it's easy. just trying to be thorough/complete. might have missed a couple of these. the thing i usually use to keep notes on a game has me mark special runs, and i don't mark those as such, so they're easy to fall through the cracks.

difficulty is to be assumed default unless otherwise mentioned.

high scores when mentioned are assumed to not use any farming techniques and end at specified loop/stage (by choice, usually). i very frequently forget to write down high scores or more frequently probably don't care, lots of these games have unmitigated farming points, anyway.

autofire used in shmups in many cases. autofire NOT used in most action games where it would create an unfair advantage (e.g. mega man, dynamite batman, etc.)

will denote region difference if meaningful, and if there is not a unique category for the console to indicate region already. entries are titled by version of game i own (or played, in the very rare instance it was burned game or rarer instance it was emulated)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Arcade (18):

R=Game&Clear&Difficulty&Notes R=Congo Bongo&Nomiss&&I can`t remember which loop I got to, should maybe go back to this R=Contra&Nomiss&& R=Fantasy Zone&1CC&& R=Gradius &1CC&& R=Jungle Hunt&Nomiss&&I can`t remember which loop I got to, should maybe go back to this R=The Legend of Kage&1CC&&Managed to loop through each season R=Metal Slug 3&Nomiss&& R=Raiden Fighters&1CC&& R=Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive&1CC&& R=Raiden Fighters Jet&1CC&& R=R-Type&Nomiss&& R=Scramble&Nomiss&&Finished the first loop without dying. Need to check XBLA records to see how many loops I cleared R=Shock Troopers&Nomiss&Lonly Wolf&Played as Big Mama R=Shinobi&1CC&& R=Super Contra&1CC&& R=Time Pilot&Nomiss&&Finished the first loop without dying. Need to check XBLA records to see how many loops I cleared R=Xevious&1CC&&Xevious has a very ambiguous loop point, but it does exist. Doesn`t allow you to continue, so reaching there means... R=Zaxxon&Nomiss&&I can`t remember which loop I got to, should maybe go back to this

Family Computer/Nintendo Entertainment System (65):

R=Game&Clear&Difficulty&FC/NES&Notes R=Abadox: The Deadly Inner War&Nomiss&&NES& R=Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula-kun&1CC&&FC& R=ASO: Armored Scrum Object&Nomiss&&FC&2-ALL HS: 217,700 - Quit immediately after finishing loop 2 R=Battletoads&1CC&&NES&No Warps. Maxed Score Counter R=Bomberman&1CC&&NES&One very stupid death R=Bomberman 2&1CC&&FC& R=Bucky o Hare&1CC&&NES&Nearly Nomiss! Also beat, with continue, the hard mode R=Castlevania&1CC&&NES&Nearly Nomiss! Stupid fucking final stage giant bats R=Cocoron&Nomiss&&FC&As multiple characters for fun R=Contra&Nomiss&&Both&2-ALL Nomiss. 10-ALL 1CC. Counter-breaking HS: 6,553,500 R=Crisis Force&1CC&Hard&FC& R=Double Dragon II: The Revenge&1CC&Supreme Master&NES&One Death R=Dragon Fighter&1CC=Nomiss&&FC&No charge shot used R=Dynamite Batman&Nomiss&&Both& R=Duck Tales&1CC&&NES& R=Duck Tales 2&Nomiss&Difficult&FC&HS: 6,877,000 R=Dragon Spirit: The New Legend&1CC&&NES&HS: 230,090 R=GI Joe: A Real American Hero&Nomiss&&NES&3-ALL. No Joes downed, at any point. PW used to start at each loop clean R=Gimmick!&Nomiss&&FC&No quick-slot potions used. Details for additional extra-hard challenge run, [url=]here[/url]. R=Gradius&1CC&&NES& R=Gradius 2&Nomiss&&FC& R=Gremlins 2: Shinshu Tanjou&1CC=Nomiss&&FC& R=GUN-DEC&Nomiss&&FC& R=Gun.Smoke&1CC&&NES& R=Happy Birthday Bugs&1CC&&FC& R=Heavy Barrel&1CC&&NES&2 deaths R=Hi no Tori: Gaou no Bouken&1CC&&FC&HS: 231,550 R=Jackal&Nomiss&&NES&Next time, write down HS, you idiot R=Jackie Chan&1CC=Nomiss&&FC& R=JuJu Densetsu&1CC&&FC& R=Kabuki Quantum Fighter&Nomiss&&NES&HS was about 240,000, forgot to write it, does not display it after clear R=Kame no Ongaeshi: Urashima Densetsu&1CC&&FC& R=Kick Master&Nomiss&&NES&2-ALL Nomiss. 3-ALL 1CC. HS: 406,610 R=Legendary Wings&Nomiss&&NES&HS: 919,300 R=Life Force&1CC&&NES&Can Nomiss up to escape sequence, then die because of lack of memorization R=The Little Mermaid&Nomiss&&NES&HS: 53,000 R=Max Warrior: Wakusei Kaigenrei&Nomiss&&FC& R=Mega Man&Nomiss&&NES&No pause trick used. There are no E-tanks in this one R=Mega Man 2&Nomiss&Difficult&NES&No E-tanks used R=Mega Man 3&Nomiss&&NES&No E-tanks used R=Mega Man 4&Nomiss&&NES&No E-tanks used R=Mega Man 5&Nomiss&&NES&No E-tanks used R=Mega Man 6&Nomiss&&NES&No E-tanks used R=Metal Storm&Nomiss&&FC&Loop 1 Nomiss. Loop 2 cleared, but continue used R=Mickey Mouse III: Yume Fuusen&1CC&Hard&FC& R=Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun&1CC&&FC&Loops 1 and 2. Loop 3 still unfinished R=Ninja Gaiden&Nomiss&&NES&[url=]Replay[/url] R=Ninja Ryukenden 3&1CC&&FC&I think I did a 1CC of NES, too, but cannot accurately remember and did not take notes R=Over Horizon&1CC&&FC&HS: 1,015,160 R=Parodius Da!&Nomiss&&FC&HS: 259,700 R=Power Blade&Nomiss&Expert&NES&[url=]Replay[/url]. No health restore rations or bombs used R=Power Blazer&Nomiss&&FC&[url=]Replay[/url]. Localized as Power Blade, but a vastly different and harder game R=Robocco Wars&Nomiss&&FC& R=Seirei Densetsu Lickle&Nomiss&&FC&True Ending R=Shatterhand&Nomiss&&FC&HS: 1,452,300 R=Super C&Nomiss&&NES&2-ALL R=Super Mario Bros.&1CC&&NES&Warpless R=Super Mario Bros 3&1CC&&NES&Warpless R=Super Spy Hunter&Nomiss&&NES& R=Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game&1CC&&NES&[url=]Replay[/url] R=Tom Sawyer No Bouken&1CC&&FC&Just one death, dammit! Very easy to slip up just once in this game R=Transformers: Convoy no Nazo&1CC&&FC&Unlocked Rodimusconvoy, did 1CC on that specific loop R=Twin Eagle&Nomiss&&FC&660,300 R=Wanpaku Kokkun no Gourmet World&Nomiss&&FC&HS: 181,000 R=Yami no Shigotonin Kage&1CC=Nomiss&&FC&

Super Family Computer/Super Nintendo Entertainment System (27):

R=Game&Clear&Difficulty&SFC/SNES&Notes R=Aladdin&1CC&&SNES& R=Axelay&1CC&Hard&SNES& R=Batman Returns&1CC&&SNES&[url=]Replay[/url] R=Contra 3&1CC&Hard&SNES& R=Cybernator&1CC=Nomiss&&SNES& R=Gradius III&Nomiss&Arcade&SNES& R=GS Mikami: Joreishi wa Nice Body&1CC&&SFC& R=Hagane&Nomiss&&SFC&[url=]Replay[/url] R=HyperZone&1CC&&SFC& R=Ikari no Yousai&1CC=Nomiss&&SFC& R=Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman Zero&Nomiss&&SFC&HS: 506,200 R=Mega Man X&Nomiss&&SNES&No sub-tank usage. Separate run that used continue with no enhancement/heart-tank/sub-tank R=Majuu Ou&Nomiss&Hard&SFC&[url=]Replay[/url]. Fairy kept alive for entire game. R=Mega Man X2&Nomiss&&SNES&No sub-tank usage. Separate run that used continue with no enhancement/heart-tank/sub-tank R=Mega Man X3&Nomiss&&SNES&No sub-tank usage. Separate run that used continue with no enhancement/heart-tank/sub-tank R=Mighty Morphin Power Rangers&Nomiss&&SNES& R=Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition&1CC&Hard&SNES&Lost only 1 bout R=Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie&1CC&Hard&SNES&HS: 479,800 R=The Ninja Warriors Again&1CC=Nomiss&&SFC&As Ninja HS: 786,420 R=Pirates of Dark Water&1CC&Hard&SNES&[url=]Replay[/url]. As Ioz. 2P HS: 1,597,300 R=Rockman and Forte&Nomiss&&SFC& R=SkyBlazer&1CC&&SNES& R=Super Valis: Akaki Tsuki no Otome&Nomiss&Hard&SFC& R=Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time&1CC&Hard&SNES&2P Play R=Uchuu no Kishi: Tekkaman Blade&1CC&&SFC&HS: 395,500 R=Umihara Kawase&Nomiss&&SFC&[url=]Replay[/url] R=Wild Guns&1CC&Hard&SNES&HS: 2,735,540

Game Boy (23):

R=Game&Clear&Difficulty&Notes R=Aerostar&Nomiss&Hard&HS: 3,202,000 R=Avenging Spirit&Nomiss&&Also cleared on expert, but used continue R=Batman&Nomiss&& R=Batman: The Animated Series&1CC=Nomiss&&1CC Normal. Also cleared on hard, but used continue R=Battle Unit Zeoth&Nomiss&& R=Chikyu Kaiho Gun ZAS&Nomiss&&HS: 904,500 R=Contra: The Alien Wars&Nomiss&Maniac& R=Duck Tales 2&1CC&Difficult&Would have been Nomiss, but forced to suicide in pyramid secret area from fuck-up R=Gradius: The Interstellar Assault&Nomiss/1CC&&Nomiss 1-ALL. 1CC 3-ALL R=Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters&Nomiss&&No potions used R=Kirby`s Dream Land&Nomiss&&Have also completed hard, but used one continue on the last stage. Oops lol R=Mega Man: Dr Wily`s Revenge&Nomiss&&There are no E-tanks in this one R=Mega Man II&Nomiss&&No E-tanks used R=Mega Man III&Nomiss&&No E-tanks used. This is the hardest MM game to Nomiss + no e-tank imo R=Mega Man IV&Nomiss&&No E-tanks used or shop used R=Mega Man V&Nomiss&&No E-tanks used or shop used, with exception of the two mega arm upgrades R=Nemesis&Nomiss&&2-ALL R=Ninja Gaiden Shadow&Nomiss&& R=Operation C&Nomiss&&2-ALL which I believe is the difficulty cap R=Shippo de Bun&1CC=Nomiss&&HS: 941,830. Really wanna exceed 1 mil R=Super Mario Land&1CC&& R=Trax&Nomiss&&[url=]Replay[/url] R=Trip World&Nomiss&&[url=]Replay[/url]

Game Boy Advance (1):

R=Game&Clear&Difficulty&Notes R=Metal Slug Advance&Nomiss&Hard&100 Percent card collection on hard. This requires highly advanced set-up and subsequent speed kills of bosses

Wii (2):

R=Game&Clear&Difficulty&Notes R=Contra: ReBirth&Nomiss&&Could have sworn I also 1cc`d hard, but didn`t have explicit notes confirming R=Gradius: ReBirth&1CC&&2-ALL

Nintendo DS (1):

R=Game&Clear&Difficulty&Notes R=Contra 4&1CC&Hard&Also did Nomiss on normal

PC Engine/Turbografx-16 (11):

R=Game&Clear&Difficulty&PCE/TG16&Notes R=Gunhed&1CC&&PCE& R=Download&1CC=Nomiss&&PCE&HS: 531,900 R=Final Blaster&Nomiss&&PCE&[url=]Replay[/url]. HS: 524,200 R=Final Soldier&Nomiss&&PCE& R=Makyo Densetsu&Nomiss&&PCE&[url=]Replay[/url]. HS: 812,700 R=Marchen Maze&1CC&&PCE&[url=]Replay[/url] R=Nekketsu Koko Dodgeball Bu: PC Bangai Hen&1CC&&PCE&Up to loop 6-1 R=Pyscho Chaser&1CC&&PCE&HS: 721,620 Made it to 2-4 R=Paranoia&Nomiss&&PCE& R=Soldier Blade&Nomiss&&PCE& R=Splatterhouse&Nomiss&&PCE&[url=]Replay[/url]

PC Engine CD/Turbo CD (13):

R=Game&Clear&Difficulty&PCE-CD/TCD&Notes R=Akumajo Dracula X: Chi no Rondo&1CC&&PCE-CD& R=Avenger&1CC=Nomiss&&PCE-CD&HS: 500,140 R=Download 2&1CC&&PCE-CD&HS: 83,520 R=Gate of Thunder&1CC&&PCE-CD& R=Hiho Densetsu: Chris no Bouken&Nomiss&&PCE-CD& R=Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman 3: Ikai no Princess&Nomiss&Hard&PCE-CD& R=Psychic Storm&1CC=Nomiss&&PCE-CD& R=Rayxanber III&1CC&&PCE-CD&One death. So close to Nomiss, but this game has some dull, concentration killing stretches R=Seirei Senshi Spriggan&1CC&Hard&PCE-CD&HS: 11,976,040 R=Spriggan Mark 2: Re-Terraform Project&Nomiss&&PCE-CD&HS: 694,240 R=Super Air Zonk: Rockabilly Paradise&1CC&&TCD& R=Sylphia&1CC&&PCE-CD&HS: 11,024,050 R=Valis II&Nomiss&&PCE-CD&

Sega Master System (1):

R=Game&Clear&Difficulty&Notes R=R-Type&Nomiss&&

Sega Genesis/Mega Drive (17):

R=Game&Clear&Difficulty&GEN/MD&Notes R=Contra: Hard Corps&Nomiss&&GEN&1cc with all characters. Nomiss with Brownie and Fang on A and D endings, respectively R=Elemental Master&1CC=Nomiss&&MD& R=Fire Shark&1CC&&GEN&1 death. Proud of recovery from where I died, at least! R=Lightening Force: Quest for the Darkstar&Nomiss&&GEN&HS: 6,023,120 R=Mega Turrican&1CC&&GEN& R=Midnight Resistance&Nomiss&&GEN&One of my most frustrating and painful Nomisses of all time despite not really being a super challenging game, by any means. So many runs with 1 death and then bullshit. R=Musha Aleste&Nomiss&&MD&HS: 133,479,340 R=Ranger X&Nomiss&Heavy&GEN& R=Rocket Knight Adventures&Nomiss&Normal&GEN&The US version`s Normal is equivalent to the JP original`s Very Hard R=Saint Sword&Nomiss&Hard&MD&Both loops for true ending R=Shadow Blasters&Nomiss&Hard&Gen&HS: 244,200 R=Shinobi 3: Return of the Ninja Master&1CC&&GEN& R=Streets of Rage 2&1CC&&GEN&[url=]Replay[/url]. As Axel. 1P HS: 692,970. 2P HS: 555,700 R=Super Fantasy Zone&1CC&&MD& R=Thunder Force II&1CC&&GEN& R=Thunder Force III&Nomiss&&GEN& R=Vapor Trail&Nomiss&&GEN&

Playstation (5):

R=Game&Clear&Difficulty&Notes R=Gradius Gaiden&1CC&& R=Jumping Flash&1CC&&2-ALL. Almost Nomiss, died once during loop 2 from a timeout R=Mega Man 8&Nomiss&&No healing sub-items used R=Mega Man X4&Nomiss&&No sub-tank usage. Separate run that used continue with no enhancement/heart-tank/sub-tank R=R-Type Delta&Nomiss&&

Playstation 2 (3):

R=Game&Clear&Difficulty&Notes R=Contra: Shattered Soldier&1CC&&100% S-Rank R=Neo Contra&1CC&&100% S-Rank R=Okami&Nomiss&&No items used in combat in clear. When obtaining optional bead 79 post-game, used a celestial pouch

Playstation 4 (2):

R=Game&Clear&Difficulty&Notes R=Furi&1CC?&&Cleared on default w/o continue, but lost life bars, which is kinda like death? Cleared on Furier with S-Rank. Ranking more important than deaths/continues R=Wild Guns Reloaded&1CC&Hard&As Annie

Neo Geo Pocket/Color (1):

R=Game&Clear&Difficulty&Notes R=Metal Slug 1st Mission&Nomiss&&2 loops. I think this game had various levels, so not technically a 2-ALL

Xbox 360 (12):

R=Game&Clear&Difficulty&Notes R=1942: Joint Strike&1CC&Hardest& R=Dead Space 3&Nomiss&Hardcore&Hardcore difficulty is specially constructed for Nomiss R=Guwange&1CC&That one 360 exclusive mode& R=Johnny Platform`s Biscuit Romp&1CC&&XNA Indie Game R=Mega Man 9&Nomiss&&No E-tanks used. Was No. 1 on overall speedrun records on XBLA for this for a couple weeks around release R=Mega Man 10&Nomiss&&No E-tanks used. Also a zero damage run with saves used before each stage. AKA Mrs. Perfect R=Omega Five&1CC=Nomiss&&All characters R=Prismatic Solid&Nomiss&&4-ALL. Can 1CC higher loops, too R=Shadow Complex&Nomiss&Hard&Under 3 hours 100% ChAIRNESS run R=Triggerheart Exelica&1CC&&Both characters, both endings for both R=Turtles in Time Re-Shelled&Nomiss&Survival& R=Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3&Nomiss&&I am pretty sure I did a Nomiss of this on its hardest, but I cannot remember.

Total: 202
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by Vludi »

Aliens 1-All
Alien vs. Predator (All characters)
Armored Warriors
Battle Circuit
Battletoads arcade
Cadillacs & Dinosaurs
Captain Commando
Denjin Makai
Denjin Makai 2/Guardians
D.D. Crew
Double Dragon
D&D Tower of Doom (All characters)
D&D Shadow over Mystara (All characters)
Final Fight (All characters)
Golden Axe
King of Dragons
Kozure Okami
Knights of the Round (All characters)
Knights of Valour
Knights of Valour 2
Tenchi wo Kurau
Tenchi wo Kurau II
The Ninja Kids
The Punisher
Undercover Cops JP
Wild Fang
Platformers and run 'n gun:
Biomechanical Toy
Cannon Dancer
Kengo 1-All
Midnight Wanderers
Metal Slug
Metal Slug X (lvl8)
Mystic Warriors 1-All
Psycho-nics Oscar
Saigo no Nindou
Sunset Riders 2-All
Xain'd Sleena
Marvel vs Capcom
Vampire Hunter
Vampire Saviour
probably a few more that I don't remember.
Dynamite Duke
Outrun 2
Power Drift
Shock Troopers
Super Sidekicks
Track and Field
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by GaijinPunch »

Nice lists...
Okay, I found my complete one... updated. How could I forget Ikari, Dogousouken, and Heavy Barrel? Good times.
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by Ruldra »

The list of non-shmup arcade games I've 1cc'd is in my sig. If I were to include all the PC and console games I've finished in almost 30 years of gaming, then that list would be absolutely enormous.

Some notable achievements I recall at the moment:

- Thexder Neo (PS3): Finished all 100 levels in one sitting and currently at #2 on the leaderboards. The run took me 8 straight hours, craziest thing I've ever done
- Karateka Remake: I'm 99% sure I hold the speedrun WR for this game. Years after release my run is still the fastest clear registered on the PS3 leaderboard. Wish I could check the times registered in the PC and 360 versions.
- Shiren the Wanderer (SFC): No warehouse clear
- DoomRL: Finished hardest difficulty setting (I did use an overpowered trait that gave you unlimited plasmagun ammo, which doesn't exist anymore) and second hardest difficulty level using only shotguns
- Kid Chameleon: Finished in one sitting (took about 2 hours). I did use one continue but I just wanted to make it to the end
- Shadow Dancer (Genesis): No-miss, no-ninjutsu, no-shuriken level 3 clear

...and probably some more I can't remember now.
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by FinalBaton »

Ruldra wrote: - Shadow Dancer (Genesis): No-miss, no-ninjutsu, no-shuriken level 3 clear
Nice. I need to experiement with the harder loops in Shadow Dancer.
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by Skykid »

Fckn shiz, putting this on the first page among such impressive company is absolutely pitiful.

It's been in my sig for years anyway and I'm of the thinking that there's no need to create a thread specifically for non-shmups. At the same time, if it's here it's here, so here's the copy paste of my very very modest list of non-shmup clears. Fuck you for laughing, I'm a busy man:

R= Game & Clear Type & Notes & Hardware & Location R=Aliens & 1CC & 502500 - Did not bother with second loop, cleared with a life in stock & Arcade & MARS Coffee Shop, China R= Akamajou Dracula Vampire Killer/Bloodlines & 1CC & John Morris & PS VITA & MARS Coffee Shop, China R= Metal Slug & 1CC & 955400 & PS VITA/FBA & Subway, Shanghai, China R= Time Crisis & 1CC & - & PCB & Arcade R= Time Crisis II & 1CC & - & PCB & Arcade R= Time Crisis III & 1CC & - & PCB & Arcade R= Crisis Zone & 1CC & - & PCB & Arcade R= Majyuuou & 1CC & - & Super Famicom & Home R= X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse & 1CC & - & Super Famicom & Home R= Contra Spirits & 2-3 & Normal & Super Famicom & Home R= Contra 4 & 1CC & - & Nintendo 3DS XL & Costa Coffee Central London R= Magical Taratuuro Kun & 1CC & - & Mega Drive & Home R= Strider & 1CC & - & Mame/Arcade Multicab & Home/Loading Bar R= Chomakaimura & 1CC & Cleared both loops & Super Famicom & Home R= Goku Makaimura Kai & 1CC & Still not cleared both loops & PS Vita & Home R= Alex Kidd in Miracle World & 1CC & - & Master System & Home R= Magical Adventure 2 & 1CC & - & Super Famicom & Home R= Magical Adventure 3 & 1CC & - & Super Famicom & Home R= Splatterhouse & 1CC & 203,700 & FM Towns & Home R= Bare Knuckle III & 1CC & Axel 430,160 Japanese Ver. & Mega Drive & Home R= Rocket Knight Adventures & 1CC & Normal & Mega Drive & Home R= Akumajou Dracula X: Rondo of Blood & 1CC & Richter & PC Engine CD Rom/PS Vita & Home R= Abbaye des Morts & 1CC & - & PC/ZX Spectrum & Coffee shop, China R= Maldita Castilla & 1CC & 100% all legendary tasks complete 00249810 & PC & Home R= Gremlins 2 & 1CC & US Version - harder & NES & Home R= Rolling Thunder & 2-1 & New Version & Arcade & Arcade
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by Eaglet »

I hadn't really thought about this before but I've done all of the classic Castlevanias (before Symphony) excluding Simon's Quest.
Contra Spirits
Gunstar Heroes
Alien Soldier
Altered Beast
Daimakaimura (mega drive)

At the top of my head.
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by andsuchisdeath »


Guardians/Denjin Makai II
Big Fight : Big Trouble In The Atlantic Ocean
New Zero Team
Tenchi Wo Kurau II
Captain Commando
Cadillacs & Dinosaurs
The Punisher
Alien vs. Predator
Sengoku 2
Mutation Nation
Metamorphic Force (no miss)
Violent Storm 1-All
Knuckle Bash
Shadow Force
Double Dragon
Golden Axe
Strider Hiryu
Ninja Commando
Metal Slug
Elevator Action Returns (no miss)

Contra (2-All)
Super Contra (1-All)
Contra Force
Kabuki Quantum Fighter
Ninja Crusaders (1-All)
Ninja Cop Saizo
Choujin Sentai Jetman
Spartan X 2 (1LC)
Double Dragon
Double Dragon II
Double Dragon III
Mighty Final Fight
Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain
Vice : Project Doom
Ninja Gaiden
Ninja Gaiden II
GI Joe : The Atlantis Factor
Kickmaster (1-All)
Castlevania (1-All)
Dragon Fighter
Mega Man 2
Mega Man 6
Heavy Barrel
Super Mario Bros. (2-All)
Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario Bros. 3
First Of The North Star
Bad Dudes
Demon Sword
Shadow Of The Ninja
Ikari III
Kid Niki
Castle Of Dragon
Power Blade 2
Power Blade (1LC)
Daiku no Gensan 1-All


Final Fight
Final Fight 2
Final Fight 3
Final Fight Guy
Return of Double Dragon
Ghost Chaser Densei
Ninja Warriors
Cosmo Police Galivan II : Arrow of Justice (1 LC)
Turtles in Time
Hagane (2-ALL)
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie
Mega Man X
Sonic Blast Man II
Gourmet Sentai Bara Yarou
Marvel Super Heroes : War of The Gems (1 LC)
Sengoku Densyo
Edono Kiba
Super Castlevania IV (1-ALL)
Contra III : The Alien Wars (1-ALL)
Run Saber
Captain Commando
Ultimate Fighter
Ninja Gaiden Trilogy (Ninja Gaiden II)
Castlevania : Dracula X
HyperZone (3-ALL)
Rushing Beat Ran
Super Ninja Kun
Ganbare Daiku No Gen-San
Pocky & Rocky 2
Kendo Rage
The Peace Keepers
GS Mikami : Joreishi wa Nice Body
Super Adventure Island
Battle Zeque Den
Kishin Douji Zenki Rettou Raiden (2-ALL)
Mega Man X2
Super Bonk
Magic Sword
Wild Guns
Spanky's Quest
Legend of The Mystical Ninja
X-Men Mutant Apocalypse
Mega Man X3
Assault Suits Valken
Knights of the Round
Psycho Dream
The King of Dragons
Mega Man 7
Musya (1 LC)


Revenge of Shinobi
Super Shinobi II
Shadow Dancer
Contra : The Hard Corps
Golden Axe
Golden Axe II
Golden Axe III
Altered Beast (5-ALL)
Mercs (Arcade + Original)
Streets of Rage
Streets of Rage 2
Streets of Rage 3 + Bare Knuckle III


Ninja Spirit
Akumajou Dracula Chi no Rondo
Kaze Kiri
Iga Ninden Gaiou
Crest Of Wolf


Shinrei Jusatsushi Taromaru
Nekketsu Oyako
Crows : The Battle Action for Segasaturn
Guardian Heroes
Shin Shinobi Den


Rockman X3

98% of the console games were cleared on normal/default. Maybe 2% on hard?
I know I'm forgetting other titles, especially for the SAT/PSX.
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by Randorama »

I recently 1-LC'ed Night Slashers, the gloriously difficult Data East horror beat'em up.
I was unemployed for a staggering one month and collecting welfare in between jobs (and countries...), so I thought of using my time wisely.

By the way, does anyone remember if I ever had a full list of 1-CC's? Of late, when I try to remember anything games-related, I feel like I am trying to reminisce about past lives...
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by GaijinPunch »

Randorama wrote: By the way, does anyone remember if I ever had a full list of 1-CC's? Of late, when I try to remember anything games-related, I feel like I am trying to reminisce about past lives...
The way I found mine was searching through the High Score forum for my posts, and showing results as posts (not threads). Took a bit of sifting from there, but mine in there. That's about about all I gots.
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by Randorama »

Thanks, it took me a while but I found it.
I wonder if i could retrieve the list of all 1-CC's I had, somehow.
Did we have those somewhere on this site?

(Alzheimer seems to be round the corner, I know).
Chomsky, Buckminster Fuller, Yunus and Glass would have played Battle Garegga, for sure.
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by 5pectre »

My 1cc list consists of a lot of racing and fighting games.

18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker
Capcom vs Snk 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001
Daytona USA (Beginner/Advanced/Expert) (1st place)
Daytona USA 2 (Beginner/Advanced/Expert/Mix) (1st place)
Dragon's Lair
Double Dragon
Marvel Super Heroes
Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes
Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes
Metal Slug Supervehicle-001
Mr. Driller (500m/1000m)
Operation Wolf
Out Run
Outrun 2
Outrun 2 SP
Paperboy (Easy Street)
Pole Position
Puzzle Bobble
Puzzle Bobble 3
SCUD Race (Beginner Day/Beginner Night/Intermediate) (1st place)
Sega Rally Championship (1st place)
Space Ace
Star Wars
Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Street Fighter III 3rd Strike
Street Fighter IV
Super Hang-On (Beginner)
Super Street Fighter 4
Wrestlemania The Arcade Game

Super Mario Bros

Super NES:
Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior
Super Ghouls'n Ghosts
Super Mario World

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Crazy Taxi (Crazy Rank)

Xbox 360:
Guardian Heroes
Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
Street Fighter IV
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Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Ultra Street Fighter IV
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by BIL »

The release of the brilliant Ninja Warriors Once Again a few months back inspired me to upgrade my crummy, SCURRED ol' Ninja SFC 1CC with a more authoritative face & ass smasher, plus get a Kunoichi 1CC up. Two halves of an immortally challenging brawler masterclass. We don't talk about Kamaitachi! I tried to really attack the game in both cases, and was quickly reminded of what an absolute pressure cooker its smaller playfield creates! Although TNWOA's enemies are every bit as assholic, the wide playfield and powerful combos facilitate escape, nudging the focus from raw survival to high-performance style. Either way, these are games for attackers - they'll humiliate the weenies! Use them i-frames! Image

Also got a Saigo no Nindou 1LC up, plus 1LCd the lovely PC Engine conversion for comparison - ending a long-held grudge, with this being the lone member of my IREM Hellscroller Trilogy (alongside Holy Diver and Metal Storm) to remain un-1LCd. Been haunting my ass since 2013 - when I first raised the banners of Biruford and summoned the Super Task Force to cast down Edmond The Mad, in a fierce Internet Dance Battle for the soul of Off Topicshire. Image



I hope I did okay Jesus ;-;7

Saigo is hands-down the deadliest of the three, as you'd expect with it being an arcade game (not that Holy Diver and Metal Storm would be at all out of place in a cab), but its ultra-lean runtime takes the strain off, even as the brutally high bang/buck yield piles it on. Three minutes in and hell is raining down (st3/VALLEY OF TSUKI), eight and you're in the most convincingly merciless one man war I've seen in any videogame, period (st6/BATTLE OF RONIN). Twelve, either your or the last boss's corpse is hitting the floor. Image Game is 99% a sustained withering barrage of RNG terror and an eternal test of adaptive strategy, though you'll want a Ninja Pit Killer for the legendarily unfortunate endgame pratfall. The last boss is a legit motherfucker, fortunately!

Messed about with overdubbing the PCE conversion with the arcade soundtrack - very basic effort, tbh those PCE zako explosions are annoying and need pitch-shifting down. Still I got a kick out of it, the OST being the single biggest weakness of the conversion. The pulsing lurking bloodlust of Stage 3/MOON is amazing once again. Image You must play this game with decent bass! Them low frequencies are 110% murder.
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by BIL »

Whoa, it's been a while! :o Thought I'd checked back in more recently. I've been playing more arcade games the last couple years - mostly chipping away at longtime targets, plus a few new-to-me surprises. Everything on full defaults unless noted otherwise, all done on PS4 via Hamster's invaluable Arcade Archives (with the exception of Super Contra, via M2's Contra Anniversary Collection).

Neo Slugs:

Metal Slug (1996, Nazca) One life clear. A relatively easy, uncommonly generous arcade game, absolutely excellent for it. Does get a bit tight towards the end, but it's nothing a little rehearsal can't overcome. [Writeup + Replay]

Metal Slug X (1999, Nazca/SNK) One life clear. Longer and harder (bwaaa!) than the original, though it has roughly the same difficulty curve - just one notch tougher. Relatively forgiving until the last stage, which clamps down, and the last boss, a real killer who all but demands aggressive shutdown tactics. [Writeup + Replay]

Metal Slug 3 (2000, Nazca/SNK) One life clear. For the most part, MS3 isn't all that much harder than MSX. The infamous Final Mission is the big threat - a gauntlet longer than all its previous stages combined, bringing a punishing endurance challenge. A perennial love-or-hate, make-or-break feature among fans. Overall, I am not regret - when it comes to Nazca, especially their farewell gig, I'm willing to indulge a little. :cool: [Writeup + Replay]

Metal Slug 4 (2002, Noise Factory) One life clear. Casuals tend to scorn MS4 for its "licensed ROMhack" graphical pastiche. Aesthetically glum, for sure, but where stage design is concerned, this easily competes with Nazca's masterworks. The curve is arguably improved - ultimately about as tough as MSX+3, but much steeper. [Writeup + Replay]

Metal Slug 5 (2003, SNK Playmore) One life clear. My least favourite Neo Slug, though that's not saying much - it's still got Nazca's immortally satisfying engine, and after two lukewarm opening stages, it delivers a very good third and final, and an outright excellent fourth. [Writeup + Replay]


Contra AC duo, inspired by pegboy's herculean Contra series 1LC:

Contra (1987, Konami / US ver) One life clear @ max difficulty (Very Difficult). The JP and US versions are near-identical, bar an odd nerf to the second and final discus-throwing miniboss - he has to be fought head-on in JP, while you can cheese him from below in US. Max difficulty is the way to go, imo - a compact and super-replayable run/gun rampage, well-suited to time trialling. It's actually not dramatically different, but certain bosses that are pushovers on defaults will give a much warmer time. [Writeup + Replay]

Super Contra (1988, Konami / Japan ver) One life 2ALL. While not always for the right reasons (aim lag takes a lot of adjusting to), this is as balls-hard (and balls-rewarding) as oldschool Contras get. Short and relentless. JP ver has two loops, the first more or less a gimme... the second an utter killer, which despite both adding up to only around ~15minutes, gives this a strong endurance aspect. Notably, you can stock up to a whopping four bombs for the final stretch, a definite silver lining. [Writeup + Replay]

Super Contra (1988, Konami / US ver) One life clear @ max difficulty (Very Difficult). The US version's max difficulty basically chucks you straight into Japan's second loop. While it sounds easier, there is a hidden cost - you won't have more than two bombs for the brutal final stage. I prefer the US's more compact experience, ultimately. [Writeup + Replay]


Neo Non-Slugs:

Cyber-Lip (1990, SNK) One life clear. Some schoolboy errors here and there - the controls need working around - but it's a fine simpler run/gun time, barring that. Great personality and setting, between the bumbling enemy bots and 'orrible aliens. [Writeup + Replay]

Magician Lord (1990, ADK) No damage clear. Chunky hitbox VS aggressively pursuing, shooting, respawning enemies - wasn't expecting to love this one as much as I did. Once you get the basic stage layouts down, and learn to go progressively longer without damage, it really breaks open. Slaughtering the boss rush a highlight. Protip passed down from legend: stick to Elta (base form) and keep him powered up - the other forms have some flash here and there, but they can't compete with his raw power and wide shot. [Writeup + Replay]

NAM-1975 (1990, SNK) One life clear. For my money, the most genuinely excellent of the Neo's early titles. Simple, intense, razor-sharp Cabalesque. Ironically for a launch title, all I was left wanting was slightly beefier graphics - though with its intensity, the supremely practical compact sprites are much appreciated. [Writeup + Replay]


Special thanks to CHRIS HELPER, the Angel of Saigon Image

SNK Pre-Neo:

Ikari (1986, SNK) One life clear. For the most part, a game deserving of its iconic stature. Unfortunately, the last quarter is way over-reliant on memorise-or-die trap tiles, cramping its strong suit of freeform yet harshly punishing tactical rotary shooting. Even so, it's worth seeing through - the memo's pretty basic, and nowhere worth missing out on its better parts over. [Writeup + Replay]

Dogosoken (1986, SNK) One life clear. The de facto Ikari II is more of a companion piece than a direct sequel, with its (still unusual to this day) emphasis on topdown sword slashing. Once the sword appears at the second boss, get it and keep it - as the flyer boomingly instructs, the remaining game is expressly designed around its deflect mechanic. Hiding from MG nests will bring only misery; banzai-charge the fuckers down, batting their own flak back at them! Arguably superior to its more iconic predecessor, with none of the endgame memo traps. All three Ikaris (including the finale, Guevara) are harshly idiosyncratic affairs, with absolutely none of Search And Rescue or Shock Troopers' user-friendly polish... but if you like either bookend, you should give Dogo a go-go. [Writeup + Replay]



Roundup: Tecmo, Technos, Namco & Aicom

Argus no Senshi (1986, Tecmo) One life clear @ Rank 2/4 (Normal, one above default). Legendary journey, legendary game. Despite the intense one-hit kills, its tenor is quite close to the "compact action man" sidescrollers that flourished on FC/NES; fans of those who don't mind a little added pressure should jump in. Arguably, this is the Ninja Gaiden to Green Beret's Castlevania - similar dimensions and feel, expertly leavened for more flexible yet just as hardcore action. Flawless controls and nonstop pace - it's actually relatively long at ~30minutes, but unfailingly graceful throughout. [Writeup + Replay]

Double Dragon II: The Revenge (1988, Technos Japan) One life clear, full defaults (Normal Difficulty, Normal Timer, Tatsumaki Assist OFF). The US operator's manual apparently suggests Hard Difficulty + Timer... which gives enemies trivially more HP, and you trivially less time... and Tatsumaki Assist ON, which is some weak shit. Image Stick with the board defaults, imo - the Tatsu timing isn't too strict (a joke compared to the FC's infamous knee bazooka input), and it's more satisfying when it breaks motherfucker's necks in one shot. All this aside - a simple but violently satisfying early brawler, and a strong improvement on its lovably dog-eared predecessor. Same no-nonsense pace and runtime, better moveset, nastier bosses. Much of it revolves around a single BNB combo - sidekick into Tatsu - but landing it amidst nastier crowds / on deadlier foes is deceptively, rewardingly finessed. Great story - no, seriously! :shock: Image [Writeup + Replay]

Genpei Toumaden (1986, Namco) One credit clear (this game doesn't give extra lives). Technically done at defaults, though I learned post-clear that the early three-way junction is considered a difficulty select, of sorts. I'd cleared the lowest and easiest. :oops: However, when I gave the upper paths a shot, I soon found myself back on my usual route, due to going for the harder optional exits. So it may be swings and roundabouts. The game itself is famously offbeat, and sometimes handles a bit sloppily - though the designers compensate well. Some annoying minor quirks aside, a trip worth taking for those wanting a memorably oddball coinop ARPG. [Writeup + Replay]

The Lord of King (1989, Aicom) One life clear. A notably easy arcade clear; really more like a moderately tough console outing. That said, a lot of the easiness comes from its very generous extend rate and resources - a one life clear is a bit trickier, though still relatively lightweight. Excellent axe-battling mechanics - the anti-air and Actraiser II-style touch of death combos are especially great. Unfortunately, it's got quite a bit of native input lag (5f in MAME, ACA feels similar) - nowhere enough to spoil, but it does demand a bit more concentration than it would otherwise. [Writeup + Replay]

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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by wiNteR »

Since this thread got bumped, I suppose I would briefly list my few non-STG 1CCs. There may be one or two games that I might be forgetting (since it has been 3 or 4 years even since my last 1CC), but I think most of the games I remember.

Contra AC
Spica Adventure
Metal Slug-1 --- no miss
Melfand Stories (SNES)
Ghouls N Ghosts
Tiger Road
Ninja Spirit

Some Notes:
The first two game are obviously fairly easy (at least when just going for 1CC). Also, if I am not forgetting, I did all the routes in Spica Adventure and Melfand Stories [probably, unless there are some secret routes I am unaware of]. Though the 1CC in Melfand Stories was with the easiest character I think (the non-melee one).

There are also number of other games I had in mind to 1CC. And also number of challenges in the last four games (e.g. no miss/hit, different routes, some restrictions etc.). But I couldn't get back to it (but even within these 1CCs there were often breaks, so that's not surprising).

I am missing a genesis game from the list which I no-missed, but I don't remember its name. It was an easy game though.

I don't remember very well but I got 1CC in the original Puzzle Bobble. I think it was the easiest route only. I also got a 1CC in another arcade versus type puzzle bobble too, but I don't remember the exact game [also, as I re-call, I switched up the difficulty but I don't remember very well whether it was from dip-switch or in-game].

Two games I came close enough to a 1CC but didn't stick long enough (or got distracted) were Gunbarich and Puzz Loop-1. The first one was over a decade ago (I think I had a run till stage-7 but then didn't follow it up). The second was about 5 years ago or so probably

Couple of 1CCs that I forgot in the original post:
Magical Taluluto kun (MD version)
Rush N Attack (probably the arcade version)
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by XoPachi »

I didnt know this existed until after I said something in another thread. But I cleared WindJammers yesterday as Gary. They put Steve on the big court in my final match so I had to really play out of my mind. Gary does not do well in that stage and Steve is the second fastest behind Hiromi. So thats a hard matchup.

Not a particularly noteworthy clear, but I'm not very good at the game.

Of the two fantasy rally sport games for Switch go, I really like this over Mario Tennis Aces. Like a lot. I'd much rather play this seriously. The Matrix bullet time, meter building, and pace breaking character cut ins for specials are just grating. I know its WAY older but WindJammers doesnt do any of that crap. It still offers some wild depth and a lot of options to outplay people. Dont have to worry about Jordi stopping time to catch a disk 40 miles away from him that he clearly missed. Bad positioning gets punished in this game and every special maneuver is instant.
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Re: Non-Shmup 1cc Lists

Post by copy-paster »

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