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 Post subject: Re: Genetos
PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2010 6:31 am 

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Heartbeam wrote:
Section right before the boss. Keep shooting to stave off the item auto-collect. But if you're lucky (or somehow manipulate) and get several orb waves in a row...

So far getting around 6M from the first four stages by suiciding to increase the bomb stock then bomb chaining entire stages and bosses with pods on the side. The only scoring advantage the upper difficulties appear to have are the extra bullets to convert with the bomb, but then you have fewer lives to throw away for bombs and what looks to be the best spot in the upper right corner for stage five becomes increasingly difficult to survive without bombing. While being slowed down by charging the summon. I mean, you could get a few hundred thousand by bombing that one pattern with red/blue bullets on the final boss but it's not worth the time to wait and hope for that pattern. Or back to the one with the stream of orbs.

Then whatever that bug is to hit nine digits.

Yeah, I didn't stop shooting once during stage 5 to stave off the auto-collecting. I need to do a better job of dodging those green orbs. Are you talking about the orb waves during the boss fight? Those things are gold for points, but I only managed to get a couple of them to spawn before I accidentally hit 999 and triggered the OMG GIANT LASER and finished the game.

And I had no idea suiciding increased the bomb stock. That is REALLY good to know for getting points in earlier stages - thanks! The life stock bonus is definitely nothing compared to extra bombs for combos.

There's a bug for hitting 9 digits? Boo. =(
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 Post subject: Re: Genetos
PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2010 6:45 am 

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Finally found that summon thingy, score is still meh. (standard user)
ED-057 - 7,247,302 - ALL - 95.14% - Orbit/Burning/Summon - 19'31" - 368

Speed Run (standard user)
ED-057 - 4,493,597 - ALL - 96.46% - Normal/Burning/Laser - 16'11" - 72

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 Post subject: Re: Genetos
PostPosted: Fri Mar 12, 2010 10:53 pm 

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The whole time I played this game, I could just imagine shoe making hella fun of this game for obvious reasons, but at least the guy making it has his heart in the right place. Haven't touched it since literally the day it came out, in fact I deleted it later when I was freeing up HD space, so I might as well post before I lose this slip of paper I jotted my score down on. :lol: Yes, this is being submitted as both a score and a speedrun.

Enhasa - 14,443,418 - ALL - ? - Orbit / Flash / Counter - 14:19 - ?

This score and time isn't notable at all (I only tried speedrunning because scoring in this game is sooooo retarded but speedrunning is pretty fun), but the funny thing is it's decent at points per second! ;) I didn't know about the orb thing vs the final boss, so that would obviously speed things up a ton compared to waiting for it to time out. As would making a 2nd attempt, heh.

Oh yeah, easiest max difficulty 1cc of all time too. Literally 1st credit 1cc standard, 2nd credit the score below, 3rd credit the score above. Intentional suicides for overclock is pretty funny, score be damned.

Enhasa - 4,502,681 - ALL - ? - Orbit / Burning / Overclock - ? - ?

Does anyone have a good speedrun replay? I'd like to see yours, Heartbeam, unless somebody knows of a better one. Thanks!
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 Post subject: Re: Genetos
PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2019 11:09 am 

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New Link for Download:
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