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 Post subject: ASO and ASO II: Last Guardian
PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:26 pm 

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Previous threads: 1 2
ASO arcade: Defaults currently unknown. For this thread, just use the MAME defaults of 3 lives and 50K+every 100K. There will be boards for difficulty 1 and difficulty 4, for some reason. Differences between ASO and Alpha Mission unknown. The game has 12 stages.

ASO FC: Differences between regions unknown. The game has 12 stages.

ASO II: 3 lives, extends at 200K and 450K, difficulty 3 (I have NO idea what "MVS" in AES means for this game), armor start type 2. A secret boss appears on the Japan setting, possibly other changes. Not sure what to do about luy's score at the moment. May have an infinite pattern.

Currently considering No Armor tables for both games.
Post scores in this format:

DETAILS is for what model of console and release of cart/disc, or what emulator and version. Please mention if you used ASO or Alpha Mission! Not sure if ASO II button type is terribly interesting, pretty sure type B is better.
ASO (arcade)
Difficulty 1
 1. Perikles -   767,960 - 1-10  - ShmupMAME v4.2 (World)

Difficulty 4

ASO (Family Computer)
 1. Perikles -   320,930 - 2- 5  - AV Famicom + Everdrive

ASO II: Last Guardian
Japan setting

Other setting
 1. Perikles - 2,619,700 - ALL   - ShmupMAME v4.2
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 Post subject: Re: ASO and ASO II: Last Guardian
PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 4:59 pm 

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ASO (Arcade) - difficulty 1


Perikles - 767,960 - 10 - ShmupMAME 4.2 (World)

ASO (Famicom)


Perikles - 320,930 - 17/2-5 - AV Famicom + Everdrive

ASO II - Other setting


Perikles - 2,619,700 - 2-ALL - ShmupMAME 4.2


A couple of remarks:

- The Famicom ASO counts one loop as 12 stages before it starts with "Stage 01" again. Thus, it would probably be more accurate to use 2-5 instead of 17 since I know you are always striving for precision.

- I've specifically mentioned "2-ALL" in the case of ASO II since I've had a run where the game simply ended after the first loop. Not sure whether it has to do with DIP switches or region or performance...

Grew to enjoy ASO II which surprised myself, still absolutely hate the first one.
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