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 Post subject: Cambria Sword -Life of Wonder-
PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2019 7:43 am 

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About time I made this thread.

Cambria Sword is a sprawling epic by Vagues Games about a Sarotrocercus oblita dragged into an interplanetary conflict starring all your favorite Cambrian-era lifeforms you've probably never heard of. This is clearly not a game focused on its scoring system (the developer admits as much in the extra disc's production notes), but let's share our scores anyway because that's what we do here.

Current version is 1.02. The DLsite download includes both v1.01 and v1.02 but there aren't any gameplay differences between the two. Please note if you play the original version of the game distributed at Comiket 90; there have been a number of difficulty adjustments since that version, as listed here.

Developer's website
Game's website
DLsite English store page (purchase the game here)

  • I will accept multi-credit runs from those who have enough time on their hands for that. This is because the game does not reset scores between credits, and is capped at 7 credits anyway. This will be tracked in a separate table from 1-credit runs.
  • Starting on any of stages 1-3 is allowed. Skipping stages is also allowed.
  • Entering practice mode is only allowed for selecting Easy mode. I'm willing to add tables for individual stages if there's demand for that.

Submission format:
Difficulty - # of credits
Name - Score - Stage/Stage route (optional) - Other notes (link to replay, etc.)

These are all described in the game's manual and extra disc, but I'll list them again here to clarify for anyone who's unclear what "Easy mode" is.
Spoiler: show
  • Choose starting stage: After reaching stage 3 for the first time, subsequent plays will allow you to choose whether to start on stage 1, 2, or 3.
  • Practice mode: From the initial stage selection (unlocked by reaching stage 3, as described above), move to the "stage 2" portion and hold down. You can select individual stages to practice here as well as Easy mode (stage 10, the ending, and Easy mode have to be separately unlocked, as described below).
  • Stage 10: Unlocking stage 10 is dependent on the stages you've completed and the number of times you've continued. Each stage has a certain point value (1 for most, but 2 for some). When you reach stage 9, add the point values for the stages you've played and the number of remaining credits, and if it's over 10, you'll get a choice in the middle of stage 9; pick the bottom to move on to stage 10 after competing stage 9.
  • Easy mode: Each stage has a hidden bonus item worth 1 point, usually obtained by attacking a certain part of the screen at a specific moment. Get all of these and you'll unlock Easy mode, which is the same as Normal mode except rare weapons are much more common.

If you don't want to bother unlocking any of this stuff by yourself, I have an edited score file that you can use to unlock everything while retaining an empty score board: Download from Dropbox

And now for the actual boards:

Normal mode
1 credit

Easy mode
1 credit

(I will create multi-credit boards and/or individual stage boards if someone submits scores for them)
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