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Re: 1cc Lists

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Ah. showing my scrubness here, does first loop only count?
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Re: 1cc Lists

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Blinge wrote:Ah. showing my scrubness here, does first loop only count?
Specify that it's a 1-all or say "first loop" and I'd say so.
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Re: 1cc Lists

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cheers m'dear
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Re: 1cc Lists

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120510 DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu 1.5 (Novice - B Bomb - 1-ALL)
120704 Blue Wish Resurrection Plus (Original - Eden - ALL)
120912 DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu 1.5 (Novice - B Strong - 2-5)
120913 Eschatos (Original - Easy - ALL)
120913 Eschatos (Original - Endless - 2-11)
120913 Eschatos (Advanced - Endless - 2-11)
121217 Mushihime-sama Futari (Novice - Ultra - Reco - ALL)
130505 Mushihime-sama Futari Black Label (Original - Reco - ALL)
130514 Triggerheart Exelica (Easy - Exelica - ALL)
130526 Mushihime-sama Futari (Arrange - Maniac - ALL)
130623 DoDonPachi Saidaioujou (Novice - A Shot - ALL)
130712 Mushihime-sama Futari Black Label (Original - Palm - ALL)
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Re: 1cc Lists

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Hi guys!

My 1cc all clear:

Batsugun (Saturn-normal version)
Mushihimesama futari black label - Original -

Twich : shmup_feb

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Re: 1cc Lists

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Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Black Label(BOMB STYLE)
Darius 2
Darius Gaiden(ALL ZONE)
G-Darius(ALL ZONE)
Darius Burst
Darius Burst Another Chronicle(ALL ZONE)
ThunderForce V
Border Down
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Re: 1cc Lists

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All clears were done on default difficulty and settings unless stated otherwise in the notes. The list is organized by date of the first clear of a particular title, and then divided into sub-clears of various modes, versions, and characters which may have occurred at later dates.

As of November 2014 I have begun to pursue "2cc" clears. These are multiplayer clears where each player uses only a single credit. My own personal rules dictate that both players must clear in order for it to be considered a 2cc, so a run where I cleared but my partner died on the final boss will not count. As with standard 1ccs difficulty and settings are set to default unless otherwise noted.

Titles Cleared: 64
Sub Clears: 208

Triggerheart Exelica

 ・ Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced - PS2

Arcade Mode - Exelica – Auto-off - ALL (True Ending) - April 4th, 2013
Notes: Worked pretty hard to get the true ending in this game. As my first 1cc it was a big accomplishment.

 ・ Triggerheart Exelica - 360

Arcade Mode - Exelica - Auto-off - ALL (True Ending) - April 15th, 2013
Notes: The 360 version of this game has a lot less slowdown than the PS2 one, so it required some additional practice.

 ・ Triggerheart Exelica - Dreamcast

Arcade Mode - Exelica - Auto-off - ALL - April 4th, 2014
Notes: To celebrate the one year anniversary of my very first shmup clear, I decided to finally take out the Dreamcast version of Exelica. This version features no true ending, but I did defeat all forms of Faintear during this run. It's been a great year, I've come much farther in this genre than I ever expected I would.

Story Mode - Exelica - Auto-off - ALL - January 24th, 2015
Notes: DC Story mode is basically Arcade with the true ending (and Faintear fight) from the 360 and PS2 versions. However there are no conditions for getting the end; you will get it every playthrough. The DC version has slightly different slowdown than the newer versions.


 ・ Mushihimesama - iOS

Original - W-Shot - ALL - April, 2013

Maniac - W-Shot - ALL - April, 2013

Original (Hard) - W-Shot - ALL – August 24th, 2016

Maniac (Hard) - W-Shot - ALL – August 28th, 2016

 ・ Mushihimesama HD - 360

1.5 Original - M-Shot - ALL - May 26th, 2013
Notes: This was my first non-iOS Cave 1cc. I actually did this on my first time ever trying this mode. It is an extremely easy clear by Cave standards.

 ・ Mushihimesama 1.5 Matsuri - PCB

1.5 Original - M-Shot - ALL - March 27th, 2014
Notes: First Cave PCB clear, done at Taito Hey! in Akiba. The slowdown is actually a little different from the 360 version at times, but it's still a very easy clear.

Dodonpachi Daioujou

 ・ Dodonpachi Daioujou - iOS

Arcade Mode - Type-A Leinyan - 1-ALL - April, 2013

Arcade Mode - Type-B Exy - 1-ALL - June 8th, 2013

Arcade Mode - Type-B Shotia - 1-ALL - July 13th, 2013

Arcade Mode - Type-A Shotia - 1-ALL - March 26th, 2014

Arcade Mode - Type-B Leinyan - 1-ALL - September 5th, 2014

Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu

 ・ Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu - iOS

Arcade Mode - Type-A Bomb - 1-ALL - April, 2013

Arcade Mode - Type-B Bomb - 1-ALL - July 12th, 2014

Arcade Mode - Type-A Strong - 1-ALL - July 22nd, 2014

Arcade Mode - Type-C Bomb - 1-ALL - July 23rd, 2014

Espgaluda 2

 ・ Espgaluda 2 - iOS

Arcade Mode - Tateha - Simplified - ALL - April, 2013

Arcade Mode - Asagi - Simplified - ALL - March, 2014

 ・ Espgaluda 2 - 360

Omake Mode - Tateha - ALL - February 18th, 2015
Notes: Second Death Roulette 1cc in a row. It was my first time playing Omake, but it seems like a free clear. I honestly don't really understand exactly how the system works, but the easy bullet cancelling makes it pretty hard to die no matter how badly you play.

Mushihimesama Futari

 ・ Mushihimesama Futari - iOS

Original - Reco Normal - ALL - April, 2013

 ・ Mushihimesama Futari Black Label - iOS

Original - Reco - ALL - June 15th, 2013

Maniac - Reco - ALL - June 15th, 2013

God - Reco - ALL - June 15th, 2013

Original - Palm - ALL - July 12th, 2014

Original (Hard) - Reco - ALL - June 29th, 2019

 ・ Mushihimesama Futari Black Label - 360

Original - Reco - ALL - June 17th, 2013
Notes: Decided to take a break from failing miserably at SDOJ and ended up clearing this like it was nothing. Certainly not the hardest Cave game, but I'm proud of the clear.

Original - Palm - ALL - July 13th, 2014
Notes: Was in the mood for some Mushi so I thought I'd give the Palm clear a go. I expected it to be quite a bit more difficult than the Reco clear, but it really isn't. Took about an hour to get it.

 ・ Mushihimesama Futari Black Label - PCB

Original - Reco - ALL - July 24th, 2014
Notes: I actually went to play Mushi 1.5 Matsuri after a particularly frustrating credit of Darius at Taito Hey! but didn't notice the cab had been switched over to Futari before starting the credit. I've done it before on 360, and I've been playing Palm lately so this was basically a free clear. Reco is much easier than Palm actually, because even with really sloppy positioning your homing lasers will save you 99% of the time.


 ・ Caladrius - 360

Story Mode - Caladrius - Custom Magic - ALL - May 20th, 2013
Notes: I would consider this my second true 1cc since this game is pretty rough unlike all that easy iOS stuff. This one took me about 2 weeks of concentrated practice.

Story Mode - Lilith - Default Magic - ALL - May 5th, 2014
Notes: It's been almost a year since I first cleared this game and oh what a difference year of experience makes. Lilith is a very weak character on default, making this brutal game significantly harder to clear. I had to bring my gameplay to the next level to achieve this, and I'm quite proud of it.

Boss Rush - Lilith - Default Magic - ALL - May 5th, 2014
Notes: Clearing Boss Rush is vastly more difficult than clearing the main game, because resources are significantly more limited, not to mention my character choice. This run was quite high scoring because I no missed all the way until Beelzebub. I was very satisfied with it and count this among my greatest STG achievements.

Story Mode 1.10 - Lilith - Default Magic - ALL - August 6th, 2015
Notes: Testing out the new 1.10 patch for 360 Caladrius. This is essentially the AC Original "Novice" mode, which is a bit disappointing. Not much point in playing this for serious players.

1.10 Boss Rush Mode - Lilith - Default Magic - ALL - September, 2015
Notes: An easier version of Vanilla boss rush with updated character balance.

 ・ Caladrius AC - Sega All.Net

Original Mode - Caladrius - Custom Magic - ALL - September 22nd, 2013
Notes: This was my first 1cc at the arcade, done during the AC location test at Club Sega in Akihabara. It seems a little easier than the 360 version, so it only took two tries to get the clear.

Arcade Mode - Caladrius - Custom Magic - ALL - October 28th, 2013
Notes: Unlike original mode arcade mode's bullet patterns are very similar to the console version. Some are tweaked to be harder actually, but overall the game is easier because you can level up weapons very quickly and you have far more bombs to burn through than on console. It also includes 2 underwhelming bonus stages.

Arcade Mode - Lilith - Default Magic - ALL - May 10th, 2014
Notes: On top of the game itself being easier because of the higher bomb count, Lilith has been heavily buffed in this compared to her Vanilla counterpart. As a result the extreme amount of work I have put into learning Vanilla Lilith, clearing with her in AC is incredibly easy for me. She really needed the changes she got, and feels a lot better to play now.

Original Mode - Lilith - Default Magic - ALL - May 18th, 2014
Notes: I was really just messing around on this, trying to make some comparisons to the 360 version's scoring possibilities. As mentioned before AC Original is significantly easier than Arcade, so it's not an accomplishment. I could clear this with my eyes closed.

Arcade Mode 2cc - ACSeraph as Lilith (Default Magic) & ashygal as Caladrius (Custom Magic) - ALL - September, 2015
Notes: Significantly easier than the Evolution 2cc.

 ・ Caladrius Blaze - PS3

Original Mode - Lilith - Default Magic - ALL - August 30th, 2014
Notes: Unlike AC, Blaze original features the patterns from the original game, but with character balance upgrades and slight tweaks here and there. The end result is a cleaner, if slightly easier game. This is definitely the version to play when it comes to Original.

AC Mode - Lilith - Default Magic - ALL - August 31st, 2014
Notes: Pretty much exactly the same as the All.Net version, so far as I can tell.

Evolution Mode - Lilith - Default Magic - ALL - September 1st, 2014
Notes: Evolution is the new primary mode for Caladrius, featuring some changes to the scoring system revolving around the new Evolution burst and a new stage. Scoring is a bit more complex, but the game is easier than Original mode overall, while being more difficult than AC.

Boss Rush Mode - Lilith - Default Magic - ALL - August, 2015
Notes: Similar to Vanilla Boss Rush except it uses the Evolution Mode gameplay systems and balance, and includes the EX boss Nina.

Boss Rush Mode - Very Hard Difficulty - Lilith - Default Magic - ALL - September 6th, 2015
Notes: Decided it was time to push myself further with this game, and cleared Very Hard Boss Rush as my first step on the journey. It was... very hard.

Evolution Mode - Very Hard Difficulty - Lilith - Default Magic - ALL - September 10th, 2015
Notes: Though unsatisfied with the scoring on this run, according to the leaderboards I have become the first default player in the world to clear this. As a result I took the default world record, and placed 2 overall. I believe a perfectly executed run can overtake the overall world record, so I will continue practicing.

Evolution Mode 2cc - ACSeraph as Lilith (Default Magic) & ashygal as Caladrius (Custom Magic) - ALL - September, 2015
Notes: In 2p mode staying close to one another generates a shield around both players and you have two characters worth of mana to burn through for protection and offense. Definitely easier than a single play clear, but stage 6 requires unusually high coordination.

Evolution Mode - Layis - Default Magic - ALL - September 21st, 2015
Notes: Survival oriented default clear with Layis. Interesting to play, but incredibly unbalanced and terrible for scoring.

 ・ Caladrius Blaze - PS4

Original Mode - Lilith - Default Magic - ALL - September, 2016
Notes: At this point I'm just logging these Lilith clears for completion's sake. The PS4 version has no noticeable differences from PS3 Caladrius Blaze.


 ・ 3D Classics: Twinbee - 3DS

Arcade Mode - 2-ALL - May, 2013
Notes: Apparently this game just keeps on looping. Once I hit 3-1 I suicided and went to bed. Probably anyone could 1cc this game.

Otomedius Excellent

 ・ Otomedius Excellent - 360

Story Mode - Tita Nium - Custom Weapons - ALL - May 30th, 2013
Notes: Enjoyable, but very easy.

Story Mode - Aoba Anoa Hyper - Custom Weapons - ALL - June 23rd, 2013
Notes: For an unlockable "super" character Aoba Hyper really sucks. Weaker than vanilla Aoba for sure, but it doesn't really matter since normal mode is cake.

Story Mode - Esmeralda - Expert Difficulty - Custom Weapons - ALL - June 23rd, 2013
Notes: Went for Expert this time. Esmeralda absolutely destroys everything, I couldn't believe how fast she wasted the normal final boss.

Story Mode - Expert Difficulty - Diol Twee - Custom Weapons - ALL - June 23rd, 2013
Notes: Diol Twee has much better options than Esmeralda, but her Platonic Break isn't quite as useful. Still quite good though, and her options make her more fun to play than Esmeralda in my opinion.

Story Mode - Expert Difficulty - Arnval - Custom Weapons - ALL - February 3rd, 2014
Notes: Was playing this randomly while taking a break from Salamander 2 and ended up getting another clear. Arnval's mediocre options and lack of homing missiles are offset by her incredibly good Platonic Break, and also the fact that the game is just straight up easy even on expert difficulty.

Story Mode - Expert Difficulty - Erul Tron - Custom Weapons - ALL - February 4th, 2014
Notes: ...And now I'm back into this game again. I'm not sure what I enjoy about it exactly, but Otomedius really is my favorite kusoge series. Erul has standard Gradius options and an interesting laser that works really well against core bosses. Her Platonic Break sucks though.

Story Mode - Expert Difficulty - Kokoro Belmont – Default Weapons - ALL - February 11th, 2014
Notes: Went for a default clear this time, because if you are going to use the Castlevania character, then you've gotta use the Castlevania weapons. This is probably the most difficult clear in the game because Kokoro's weapons and option (singular <_<) kinda suck.

Story Mode - Expert Difficulty - Strarf - Custom Weapons - ALL - February 12th, 2014
Notes: This game sure does have a ton of characters... Strarf is a DLC character like Kokoro, except actually useful. She only has two options but you can position and lock them to fire in any direction making Strarf the most versatile character in the game.

Score Attack Mode 2cc - ACSeraph as 1P Strarf (Custom Weapons) & Ashygal as 2P Gesshi Hanafuuma (Default Weapons) - ALL - December, 2014
Notes: This is different from most 2ccs because the second player has infinite lives. Not an achievement in any sense, but documented for the sake of completionism.

Story Mode - Expert Difficulty - Gesshi Hanafuuma - Custom Weapons - ALL - June, 2017
Notes: Years later and I still find myself coming back to my favorite kusoge.

Story Mode - Expert Difficulty - Madoka - Custom Weapons - ALL - June, 2017
Notes: So many characters to clear with...

Dodonpachi Saidaioujou

 ・ Dodonpachi Saidaioujou - 360

Xbox 360 Mode - Shot Type - ALL - June 3rd, 2013
Notes: Extremely easy if you are playing for survival, though I thought a few of the final boss patterns were tricky.

Sengoku Ace

 ・ Psikyo Shooting Collection Volume 2: Sengoku Ace - PS2

Arcade Mode - Aine - 1-ALL - June 12th, 2013
Notes: Learned a lot from my first Psikyo clear, but clearing the loop is a long way off. Died at 2-1 boss.

Deathsmiles II

 ・ Deathsmiles II X - 360

Deathsmiles II X Mode - Rosa - A1/B1/C1/D1/E1/Final - ALL - June 13th, 2013
Notes: Honestly this was really lazy, I just did level 1 and skipped the extra stage to get the clear. Anyone could get this with minimal effort.

Deathsmiles II X Mode - Supe - A1/B1/C1/D1/E1/Final - ALL - June 17th, 2013
Notes: Another lazy level 1 clear, with Supe this time. It's really easy on level 1 but also relaxing and fun. Good for winding down after playing other stuff.

Deathsmiles II X Mode - Rosa - A2/B2/C2/D2/E2/EX/Final - ALX - February 5th, 2014
Notes: Kicked things up to level 2 and went for the EX stage this time. The true last boss didn't show up though. Game is still quite easy on level 2.

Deathsmiles II X Mode - Follet - A3/B3/C3/D3/E3/Final - ALL - February, 2014
Notes: Level 3 this time around, the game is quite a bit more challenging, though still not particularly hard compared to Cave's other stuff. This was a basic clear without the EX stage or TLB, but I plan to get to those eventually.

Deathsmiles II X Mode - Casper - A1/B1/C1/D1/E1/Final - ALL - January 3rd, 2017
Notes: ...and I'm back to being lazy.

Deathsmiles II X Mode - Windia - A1/B1/C1/D1/E1/Final - ALL - December 17th, 2018
Notes: My go to lazy Christmas shmup.

Otomedius Gorgeous

 ・ Otomedius Gorgeous - 360
Gorgeous Mode - Tita Nium - Custom Weapons - +EX Stage - 1-ALL - June 16th, 2013
Notes: This game seems unbalanced. It's very easy all the way to the end and then the final boss is strangely brutal. For this reason it took a lot more effort than Excellent. Would have been more interesting if it had been a bit more difficult throughout rather than only at the end.

Gorgeous Mode - Esmeralda - Custom Weapons - +EX Stage - 1-ALL - June 20th, 2013
Notes: DLC character this time. Her options let her slaughter things much faster than Tita.

Gorgeous Mode - Diol Twee - Custom Weapons - +EX Stage - 1-ALL - June 27th, 2013
Notes: Diol dominates here just like she does in Excellent. Also the loop in the game is crazy hard, there's no middle ground at all compared to the first.

Gorgeous Mode - Poini Kune - Default Weapons - +EX Stage - 1-ALL - June 30th, 2013
Notes: This was the other DLC character, on default this time; no custom or leveled up weapons. Her normal weapon set is more than sufficient for clearing though and her rotating options get the job done even if they aren't really that great.

Gorgeous Mode - Erul Tron - Custom Weapons - +EX Stage - 1-ALL - November 1st, 2015
Notes: Just another basic clear. A few deaths in the ice stage made this one a close call.

Gorgeous Mode - Aoba Anoa - Default Weapons - +EX Stage - 1-ALL - November, 2015
Notes: Classic Vic Viper clear. Got bodied early in the loop as usual.

Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character

 ・ Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character - PC

Story Mode - Sakuya Type-A - ALL - September 4th, 2013
Notes: At least in normal mode this is a very easy clear. As long as you have a vague plan for the harder attacks you can coast through the rest of the game simply because it gives you a ridiculous amount of resources. I had like 6 lives and 7 bombs in stock at the end of stage 3.


 ・ Deathsmiles - iOS

Arcade Mode - Casper - ALL - October 1st, 2013

Darius R

 ・ Darius R - GBA

Arcade Mode - ABDGK - ALL - November 7th, 2013
Notes: This game is pretty crappy honestly. This was a no miss run of the most basic course. Strangely the first stage is actually the hardest.

Arcade Mode - ACEHL - ALL - March 12th, 2014
Notes: Played this a bit more out of boredom. The second course is more balanced than the first difficulty-wise.

Arcade Mode - ACFIM - ALL - December, 2015
Notes: Octopus is as easy as usual here in the center course.

Arcade Mode - ACFJN - ALL - December, 2015
Notes: A bit disappointing to see that the L final boss is repeated here, but disappointment seems to be a common theme in this game.

Arcade Mode - ACFJO - ALL - December, 2015
Notes: All zones are now cleared. Here I was thinking G.T. would finally make an appearance, only to be presented with the mindlessly easy starfish from zone K. You know the game has problems when the most dangerous boss is fucking King Fossil.


 ・ Dariusburst - PSP

Arcade Mode - Next - ABCEH - ALL - November 17th, 2013
Notes: Totally awesome game! This was the most basic course, so I'm looking forward to tackling some of the harder ones.

Arcade Mode - Next - ABDFI - ALL - November 30th, 2013
Notes: Did the second row of stages this time and fought thousand knives at the end. A bit harder than the top course, particularly stage F.

Burst Mode - Next - ABCEH - ALL - December 11th, 2015
Notes: Finally got around to unlocking this and giving it a whirl. The enemies are more aggressive, but the burst meter recharges very quickly so it's easier than arcade mode if you play it smart. Quite fun to brutalize everything with the liberal laser abuse.

Arcade Mode - Next - ABDGJ - ALL - December, 2015
Notes: Syvallion has fallen, largely thanks to practice gained from CS. Unfortunately K is still giving me a lot of trouble, so clearing all courses is a ways off.

Arcade Mode - Next - ABDGK - ALL – October 31st, 2016
Notes: Took a very long time, but I finally killed G.T. and finished all courses.

Burst Mode - Next - ABDGK - ALL – May 23rd, 2017
Notes: Gotta admit, it was kinda fun to turn the tables on G.T. with the overwhelming might of a near-infinite beam weapon.

 ・ Dariusburst Second Prologue - iOS

SP Mode - Next - ABCEH - ALL - December 1st, 2013

Dariusburst Another Chronicle

 ・ Dariusburst Another Chronicle EX - PCB

Original Mode - Next - ADH - ALL - December 1st, 2013
Notes: The top course gives you a shield when you die. This combined with it being only 3 stages made this an easy clear. The difficulty kicks up fast in the lower courses though.

Original Mode - Next - BEI - ALL - August 6th, 2014
Notes: Finally got around to clearing a second course. The final stage wasn't even the problem here, it was that bitch-ass turtle in stage E.

Original Mode - Second Silverhawk - ADH - ALL - October 27th, 2014
Notes: Decided to take the Darius II Silverhawk for a spin in the safety of the top course. Since you don't have a laser for bullet cancelling, the experience is quite different. ACEX does a surprisingly good job of feeling like a classic Darius title when you choose to play it that way.

Original Mode 2P 1cc - ACSeraph as Next & Grigio as Next - ADH - ALL - March 22nd, 2015
Notes: Different from other 2ccs because both players share a single pool of lives. This makes it possible to do a 2P 1cc with a pool of 3 total lives, which is how this clear was done. This game is very well designed for multiplay, with tons of interesting options both defensive and offensive for supporting one another with the laser. This was also Grigio's first shmup clear.

Original Mode - Origin - ADH - ALL - September, 2015
Notes: Playing with Origin makes this otherwise easy course pretty challenging. Quite a bit more difficult than the Second Silverhawk clear.

EX Mode - Gaiden - ORV - ALL - January 16th, 2016
Notes: Even having done this countless times at home, I've gotta say being back on the cabinet is a thrilling experience. I doubt I'll ever get tired of this game.

Original Mode - Gaiden - CFJ - ALL - January 16th, 2016
Notes: Was about time I exacted my revenge on Phantom Castle for all the grief he gave me prior to the console release.

EX Mode - Origin - ORV - ALL – October 2nd, 2016
Notes: Took what I learned on PS4 to the arcade. With this done I think it is time to move into more difficult territory.

Original Mode 4P 2cc - ADH - ALL - October, 2016
Notes: 2 credits, 6 lives, four players, and total chaos. As usual all players must clear for the 2cc to count. Two players were first timers, but using a lot of communication and good defensive laser positioning alongside my usual partner ashygal, we somehow made it through. Really awesome experience I would recommend to anyone who can convince their friends to try it.

Original Mode - Gaiden - CGL - ALL - April, 2018
Notes: Finally killed G.T. in the arcade!

 ・ Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours - PS4

Original Mode - Gaiden - ADH - ALL - December 3rd, 2015
Notes: Excellent PS4 port of the arcade version. My first run with Gaiden yielded an easy clear.

Original Mode 2P 1cc - ACSeraph as Next & ashygal as Next - ADH - ALL - December 4th, 2015
Notes: There don't seem to be any differences between the port and PCB, so this is essentially the same as my previous 2cc, except with my usual shooting partner ashygal.

Original Mode - Genesis - ADH - ALL - December 5th, 2015
Notes: Currently using ADH as a testing ground for all of the different ships. Not really a fan of Genesis, as managing the options seems to be more trouble than it's worth. Definitely has that G Darius flavor though.

Original Mode - Legend - ADH - ALL - December 5th, 2015
Notes: I strongly prefer Next because of the ease of maneuvering its burst laser, but Legend does have significantly better point blank damage potential if you are brave enough to attempt it.

Original Mode - Gaiden - BEI - ALL - December 12th, 2015
Notes: I've cleared this before on the PCB, but the game is a very different beast when using a ship that lacks a burst laser.

Original Mode - Gaiden - CFJ - ALL - December 13th, 2015
Notes: After a long time of playing AC, I finally have a new totally unique clear. I had attempted this countless times in the arcade but just had too much trouble with Phantom Castle. Glad to finally have this one under my belt.

Original Mode - Gaiden - CGK - ALL - December 14th, 2015
Notes: Been wanting to kill off Syvalion ever since I first fought it in the PSP game, so this felt good. Now I need to go back and finish it off in the PSP game too.

Original Mode - Gaiden - CHL - ALL - December 14th, 2015
Notes: Was a long time coming, but I have finally killed G.T. and completed AC Original. Incredibly epic fight; it's terrifying to imagine an even more brutal variant awaiting me in EX...

EX Mode - Gaiden - ORV - ALL - December 14th, 2015
Notes: My journey through EX begins with an epic showdown with the Golden Ruler! ADH has grown much too easy for me over the years, so it's cool to be able to fight the Ruler again in a much more intense form.

EX Mode - Second - ORV - ALL – February 24th, 2016
Notes: Another ORV clear with a different ship. Compared to Gaiden, some parts are harder while others are easier.

EX Mode - Origin - ORV - ALL – September 15th, 2016
Notes: ORV is an easy clear without a doubt, but doing it with Origin is more difficult than one might expect.

EX Mode - Gaiden - PSW - ALL – November, 2017
Notes: Took quite a while to get around to it, but I've finally broken into some new territory with ACEX.

EX Mode - Gaiden - QUY - ALL – November 6th, 2018
Notes: One day I hope to clear the entire arcade mode with Gaiden, but for all the progress I’ve made it looks like it will continue to be a long road.

 ・ Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours - Vita

Original Mode - Gaiden - ADH - ALL - March 10th, 2018
Notes: I got the Vita version! Same old clear, but now on a blindingly small screen. I’m so happy to be able to play this on my commute though; who needs eyes anyhow?

Original Mode - Gaiden - ORV - ALL - March 11th, 2018
Notes: Nothing new here, but my OCD demands I write a note.

Original Mode - Gaiden - QTX - ALL - November 3rd, 2018
Notes: I was really not expecting my next major progress to be achieved on the Vita version, but here we are. That squid doesn’t take no shit from nobody.

Darius Gaiden

 ・ Darius Gaiden - Saturn

Arcade Mode – Auto-off - ABDHLQV (Indirect) - ALL - December 7th, 2013
Notes: Though it was done on the easiest course, this was a difficult clear. Very proud that it was done without using the infamous autofire cheat.

Arcade Mode - ACFIMRW - ALL - July 3rd, 2015
Notes: A couple years later and I've grown lazy, relaxing my way through with auto-fire. I wanted to learn an entirely new course that went through Titanic Lance, so I took the direct one. Only took a few days of practice.

Arcade Mode - ACEHLQV - ALL - July 3rd, 2015
Notes: Immediately following the W run I thought I'd go ahead and get the direct V course out of the way since the only new stage for me was E. Cleared easily on my first attempt. Next up is Z'.

Arcade Mode 2cc - ACSeraph & ashygal - ABDHLQV (Indirect) - ALL - July 5th, 2015
Notes: Wasn't sure how easy it would actually be to 2cc this given that it's a bit chaotic and the powerups have to be shared, but it turns out to be surprisingly easy. You simply need to plan out who takes what powerups and who bombs where. With planning and coordination this is actually easier than a 1cc

Arcade Mode 2cc - ACSeraph & ashygal - ACEHLQV - ALL - July 8th, 2015
Notes: Decided to jump straight into a direct course 2cc since the difference is minimal. Not very difficult becuase it is possible to speedkill both King Fossil and Electric Fan.

Arcade Mode 2cc - ACFJNSX - ALL - July 11th, 2016
Notes: Even after 2 and a half years of play, Gaiden never dissapoints with epic new challenges. Really loved my fight against the Hysteric Empress

 ・ Darius Gaiden - PCB

Arcade Mode - ABDHLQV (Indirect) - ALL - December 14th, 2013
Notes: Done on the cab at Taito Hey! Akihabara. The cab was setup with autofire on, so compared to my auto-off Saturn run this PCB clear was mindlessly easy.

 ・ Darius Cozmic Collection: Darius Gaiden - Switch

(Unpatched) Arcade Mode - ACEHLQV - ALL - August 30th, 2019
Notes: This clear was done prior to the patch. As a result there was a bit of input lag, dropped inputs, and strange rank related bugs. I found this clear quite a bit more difficult than when I did it post-patch. Thank god they changed it.

Arcade Mode - ACEHLQV - ALL - September 5th, 2019
Notes: I redid this clear after the patch released to compare, and now everything feels exactly as I remember it from my PCB clear.

Darius II

 ・ Darius II (Japan 2-screen Rev. 2) - MAME
Arcade Mode - ABDGLQV (Indirect) - ALL - January 8th, 2014
Notes: This is by far the most difficult game I have cleared to date and I am very proud of this clear. My goal is to ultimately clear the game on the custom cabinet at Taito Hey! in Akihabara

 ・ Darius II (2-screen) - PCB

Arcade Mode - ABDGLQV (Indirect) - ALL - March 28th, 2014
Notes: Finally accomplished my goal of clearing this on Hey!'s custom cabinet. Amazing experience. I was killed by Grand Octopus and had to complete the final stage naked, so this clear was actually significantly more difficult than my first one was.

 ・ Darius II - Saturn

Arcade Mode - ABDGKQV (Indirect) - ALL - April 9th, 2014
Notes: The Saturn version of Darius II is broken and genuinely terrible. Due to broken hitboxes on some enemies in stage L I was forced to take K instead. I recommend this version to no one.

Arcade Mode - ABDGKPZ' - ALL - February 13th, 2015
Notes: I decided to try out the course on Saturn to compare version differences and easily no-missed. The buggy enemies that plague the Saturn port are a non-issue in the Z' course, and things are also easier overall due to some changes with how the nukes work.

 ・ Taito Memories II Joukan: Darius II - PS2

Arcade Mode - ABDGKPZ' - ALL - February 12th, 2015
Notes: Excellent arcade perfect home port of Darius II. This was my first direct course, ending with Mother Hawk. Despite only being slightly different from my indirect clear this took a lot of effort.

 ・ Darius Cozmic Collection: Darius II - Switch

Arcade Mode - ABDGKPZ' - ALL - March, 2019
Notes: Looks like the old PS2 port is going to be collecting some dust.

 ・ Darius Cozmic Collection Limited Edition: Darius II (MD) - Switch

Arcade Mode - ABDGKPZ' - Tiat - ALL - September 10th, 2019
Notes: First time playing through this one. Chose Tiat because I have endured more than my fair share of suffering at the hands of Darius II thank you very much. I can see why this is so popular; it’s a really great take on the title with much fairer balance than its arcade cousin.


 ・ Salamander (Japan Version D) - MAME

Arcade Mode - 1-ALL - January 12th, 2014
Notes: This follow to Gradius is sloppily programmed and full of cheap shots and weird pacing, but I found myself strangely addicted to it nonetheless.

 ・ Salamander Deluxe Pack: Life Force - Saturn

Arcade Mode - 1-ALL - January 13th, 2014
Notes: Life Force is basically the same game as Salamander, but cleaned up with the Gradius powerup system and an "inside the human body" visual theme. Whoever it is you are flying around inside must have eaten some really weird shit...

 ・ Salamander - FC

Arcade Mode - 1-ALL - January 30th, 2015
Notes: Technically the title is Salamander so it ended up here, but the game is actually a conversion of Life Force plus a lot of original content. Very easy game, probably the easiest in the series, but it's fun.


 ・ Nemesis - MAME

Arcade Mode - 1-ALL - January 19th, 2014
Notes: Finally clearing this game was like revenge killing a childhood bully.

 ・ Gradius - FC

Arcade Mode – 2-ALL - February 10th, 2014
Notes: The NES version in particular was my mortal enemy as a kid, so this felt particularly good.

 ・ Gradius Collection: Gradius - PSP

Arcade Mode - 1-ALL - January 19th, 2014
Notes: Default settings were changed to reflect the arcade difficulty and hitbox, though I kept the slightly wider screen setting enabled which probably makes some small difference to the difficulty.

Nemesis II

 ・ Nemesis II - Gameboy

Arcade Mode - 1-ALL - January 23rd, 2014
Notes: Totally unique Gradius game for the original gameboy. Not very difficult, but fun and technologically impressive for its time. It even has cutscenes and a discernible plot!


 ・ Darius (Japan) - MAME

Arcade Mode - ABDGKPZ' - ALL - March 1st, 2014
Notes: Another brutally difficult Darius clear. I actually took on Great Thing as my final boss. Very proud of this one.

 ・ Darius Extra - PCB

Arcade Mode - ABDGKPZ' - ALL - March 26th, 2014
Notes: Done at Taito Hey! in Akiba. I died and had to fight Great Thing without a shield, so this was extremely intense. This game is absolutely incredible on the original machine, quite possibly my number one favorite shmup. Extra version cleans up pretty much every problem with Vanilla, leaving you with the perfect Darius experience.

 ・ Super Darius - PCE

Arcade Mode - ABDGKPZ' - ALL - June 20th, 2014
Notes: Flawed but mostly good home port of Darius. Definitely easier than Vanilla or Extra, but it comes with its own challenges. Somehow it manages to be even stingier with powerups than the original, and this problem is compounded by the fact they often fly off the screen before you could possibly get them. Some of the bosses are rough too, but I got kind of blue balled when Great Thing ended up dying to my wave in like 3 seconds...

 ・ Darius Plus - PCE

Arcade Mode - ABDGKPZ' - ALL - July 6th, 2014
Notes: Very similar to Super Darius, but with just a couple extra powerups (makes a huge difference) and different boss placement. Interestingly Z' in Plus has Cuttlefish as the final boss rather than great thing. Overall this is the easiest version of Darius.

 ・ Arcade Archives: Darius - PS4

Extra ver. Arcade Mode - ABDGKPZ' - ALL – September 4th, 2016
Notes: Finally a home port of Darius Extra! I love you Taito!

 ・ Darius Cozmic Collection: Darius - Switch

Old ver. Arcade Mode - ACEHMRX (Indirect) - ALL – March 3rd, 2019
Notes: God I forgot how nightmarish the older versions of Darius are. It was such a pain in the ass I didn’t even take a direct course this time.

New ver. Arcade Mode - ABDGKQW (Indirect) - ALL – March 6rd, 2019
Notes: Slightly easier than Old ver., but still a pain in the ass. I fought a new final boss this time for the hell of it, but the course was still indirect.

Extra ver. Arcade Mode - ABDGKPZ’ - ALL – March 7th, 2019
Notes: Nice to get back to the perfected version of the game.

Darius Force

 ・ Darius Force - SFC

Arcade Mode - Type 1 - ACFIL - ALL - March 9th, 2014
Notes: Takes a few steps back from Twin by reinstating checkpoints and impossible recovery, but makes up for it with excellent stage design and atmosphere.

 ・ Darius Cozmic Collection Limited Edition: Darius Force - Switch

Arcade Mode - Type 1 - ACFIL - ALL - December 21st, 2019
Notes: And that concludes my year of Darius! All games on the collection have now been cleared at least once. I forgot how great this game was, though it really doesn’t feel like Darius.

Darius Twin

 ・ Darius Twin - SFC

Arcade Mode - ABDEGJL - ALL (Bad Ending) - April 16th, 2014
Notes: Twin is unusual for being one of the most fair Darius games, having neither checkpoints nor taking all of your powerups at death. Unfortunately it is also a rather sloppy game with numerous safe spots and somewhat uninteresting stage design, especially when compared to Force. I intentionally timed out the final boss during this run to get the bad ending.

 ・ Darius Cozmic Collection Limited Edition: Darius Twin - Switch

SNES ver. Arcade Mode - ABDEGJL - ALL (Standard Ending) - September 7th, 2019
Notes: Twin with stereo sound!? Sign me up!

SFC ver. Arcade Mode - ABDEGJL - ALL (Standard Ending) - September 9th, 2019
Notes: OCD demands I clear this as well.

Sky Jaguar

 ・ Konami MSX Collection Vol. 1: Sky Jaguar - PS1

Arcade Mode - 1-ALL - April 19th, 2014
Notes: Sky Jaguar is actually pretty kick-ass for an MSX game. But unfortunately just like seemingly everything else from this era it is plagued by nigh impossible recovery if you die.

Dodonpachi Maximum

 ・ Dodonpachi Maximum - iOS

Arcade Mode - Shot Type - 1A/2A/3A/4A/5A - ALL - April 26th, 2014

Soreyuke! Burunyanman

 ・ Soreyuke! Burunyanman Portable - PSP

Story Mode - Meinyan-man - ALL - May 1st, 2014
Notes: No miss. I'm not sure if I'm making an addition to my 1cc list or my criminal profile with this one...

Parodius Da!

 ・ Parodius Da! - SFC

Omake Mode - Twinbee - ALL - May 31st, 2014
Notes: Blind clear on my first try. Omake is really like one long stage, and it's not particularly difficult, especially with Twinbee.

 ・ Parodius Da! - GB

Arcade Mode - Twinbee - ALL - May 6th, 2017
Notes: No, it still isnt a legitimate arcade clear. GB Parodius Da is a pretty decent game though, I have to say.


 ・ Sagaia - GB

Arcade Mode - ALL - July 25th, 2014
Notes: Blind clear of the original Gameboy's Darius title. It's based on the original Darius, but is mostly a new original title (more so than say, Darius Plus). This is probably my favorite of the shooters I've played on the original Gameboy, though I'd be lying if I said I wasn't biased. Amazing how much better this is than it's shitty GBA successor.

Shienryu Explosion

 ・ The Shooting ~Double Shienryu: Shienryu Explosion - PS2

Arcade Mode - BD21-VM - ALL - July 25th, 2014
Notes: Second blind clear of the day. Picked this up while I was in Tokyo and was just trying it out. Very scrubby play on my part, just messing around and not really expecting or attempting to clear. Game was over before I knew it. Seems like a good title for beginners.

Arcade Mode - BD22-LV - ALL - July 25th, 2014
Notes: Figured I'd keep playing and try the other ships. This one has a powerful laser that makes it seem slightly better than the first ship. Also as far as I can tell character selection has absolutely no impact on the gameplay.

Arcade Mode - BD23-ML - ALL - July 25th, 2014
Notes: Quite possibly the easiest shmup I've ever played. That's it for all of the basic clears, but there are apparently 2 EX stages so there is work to be done yet.

Arcade Mode - BD22-LV - +EX1 - ALL - July 26th, 2014
Notes: This was actually a failed attempt at an EX2 clear, but it's still new territory so I'll document it.

Arcade Mode 2cc - ACSeraph as BD22-LV and ashygal as BD21-VM - ALL - November 12th, 2014
Notes: My second 2cc. Explosion is a fairly easy game that doesn't have many dense patterns, so it doesn't require too much coordination between the two players. Bosses have quite a bit more health than usual to compensate for your increased damage potential, but it doesn't really matter.

Bullet Soul

 ・ Bullet Soul -Infinite Burst- - 360

Burst Mode - Cap'n McSmirky - ALL - August 7th, 2014
Notes: I didn't like the first Bullet Soul enough to get around to clearing it, but Burst mode changes everything for me. It's still rather easy, but the new scoring system is extremely addictive. This clear wasn't totally blind, but it was my first time playing the Cap'n.

Burst Mode - Officer Garterbelt - ALL - August 10th, 2014
Notes: This one took a bit more work because I made an honest attempt at scoring well and maintaining my medal chain.

Burst Mode - Plugsuit Desu - ALL - August 11th, 2014
Notes: Plugsuit here seems to have more scoring opportunities than the other characters due to her damage output, but I don't really agree that the game is fundamentally easier with her. I actually think from a survival standpoint the Cap'n is the easiest.

Burst Mode - Moe Pimp Lord - ALL - August 12th, 2014
Notes: And with that I have all the Burst clears under my belt. Big Pimpin' Sadaharu is by far the shittiest character. He really needs a damage boost on his drill to make up for all of his other shortcomings. It's much harder to keep your medal chain going with him too.

Musou Mode - Officer Garterbelt - ALL - August 14th, 2014
Notes: Musou mode is just normal mode without the powerups, instead you are constantly in burst mode, but the damage output isn't all that much higher actually.

Normal Mode - Officer Garterbelt - ALL - August 14th, 2014
Notes: Just wanted to clear every mode at least once, but honestly normal and musou are boring as hell compared to Burst, even if they are a big improvement over Vanilla. They are a bit harder too, with some totally different enemy formations, though you don't fight the true last boss in Normal mode so it kind of balances out.

Burst Mode 2cc - ACSeraph as Plugsuit Desu & ashygal as Cap'n McSmirky - ALL - November 4th, 2014
Notes: This was my first ever 2cc. I partnered up with fellow high level player ashygal and we were able to clear the game within one try. It's easier than single play in a way, because you have more screen coverage and the bosses die extra fast, but it also requires a good amount of coordination and sharing resources in order for both players to survive the entire game. I'm definitely interested in pursuing more 2ccs in other games in the future.

Gokujou Parodius

 ・ Gokujou Parodius - SFC

Arcade Mode - Dracula - ALL - August 19th, 2014
Notes: The SFC version of Gokujou Parodius is pretty similar to the arcade version, but with a couple extra characters. Dracula is a total beast, so with him it's a pretty easy clear. After the credits you are sent to a bonus stage, but I failed to complete the bonus stage during this run.


 ・ Raiden Densetsu - SFC

Arcade Mode - ALL - August 23rd, 2014
Notes: Densetsu is a kind of shitty port of Raiden, but it's not really a terrible game when taken for what it is I guess. It's quite a bit easier than the arcade game, so this clear didn't take much work.


 ・ Eschatos - 360

Time Attack Mode - ALL - December 10th, 2014
Notes: Though the overall difficulty is kicked up compared to Original on normal, the time penalty for death is a meager 5 seconds, making this a very easy clear even if you die tons of times. I probably died over ten times during this blind run, so even though I cleared I can't say I'm too proud of it.

Pink Sweets

 ・ Muchi Muchi Pork! & Pink Sweets: Ibara Sore Kara - 360

Arrange Normal Mode - Midi & Meidi - ALL - December 20th, 2014
Notes: Not nearly as impressive as a vanilla clear, but at least arrange mode is actually, you know, fun.

Arrange Normal Mode - Kasumi - ALL - December 21st, 2014
Notes: A quick run after waking up this morning yielded a Kasumi clear. Only took one try.

Darius Gate

 ・ Darius Gate - KEmulator

Arcade Mode - ALL - January 19th, 2015
Notes: Blind no miss clear of an old Nokia cell phone "port" of Darius. Only has a single stage which loops 5 times. Not a good game by any stretch, but more playable than I expected.


 ・ Abadox - FC

Arcade Mode - ALL - January 27th, 2015
Notes: No miss. Grotesque bio-horror shooting from Natsume. Suffers from the usual oldschool STG bullshit like nearly impossible recovery, but is still quite a good game if you give it a chance.

Gradius II

 ・ Gradius II - FC

Arcade Mode - 1-ALL - January 29th, 2015
Notes: Quite different from the arcade game, more of an original FC title. It's pretty easy, but with the usual heap of cheap deaths thrown in. Not really sure if I love or hate this series; it's a fine line.

Sagaia (AC)

 ・ Sagaia (V1) - MAME

Arcade Mode - ABCEGJM - ALL - February 14th, 2015
Notes: Not to be confused with the gameboy game of the same name, Sagaia is an arcade only Western variant of Darius II. It runs the same engine and has similar stage layouts but is mostly a totally unique entry in the series, and since the title is different I'm giving it its own entry here. Quite a bit easier than its Japanese cousin, since there are no midbosses and the bosses have less health. Final boss Killer Higia was an awesome fight!

 ・ Darius Cozmic Collection: Sagaia (V1) - Switch

Arcade Mode - ABCEGJM - ALL - March 17th, 2019
Notes: I never ever imagined I would be playing an official console release of this game. Really happy more people will finally get to play this one.

 ・ Darius Cozmic Collection: Sagaia (V2) - Switch

Arcade Mode - ABCEGJM - ALL - September 6th, 2019
Notes: This was the most surprising shmup discovery of the year for me. V2 isn’t a patch, it’s a completely different game. It even has upgraded graphics, almost making it a long lost sequel. I loved this game, possibly even more than the original Darius II.

 ・ Darius Cozmic Collection Limited Edition: Sagaia (SMS) - Switch

Arcade Mode - ABDEGHJ - ALL - March 17th, 2019
Notes: I had to debate where to put this since it is really more of a conversion of Darius II, but it’s here due to the title. While I can’t honestly say this is better than Darius II MD, it is definitely a technical masterpiece. Had I played this game on the original hardware back in the day I honestly wouldn’t have believed how true it stays to the arcade game.


 ・ Gleylancer - MD

Arcade Mode - Search - ALL - February 17th, 2015
Notes: Very unexpected clear won in Death Roulette. I've never actually seen anything past stage 5 before, so it was semi-blind. At twelve stages this is quite a long game, and I had zero lives for the final boss which made things pretty intense.

Gradius Rebirth

 ・ Gradius Rebirth - Wii

Arcade Mode - Metalion - 1-ALL - June, 2015
Notes: I was just trying out Metalion and enjoying the ridiculous up-laser when I ended up clearing. Rebirth is apparently only 5 stages long, so it ended much more quickly than I expected.


 ・ Jamestown+ - PS4

Gauntlet Legendary - Lazar Drop/Spread - ALL - July 24th, 2015
Notes: Decently scoring clear of the standard 5 stage gauntlet. Once I found a ship I actually enjoyed playing the clear came swiftly.

Gradius III

 ・ Gradius III - SFC

Arcade Mode - Custom Weapons - 1-ALL - July 27th, 2015
Notes: Extremely easy yet somehow also incredibly frustrating.


 ・ Nemesis - GB

Arcade Mode - 1-ALL - November 3rd, 2015
Notes: Quick clear of the original Gameboy's first Gradius title. Not so challenging, but a well made and enjoyable game.

Sand Scorpion

 ・ Sand Scorpion - MAME

Arcade Mode - 1-ALL – November 19th, 2015
Notes: First loop clear won in TRP-STGT 2015. Incredibly frustrating and terribly programmed game.

Raiden DX

 ・ Raiden DX - PS1

Training Mode - ALL - January, 2016
Notes: Training mode is a totally unique course that is a lot shorter and easier than the main game. It still puts up a solid challenge though, and was a really fun clear.

Super R-Type

 ・ Super R-Type - SFC

Arcade Mode - 1-ALL – August 22nd, 2016
Notes: As the default difficulty was set to easy, I went ahead and bumped it up to normal. This game is mostly a matter of memorizing a route, and it's not terribly difficult once you have a solid plan.

Touhou Gensokyo: Lotus Land Story

 ・ Touhou Gensokyo: Lotus Land Story - T98-Next

Arcade Mode - ALL - September, 2016
Notes: My first time playing one of the PC98 Touhou games, and I have to say I was quite impressed with it.


 ・ Magmax - FC

Arcade Mode - 2-ALL - September 18th, 2016
Notes: Strange but fun game. This was a blind clear on my first try after randomly picking up a copy of the game.

Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Shooters

 ・ Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Shooters - Wii

Arcade Mode - PTX-40A - ABDI - ALL - December, 2016
Notes: Blind clear of a random shmup minigame included with TvC. Unsurprisingly, it was a pretty terrible game.

Jikkyo Oshaberi Parodius

 ・ Jikkyo Oshaberi Parodius - SFC

Arcade Mode – Ran (Auto) - 1-ALL - May 27th, 2017
Notes: Not sure why it took me so long to get around to clearing this given how easy it is.

Bakuretsu Breaker

 ・ Bakuretsu Breaker - MAME

Arcade Mode - Jean - 1-ALL - December, 2017
Notes: Been a pretty stagnant year for me with shmups, so it was nice to get back into it with TRP-STGT 2017.


 ・ Gekirindan - MAME

Arcade Mode - ALL – January 1st, 2018
Notes: A good start to the new year courtesy of TRP-STGT. Very easy clear once you have a vague plan.

Strikers 1999

 ・ Strikers 1999 - Android

Arcade Mode - F-4 Phantom - ALL - January, 2018


 ・ Gaiaseed - PSN

Arcade Mode - ALL (Bad Ending) - January 23rd, 2018
Notes: It’s not perfect, but I liked this game well enough. It certainly has great visual style and music, and I really loved the ending track.

Ghost Blade

 ・ Ghost Blade HD - PS4

Arcade Mode 2cc - ACSeraph as Type-C & ashygal as Type-B - ALL - November, 2018
Notes: Really unusual case where the 2cc preceded the 1cc. ashygal took a liking to this game almost immediately, so we were mostly playing it in coop from the beginning

Arcade Mode - Type-B - ALL - November, 2018
Notes: It’s a bit rough around the edges, but all in all was a fun DDP inspired game with a cool soundtrack.

Dangerous Seed

 ・ Dangerous Seed - MD

Arcade Mode - ALL - January 26th, 2019
Notes: This game went on for much longer than I expected, but was really good fun. I got the clear on my second ever attempt.

Darius Alpha

 ・ Darius Cozmic Collection Limited Edition: Darius Alpha - Switch

Boss Rush Mode - ALL - March 3rd, 2019
Notes: This collection is a dream come true for me. Back when I first discovered this series I could have never imagined a release like this even in my wildest dreams. Started the journey off with a clear that was entirely new to me.


 ・ Shikhondo - PS4

Arcade Mode - The Reaper - ALL - June 7th, 2019
Notes: A nice little Touhou inspired shmup with beautiful graphics and music. I just wish they had added more variety to the boss music themes. Quite an easy game, which I managed to clear within days of purchasing.

Arcade Mode - The Girl - ALL - June 9th, 2019
Notes: A little tougher with this character, but still pretty easy.

Boss Rush Mode - The Reaper - ALL - June 9th, 2019
Notes: Might as well get all of the basic clears out of the way.

Boss Rush Mode - The Girl - ALL - June 12th, 2019
Notes: And done. Might try to do hardcore mode eventually, but I’ll be taking a break for a while. As a side note, I figured out how to completely break the scoring via infinite safe milking which is a bit unfortunate.

EDF 4.1: Wing Diver The Shooter

 ・ EDF 4.1: Wing Diver The Shooter - PS4

Story Mode - ALL - December 28th, 2019
Notes: My insatiable hunger for kusoge rages onwards! This game is a bit weird in that it’s really more of an RPG, so my character had quite a bit of health and good weapons by the time I got around to trying for a “1cc”. I’m using quotation marks there because much like DDP Maximum your health is reset between stages, so really this is more like clearing individual courses back to back. As for the game, well, it’s janky as hell just like normal EDF, but as an EDF fan I liked it for what it was.

Mamoru-kun ha Norowareteshimatta!

 ・ Mamoru-kun ha Norowareteshimatta! - PS3

Arcade Mode - Nowa - Village/Gate/Temple/Garden/TLB - ALL - January 13th, 2020
Notes: Great game that I should have gotten around to clearing long ago.
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Re: 1cc Lists

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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by 7711 »

Also a few doujins...

God I wish I could play more often :[
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Re: 1cc Lists

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Born in 1966 - keen to see what other oldies can do.


I have removed the couple of games I cleared at 50Hz before I knew any better.

*** LIST AS OF 8th May 2020 ***

Darius Gaiden (JP-Saturn & shmupMAME with rapidfire ON)
Gigawing (shmupMame, green ship)
Mushi Futari (360 Novice Original)
DDP DFK (360 Novice, Type C Strong)
Raiden III (Easy PS2)
Super Aleste (SNES - JPN version - Normal mode)
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Re: 1cc Lists

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davyK wrote:Steel Dragon EX (PS2)
Original game or 3D remake ?
I'm trying to 1CC Steel Dragon myself, but with the ps2 dpad it isn't much fun...
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by mimiroru »


SoEW lunatic, extra
PoDD lunatic
LLS lunatic, extra
MS hard, extra
EoSD lunatic, extra
PCB lunatic, extra, phantasm
IN lunatic 6a & 6b, extra
PoFV lunatic, extra
MoF lunatic, extra
SA lunatic, extra
UFO lunatic, extra
GFW lunatic (all routes), extra
TD hard, extra
DDC lunatic, extra


Donpachi 2-3 (US version)
Dodonpachi 1-all
Dodonpachi Daioujou BL 1-all
Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu 1.5 & 1.51 1-all, novice ura 2-all, BL novice strong style
Dodonpachi Saidaioujou 360 laser, arcade
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Bananamatic »

if you can beat lunatics stop playing novice modes
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Zengeku3 »

Bananamatic wrote:if you can beat lunatics stop playing novice modes
If you can beat the two simplest resource-management games ever made? Banana you should know this well. Just clearing those two games on Luna doesn't in any way mean he's ready to do something harder than UFO Lunatic. Let the guy take his time man. 8)
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by drunkninja24 »

Huh, been over 2 years since my last post here, guess I should update the list:

DonPachi (1-ALL)
DoDonPachi (1-ALL)
DoDonPachi DFK (1-ALL)
Mushihimesama Futari Black Label Original
Ketsui (1-ALL)
Space Megaforce (Normal)
Thunder Force III
Mushihimesama Original
Raiden DX - Training Mode

Guess I haven't really added much lol

Course I have been playing a lot more Ketsui
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by zlk »

akai katana
deathsmiles MBL
ddp2 (training)
ddp dfk BL
fighting hawk
ibara black label
mushihime sama (orginal, maniac)
mushihime sama futari (original)
mushihime sama futari BL (original)
psyvariar medium unit
psyvariar revision
psyvariar 2
shikigami no shiro
shikigami no shiro II (easy, normal)

and just because I like cave games: mushihimetama and uopoko :P
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by superstarsiro »

Finally i can post here! :D

Under Defeat HD / Arcade mode / 1-ALL
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by brook4 »

  • 2013-08-30 - Perfect Cherry Blossom: 630,628,180 (first 1cc)
  • 2013-09-15 - Perfect Cherry Blossom: 810,110,780
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Zengeku3 »

Zengeku3 wrote:I didn't know you were that good at IN Easy Seppo. 2.6 bil with MariAli? That's only a few hundred million of the WR. :D

I guess I don't have a list here so why not:

Touhou games:

Lotus Land Story Lunatic ALL
Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Lunatic ALL
Perfect Cherry Blossom Lunatic ALL - No Bombs
Imperishable Night Lunatic ALL - No Bombs
Phantasmagoria of Flowerview Lunatic ALL
Mountain of Faith Lunatic ALL - No Bombs
Subterranean Animism Lunatic ALL - No Bombs
Undefined and seriously Fantastic Object Lunatic ALL
Ten Desires Lunatic ALL
Great Fairy Wars Lunatic ALL Routes cleared. - No Bombs A1 (at least)
Shoot the Bullet + Double Spoiler All Scenes cleared.

Cave stuff:

DoDonPachi 1-ALL
DoDonPachi Daioujou Black Label - 2-5
DoDonPachi DFK - 1-ALL
Ketsui - Omote 2-2
Mushi Futari 1.5 Original - ALL
Mushi Futari 1.5 Maniac - ALL
Mushi Futari Black Label Maniac - ALL
Deathsmiles - ALL (level three across most levels but no Death mode and no extra)
EspGaluda - ALL
Akai Katana Slash - ALL
DoDonPachi Saidaioujou Novice Expert ALL
DoDonPachi Saidaioujou Arcade Shot ALL

Other stuff:

Crimzon Clover Simple + Original ALL.
Exceed 2nd Vampire REX - Easy ALL
Ikaruga - Easy ALL
V-Five - 2-2 with perfect bonus

Might be more I'm forgetting.
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by OmKol »

* Gradius - only first loop, without deaths
* Crisis Force - Hard difficult
* Star Soldier - New Mode - Replay
* MiG-29 Soviet Fighter - Replay

* Space Manbow - without deaths

* Gradius III - Arcade difficult, only first loop, without deaths - Replay
* Axelay - Hard difficult, only first loop - Replay

PC Engine
* Gradius - only first loop, without deaths - Replay
* Salamander - only first loop, without deaths, Expert difficult - Replay

* Gradius II GOFER No Yabou - only first loop, without deaths, Normal difficult - Replay
* Dodonpachi - 1-ALL, C-L
* Dodonpachi Dai-Fukkatsu 1.5 - A-Strong, reached 2-5 Tsuujou
* Espgaluda - 1CC, Ageha - Replay, 31,369,500 points
* Mushihimesama - Original and Maniac, both S-Power (yes, I very bad in this game)

* Dodonpachi Dai-Ou-Jou - 1-ALL Hell (I don't like sensitivity in this port, in Dai-Fukkatsu it was better)
* Dodonpachi Dai-Fukkatsu - 2-ALL Ura Smartphone Mode Normal, 2-ALL Tsuujou Arcade Mode Novice
* Deathsmiles - 1CC, with Extra, enabled autobombing
* Espgaluda II - 1CC, Normal, both Smartphone and Arcade modes
* Mushihimesama - Original Hell, Maniac Hard
* Mushihimesama Futari - Original Hell, Maniac Hard
* Mushihimesama Futari Black Label - Original Hell, Maniac Hard
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Pteriforever »

Hmm... I thought I posted in this thread before, but apparantly I didn't. Oh well, now I have!

Blue Wish (Original)
Blue Wish Resurrection Plus (Hell)
Colorful Shooting (2)
Concealed the Conclusion (Normal)
Crimson Phoenix (NMNB)
Crimzon Clover World Ignition (Arcade Original)
Danmaku Unlimited 2 (Normal Classic)
DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu (Novice)
Eden's Aegis (Original)
Eden's Edge (Hell)
eXceed2nd (Normal)
eXceed3rd (Hard)
EX -extra- (1-all, Tsuujou 2-4)
Flash Beryllium (Mission, Infinity-9)
Frantic 2 (Frantic Ep. 1)
Go Beryllium! (Hard)
Green Wind (Normal)
Impoverished Starfighter
Laserreimu (1-all)
Leiria -Stargazer- (Normal + TLB + NM, Hard Original)
Len'en 1 (Normal, Extra)
Len'en 2 (Normal)
Len'en 3 (Normal)
LibraSphere (Hard)
Re: Lunacy Star (Hopeless, Second Story)
Minerva Project (Hard + NM)
My Little Pegasus: Kizuna DoPonyPachi (1-all, Tsuujou 2-3)
Nyxx (Hard)
one-two (Cagar Label)
Osp Raid (3, Extra-3)
Ougon (Devil)
PatriotDark (Normal)
Pink Rose Garden Touhou (Normal)
Resurrection of Heaven's Liquor (Lunatic, Extra)
Return To Sector 9 (Return)
Seihou Shuusou Gyoku (Normal)
The Sins Awakening
Touhou 6 (Hard)
Touhou 7 (Hard, Extra)
Touhou 8 (Hard)
Touhou 9 (Normal)
Touhou 10 (Hard, Extra)
Touhou 11 (Hard)
Touhou 12 (Normal)
Touhou 12.8 (Hard)
Touhou 13 (Hard, Extra)
Touhou 14 (Hard)
Trigonometry Wars 3 Redux (White Label) (1-all, 2-5)
Trigonometry Wars 3 Redux (Cagar Label) (1-all, 2-4)
Trigonometry Wars 4 (Original)
Vatn Squid (NM)
Warblade (Medium 8-all, 9-75)
Winglancer (Normal 1-all, 2-4)
XOP Black Ultra (Advanced)
XOP Ultra (Medium)
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by tinotormed »

My new and redesigned 1cc list can be found in my very own blog!!
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by broken harbour »

Mushihimesama Futari (Original) - I No Missed the whole game too!

Yeah that's it. My only 1cc...

I don't have the dedication some you other guys have :P

Still proud of it. :mrgreen:
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Jonst »

Nice clear harbour!! :wink:
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Jonst »

Shmup clears, this list does not include any ios ports or novice modes,all clears are on normal difficulty with default settings... ( all clears are 1 all, unless otherwise stated )

akai katana slash mode (360)
akai katana origin mode
akai katana climax mode
deathsmiles (360, all maps Lv 2/3)
deathsmiles MBL
deathsmiles ver 1.1
deathsmiles xii arcade
deathsmiles xii 360 (pigeon blood jitterbug)
deathsmiles xii arrange (ex stage)
donpachi 2-2 (ss)
dodonpachi arcade mode (ss)
dodonpachi saturn mode
dodonpachi daioujou black label (360)
dodonpachi daifukattsu ver 1.5 2-1
dodonpachi daifukkattsu arrange A 2-2 (switch)
dodonpachi saidaioujou 360 mode (shot & laser)
espgaluda (ps2)
espgaluda 2 arrange
espgaluda 2 omake
Mushihimesama hd original (360, switch)
Mushihimesama futari ver 1.5 original
Mushihimesama futari arrange original
Mushihimesama futari arrange maniac
Mushihimesama futari arrange ultra
ketsui (360)
Ketsui x mode (ps3 & 360)
Ketsui deathtiny mode (ps4)
muchi muchi pork! Ver 1.01 (arcade) 2-1
muchi muchi pork! arrange (360)
progear no arashi (pcb, asian ver)
ibara arrange (ps2)
Armed police batrider b.ver normal course (pcb)
battle bakraid normal course (emu)
Battle garegga (premium arrange mode, ps4)
1942 joint strike
bullet soul (1 all)
Bullet soul infinite burst (burst mode)
Raiden fighters 2 (360, normal & arcade diff with TLB)
Raiden fighters jet (360, normal & arcade diff)
batsugun special (2 all, ss)
Steam heart's (arcade mode, ss)
hyper duel (arcade mode, ss)
blast wind (ss)
illvelo still (wii)
karous (dc)
Psyvariar revision (1lc, ps2)
Pysvariar 2 ultimate final (ps2)
Shienryu explosion (ps2)
Stahlfeder (ps)
Gaia seed (ps)
zero wing (md)
dangerous seed (md)
slap fight (2 all,md)
thunder force 3 (md)
Fire mustang (2-2, md)
Musha aleste (md)
fire shark (stage 12, md)
zero gunner 2 (dc)
Sturmwind (arcade mode, dc)
dux 1.5 (dc)
Redux dark matters (dc)
Ghost blade (dc)
Ghost blade hd (ps4)
rolling gunner original (casual, true all, switch)
rolling gunner overpower (original, true all) switch
rolling gunner overpower (expert, no true last boss, switch)
crimson clover arrange (normal, switch)
cotton reboot arrange (normal, ps4 & switch)
gg aleste (aleste collection, switch)
gg aleste 2 (aleste collection, switch)
gg aleste 3 (aleste collection, switch)
razion ex (switch)
drainus (normal, hard & arcade, switch)
graze counter (normal, hard, extreme, switch)
fast striker (original, dc)
Darius gaiden (ABDHQLV,ss)
Darius burst (psp)
gatchaman the shooting (ps)
space invaders extreme 2 (ds)
Ketsui death label (very hard, ds)
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by tinotormed »

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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Taizen Chisou »

Ahh, let's see:

Touhou 4 Lotus Land Story - Hard 1CC
Touhou 5 Mystic Square - Hard 1CC / Extra Clear
Touhou 6 Embodiment of Scarlet Devil - Hard 1CC / Extra Clear
Touhou 7 Perfect Cherry Blossom - Lunatic 1CC / Extra Clear / Phantasm Clear
Touhou 8 Imperishable Night - Hard 1CC Route A, Lunatic 1CC Route B / Extra Clear
Touhou 10 Mountain of Faith - Lunatic 1CC / Extra Clear
Touhou 11 Subterranean Animism - Hard 1CC / Extra Clear
Touhou 12 Undefined Fantastic Object - Normal 1CC / Extra Clear
Touhou 13 Ten Desires - Hard 1CC / Extra Clear
Touhou 14 Double Dealing Character - Hard 1CC / Extra Clear

...That's it. When I was able to play Cave games, I wasn't able to clear any of them in one go :oops:
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by yorgje »

I don't have very many, but I'll share anyway. Note that for most of these I had to turn up lives to max on the options screen, but I don't think that's really cheating because it's an option in game, right?

IN easy 1cc
MoF easy 1cc
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Zengeku3 »

Oh wowzers. Those games are almost impossible. Great job, my panties are wet now.
I'm also genuinely interested in how you turned up the lives on Mountain of Faith. Could be helpful.
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by yorgje »

Zengeku3 wrote: I'm also genuinely interested in how you turned up the lives on Mountain of Faith. Could be helpful.
I'll have you know that I 1cc'd this game FAIR and SQUARE. I don't know if you're trying to imply that I cheated or something, but the ONLY patch I EVER applied to the game was the english speaking patch. I can't upload a replay because for some reason the game doesn't let me save them, but I DEFINITELY have a 1cc of that game.
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