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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Acid_Rain »

DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu 1.5 (Novice 1-ALL) :oops:
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by AntiFritz »

Deathsmiles Arcade/360 - Rosa No EX
Do-Don-Pachi Dai-Fukkatsu 1.5 - B Strong
Guwange 360 Arrange (like this barely counts...)

Working on

Touhou 13 - 10 Desires Normal
Touhou 10 - Mountain of Faith Normal
Touhou 07 - Perfect Cherry Blossom Normal
Deathsmiles MBL 1.1 (I've gotton Bloody Jitterbug to 1/4 health once but haven't managed to get that far since.

EspGaluda (i swear this/mame hates me, alot)
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by XoPachi »

Well, the only thing I can recall I feel is worth being proud of is Mushihimesama 1 on Maniac.
Can't beat anything else, really... :I

Was just taught how to get Progear, Ketsui, and DOJ working in MAME. I feel comfortable with Progear so I may attempt to do that, but after getting annihilated, I just play the other two for fun.
I've been working on Gradius V hard mode. Do pretty well not dying until stage 5. I just quit at Blaster Cannon Core.

Does finishing the first loop with Strong Biaxe in Daifukkatsu count?
If these are impressive:
Gradius Gaiden
Contra 4
Contra 3
Super C
Contra 1
Super Nova
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Zerst »

Armed Police Batrider [Advanced]
Battle Bakraid [Advanced]
Battle Garegga
Deathsmiles 2X
Einhander [Hard]
Ikaruga [Normal]
Mushihimesama [Original]
Mushihimesama Futari [Original]
Mushihimesama Futari Black Label [Original, Maniac]
Omega Fighter Special [2-All]
Pink Sweets 1.00 [inf lives bug]
Progear [1-ALL]
Psyvariar Revision [Graviton]
R-Type Delta
Radiant Silvergun [Very Hard]
Raiden Fighters 2
Sexy Parodius [+Special Stage]
Super R-Type
Thunder-Force AC
Twin Cobra 2

Dodonpachi Daioujou Black Label
Dodonpachi DFK v1.5
Gradius Gaiden (Default Powerup Order)
Muchi Muchi Pork v1.1
Mystic Riders
Salamander 2
Shippu Mahou Daisakusen
Strikers 1999
Twin Cobra

Non-Shmup Arcade 1ccs
Aqua Rush [all difficulties]
Chiki Chiki Boys
Magic Sword [From 33]
Metal Slug 1
Metal Slug 3
Metamorphic Force [J]
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
Mustache Boy
Rally-X Arrange
Shock Troopers
Simpsons [J]
Snake Pit
SegaSonic the Hedgehog
Super Hang-on [Beginner, Junior, Senior]
Total Carnage
Violent Storm [1 Loop]
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Bananamatic »

time to update

Dodonpachi 2-1
Dodonpachi Daioujou WL/BL 1-ALL
Progear(US) 1-ALL
Strikers 1999 2-1
Dragon Blaze 2-1
BWR/+ Original
Touhou 7/8 (Lunatic), 6/10/11/12 (Hard)
Ketsui 2-1(Tsuujou)
Crimzon Clover (Original)
Darius Gaiden(V' and Z', no miss no bomb V path)
Psyvariar Medium Unit(6-B, no miss)
Psyvariar Revision(X-D)
---------------new ones--------------------
Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Black Label EX ALL (A/B/C-Bomb)
Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu 2-ALL (Omote, B-Strong)
ChoRenSha 68k 2-ALL (Normal and Hard)
Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 Original
Espgaluda II
Esp Ra.De.
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by MSZ »

My first update in 7 years :!: I finally had my first ever first loop 1CC in a Cave game.(Thanks to the autobombs, lol)

EDIT: Just 1CCed Mushihimesama Original too. What a week.
EDIT July 5th: 1CCed Mushihimesama Futari Black Label Original.

My 1CC list v2.5


Moero Twinbee
Gradius II
Fantasy Zone II

Super Famicom:

Parodius Da
Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius
Gradius III
Pop'n Twinbee


Gradius II
Life Force
Salamander 2
Gradius Gaiden
Parodius Da
Gokujou Parodius
Twinbee Yahoo
Neo Zanac


Gradius V


Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu v1.5 (1-ALL)
Mushihimesama Original
Mushihimesama Futari Black Label Original
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Acid_Rain »

120510 DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu 1.5 (Novice 1-ALL)
120704 Blue Wish Resurrection Plus (Original ALL)

first real 1cc 8)
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Ibl »

I don't remember my old 1ccs, so I'm gonna start a new list from 2012 and try to keep it going, which also means that it's gonna be really short right now. :3

SNES - Pop'n Twinbee - Difficulty 4
PC - Blue Wish Resurrection Plus - Heaven
PC - Blue Wish Resurrection Plus - Original
PC - Genetos - Programmer
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by ebeb »

Here's my list:

Code: Select all

Battle Bakraid
Darius Gaiden
Gradius II
Gradius III (SNES)
Gradius Gaiden
Gradius Galaxies
Hyper Duel
Musha Aleste
R-Type III: The Third Lightning
Raiden DX (Training, Novice, and Expert. Managed to loop in Training.)
Raiden Fighters
Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive
Raiden Fighters Jet
Sexy Parodius
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by fenyxofshadows »

I don't exactly have much... but here we go...
Perfect Cherry Blossom [PC] (normal)
Imperishable Night [PC] (normal)
Mountain of Faith [PC] (normal)
Metal Torrent [DSi/3DS] (default, pattern mode)

edit 11 July 2012: got the name of the DSi game wrong, it's Metal Torrent not Metal Raiders
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Esupanitix »

Let's see...

In order of Touhou games (Which is all I've ever cleared because I suck at Cave)

Mystic Square and Great Fairy War Route A1 and A2 Normal 1cc (5, 12.8)
Lotus Land Story, Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Perfect Cherry Blossom, Subterranean Animism, Undefined Fantastic Object, and Ten Desires (4, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13) Hard 1cc
Imperishable Night and Mountain of Faith (8 and 10) Lunatic 1cc
Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Perfect Cherry Blossom (Along with Phantasm), Imperishable Night, Mountain of Faith, Subterranean Animism, and Undefined Fantastic Object (6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12) Extra Clear

Imperishable Night, Ten Desires (8, 13) Easy 120FPS 1cc
Imperishable Night (8) Normal 90FPS 1cc

If I missed any others that count, look here.
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Nasirosuchus »

Just got the 1cc on In The Hunt. God did it feel so good. I've been at it for over 2 months.

Updated list:

Perfect Cherry Blossom
Cho Ren Sha 68K
Metal Slug
Death Smiles (Casper, Rosa, Follet, Windia)
Blue Wish Resurrection Plus (Normal - Eden's)
Mushihime-sama Futari Black Label (Original - Recco)
Gokujo Parodius (Koitsu)
In The Hunt (Arcade Version)
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by indico »

Have only recently discovered shmups, and have been playing Cave ios games since about 3 weeks. I got my very first 1cc! I feel so accomplished right now for some reason lol.

Original mode (normal difficulty setting)

I know it's pretty much nothing compared to pretty much anyone else here, but still I feel really happy I managed to do it. :lol: Will proably attempt a harder difficulty setting now!
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by tinotormed »

indico wrote:Have only recently discovered shmups, and have been playing Cave ios games since about 3 weeks. I got my very first 1cc! I feel so accomplished right now for some reason lol.

Original mode (normal difficulty setting)

I know it's pretty much nothing compared to pretty much anyone else here, but still I feel really happy I managed to do it. :lol: Will proably attempt a harder difficulty setting now!
Mushihimesama Futari? :)
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by indico »

tinotormed wrote:
indico wrote:Have only recently discovered shmups, and have been playing Cave ios games since about 3 weeks. I got my very first 1cc! I feel so accomplished right now for some reason lol.

Original mode (normal difficulty setting)

I know it's pretty much nothing compared to pretty much anyone else here, but still I feel really happy I managed to do it. :lol: Will proably attempt a harder difficulty setting now!
Mushihimesama Futari? :)
Yes, great game. Don't have an 360 though so I will only be able to play ios games from cave.
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by ChainsawGuitarSP »

I think I've made enough progress now... Time for an update.

Batsugun Special (IceMan)
Darius (Extra version)
Darius II (MD ver, Hard (ACEIMSX))
Darius Burst (Arcade/Burst: Legend, Origin) <All zones cleared!
Darius Force (Type-1, Normal) < All zones cleared!
Darius Gaiden (PS2 ver, Normal)
Darius Plus (Normal) < All zones cleared!
G-Darius (PS2 ver, Normal)
In The Hunt (PSX ver, Arcade)
R-Type (TG-16 ver)
R-Type III: The Third Lightning (Round Force)
Sonic Wings Special (Volk, Normal)
Syvalion (AC ver, Real Course)
Touhou 4: Lotus Land Story (Marisa B, Hard)
Touhou 5: Mystic Square (Marisa, Hard)
Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith (Marisa B, Hard)
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Nasirosuchus »

Fourteen years after first playing the game, I finally got the 1CC for Axelay.
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Seppo Hovi »

Notable stuff:
Imperishable Night - Easy: Yuyuko solo - 1,662,183,510
Imperishable Night - Easy: Magic Team - 2,613,026,090
Imperishable Night - Easy: Illusionary Border Team - 2,324,502,620
It's easymode. Come make fun of it. (And then try beating it)
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Zengeku3 »

I didn't know you were that good at IN Easy Seppo. 2.6 bil with MariAli? That's only a few hundred million of the WR. :D

I guess I don't have a list here so why not:

Touhou games:

Lotus Land Story Lunatic ALL
Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Lunatic ALL
Perfect Cherry Blossom No-bombs Lunatic ALL
Imperishable Night No-bombs Lunatic ALL
Phantasmagoria of Flowerview Lunatic ALL
Mountain of Faith No-bombs Lunatic ALL
Subterranean Animism No-bombs Lunatic ALL
Undefined and seriously Fantastic Object Lunatic No-bombs ALL
Ten Desires Lunatic ALL
Great Fairy Wars Lunatic ALL Routes cleared. No-bombs on two routes.
Shoot the Bullet + Double Spoiler All Scenes cleared.
Double Dealing Character Lunatic ALL

Cave stuff:

DoDonPachi 2-6
DoDonPachi Daioujou Black Label - 2-5
DoDonPachi DFK - 1-ALL
Ketsui - Omote 2-2
Mushi Futari 1.5 Original - ALL
Mushi Futari 1.5 Maniac - ALL
Mushi Futari Black Label Maniac - ALL
Deathsmiles - ALL (level three across most levels but no Death mode and no extra)
EspGaluda - ALL
Akai Katana Slash - ALL
DoDonPachi Saidaioujou Novice Expert ALL
DoDonPachi Saidaioujou Arcade Shot ALL
EspRade - ALL

Other stuff:

Crimzon Clover Simple + Original ALL.
Exceed 2nd Vampire REX - Easy ALL
Ikaruga - Easy ALL
V-Five - 2-2 with perfect bonus
Strikers 99 - 2-1 reached.

Might be more I'm forgetting.
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Seppo Hovi »

I've recently thought about if stuff I have done was worth of it or not. I decided to build a little list in order to maintain sanity, and some sense of self-approval about the runs. They are mine, special for me. I care about them anyway, never mind what someone said about whatever or how long someone spent beating me into a pulp, scorewise.

I decided to keep this in a different post, since I won't want the notable clears to be clouded by horrifyingly bad or dull moments, which this post is full of. If it is not approved by the moderators, please contact me and I'll edit these into the another post.

I got a littly picky. Only a few games were gone throught. Or maybe it was laziness.

Sorry for the blogging as usual. Let's get onto the lists.

Shitty gameplay, bad clears:
Perfect Cherry Blossom wrote:Perfect Cherry Blossom - Easy: ReimuA - 1,114,614,940
Perfect Cherry Blossom - Easy: ReimuB - 1,196,984,430
Perfect Cherry Blossom - Easy: MarisaB - 1,234,645,510
Perfect Cherry Blossom - Easy: SakuyaA - 1,066,647,120
Perfect Cherry Blossom - Easy: SakuyaB - 1,237,884,060
Perfect Cherry Blossom - Normal: ReimuA - 1,399,144,040
Perfect Cherry Blossom - Normal: ReimuB - 1,233,280,300
Perfect Cherry Blossom - Hard: ReimuA - 1,343,213,440
Perfect Cherry Blossom - Extra: ReimuA - 1,048,614,230
Perfect Cherry Blossom - Extra: ReimuB - 1,003,411,510
Perfect Cherry Blossom - Extra: SakuyaA - 1,009,956,140
Perfect Cherry Blossom - Phantasm: MarisaB - 1,048,966,550
Perfect Cherry Blossom - Phantasm: SakuyaA - 1,044,975,310
Perfect Cherry Blossom - Phantasm: SakuyaB - 1,147,776,310
Some of the runs are done with the No Bombs-condition.
Old/too low scoring runs are not listed.
Silly conditions - runs are not listed. They will be having a list of their own.
New SakuyaA score added as of 12/08/30.

Imperishable Night wrote:Imperishable Night - Easy: Scarlet Team - 2,291,986,430
Imperishable Night - Easy: Netherworld Team - 2,419,859,610
Imperishable Night - Easy: Reimu solo - 2,413,544,890
Imperishable Night - Easy: Alice solo - 1,340,200,400
Imperishable Night - Easy: Sakuya solo - 2,233,016,910
Imperishable Night - Easy: Remilia solo - 1,673,475,340
Imperishable Night - Easy: Youmu solo - 2,565,601,780
Imperishable Night - Extra: Illusionary Border Team - 2,005,035,360
All of the scores are low and bad. Most of them are from the last winter or spring.
The Netherworld Team run was my first NDNB, If I recall correctly.
The Alice solo run is unfocused. Bad anyway.
Silly conditions-runs and stuff with Spell Practice are not listed. They will be having a list of their own.

Silly challenges wrote:Perfect Cherry Blossom - Normal: ReimuB - no shooting
Perfect Cherry Blossom - Normal: Stage 4 ReimuA - 348,659,180
Perfect Cherry Blossom - Lunatic: SakuyaB - Drunken
Perfect Cherry Blossom - Lunatic: SakuyaB - No Spell Card captures
Perfect Cherry Blossom - Various: Timeouts of the Stage 6 opener on the lunatic difficulty with several conditions. Timeout of the penultimate Spell Card. Final Spell Card done "GIL-style" on Normal and Hard.
Imperishable Night - Easy: Illusionary Border Team - Low scoring run
Imperishable Night - Last Word: Saigyouji Flawless Nirvana timed out with Youmu solo without using focus.
Imperishable Night - Last Word: Saigyouji Flawless Nirvana timed out with the Ultra patch installed.
Imperishable Night - Various: Captures of some Ultra mode Spell Cards. Several timeouts of several spell cards with conditions.
Mountain of Faith - Normal: Bombing every pattern.
No replays for some of the stuff since I found them too boring or dull to link.
The SFN timeouts took almost 20,000 tries combined. Maybe less, most likely less. The numbers have started to leave my mind. Who cares, it's stupid spell practice thing anyway.
The GIL-style for the final attack of PCB means staying within the upper screen for the whole duration of the attack. It's incredibly hard on Lunatic, but quite easy on Normal and Hard. I'm a coward, not having done it on the actual difficulty. Or maybe too bad, who knows.


There. I'm not too much of a fluent English-speaker, so there will be errors and mistakes. If you spot any, feel free to PM me and I'll remove/edit them.
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Meseki »

I guess I should keep a list here too: (Last updated 2024-02-19)

Aerial Warfair A-Route (2023-03)
Aerial Warfair B-Route (2023-03)
Alternative Sphere Easy (with and without TLB 2010-01)
Blue Wish Resurrection Plus Original (Wait/Guard On 2012-06)
Crimson Clover Simple (strictly survival play 2012-07)
Crimson Clover WORLD IGNITION Novice Boost (2014-06)
Eden's Aegis Heaven (Wait Off/Guard On 2012-09)
GENETOS Standard user (2009-12)
GENETOS Programmer (2010-01)
Graze Counter Novice (2017-08)
Graze Counter Arcade (2017-08)
Graze Counter Unlimited Arcade (2018-11)
GundeadliGne Novice (2016-06)
Hitogata Happa Euridice (2015-02)
Ihou Shoujo Magatsuhi Easy Drive (ACEHL 2017-05)
Like Dreamer Trial Tour Casual (ALL+ 2022-07)
Like Dreamer Trial Tour Maniac (ALL 2022-07)
Like Dreamer All Stage Tour Maniac (ALL 2022-08)
Like Dreamer Speedrun Maniac (ALL 2022-08)
Magic Vigilante (without Stage ? 2023-03)
Maimai Seijin Keikaku Normal (2024-02)
Maimai Seijin Keikaku Nocturnes (2024-02)
Mecha Ritz: Steel Rondo (no TLB 2016-06)
Mimumu-chan no Okimochi Trip Normal (2023-06)
RefRain ~prism memories~ Easy (2012-08)
RefRain ~prism memories~ Normal (through Ct. 5 midboss 2011-10, through Ct. 5 boss 2013-05)
Suwapyon 2012 Suwako-chan cubic Very Easy (2012-10)
Suwapyon 2012 Suwako-chan cubic Normal (2012-09)
Touhou 8 Imperishable Night Easy (FinalA and FinalB 2012-09)
Touhou 11 Subterranean Animism Easy (2008-10)
Touhou 12 Undefined Fantastic Object Easy (2013-01)
Touhou 12.8 Fairy Wars Easy (A-1 2012-06)
Touhou 14 Double Dealing Character Easy (2020-01)
Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced Easy (2011?-??); I do not remember if the settings were on default for this
TWilight INSanity Easy (A End 2010-07, B End 2012-07)
TWilight refrAIN (G1 End 2012-03)
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by KAI »


BATTLE BAKRAID (Normal Course)
RAIDEN DX (Novice Mode)
TOUHOU KOUMAKYOU ~ The Enbodiment of Scarlet Devil
TOUHOU YOUYOUMU ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom
TOUHOU EIYASHOU ~ Imperishable Night
TOUHOU FUUJINROKU ~ Mountain of Faith
TOUHOU CHIREIDEN ~ Subterranean Animism
TOUHOU SEIRENSEN ~ Undefined Fantastic Object
Yousei Daisensou ~ TOUHOU Sangetsusei
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Acid_Rain »

120510 DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu 1.5 (Novice - B Bomb - 1-ALL)
120704 Blue Wish Resurrection Plus (Original - Eden - 1-ALL)
120912 DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu 1.5 (Novice - B Strong - 2-5)

Should I go for a Futari Black Label or a DFK 1.5 1cc?
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by moozooh »

Futari BL Original and DFK 1.5 1-ALL with Strong or Bomb style are about the same difficulty-wise. You'll do it within a few attempts, don't even doubt it.
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Acid_Rain »

120510 DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu 1.5 (Novice - B Bomb - 1-ALL)
120704 Blue Wish Resurrection Plus (Original - Eden - 1-ALL)
120912 DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu 1.5 (Novice - B Strong - 2-5)
120913 Eschatos (Original - Easy - ALL)
120913 Eschatos (Original - Endless - 2-11)
120913 Eschatos (Advanced - Endless - 2-11)
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by To Far Away Times »


[AC] Air Assault (1-ALL)
[360] Akai Katana Slash (Replay)
[AC] Armed Police Batrider (Normal Course)
[GEN] Arrow Flash
[PC] Astebreed
[SNES] Axelay
[AC] Batsugun
[AC] Batsugun Special (2-4) (1 Life Clear through first loop)
[AC] Battle Bakraid (Normal Course)
[GEN] Battle Mania / Trouble Shooter
[GEN] Battle Mania 2
[SAT] Blast Wind
[PCE] Blazing Lasers
[AC] Blazing Star
[PC] Blue Devil in the Belvedere (normal)
[PC] Blue Revolver
[PC] Blue Wish
[PC] Blue Wish Desire
[PC] Blue Wish Resurrection Plus
[PC] Book of Star Mythology (normal)
[68K] ChoRenSha 68K (Replay)
[PC] Concealed the Conclusion (Replay)
[PCE] Coryoon
[PS1] Cotton
[SFC] Cotton 100%
[NSW] Cotton Reboot Arrange (All Characters)
[AC] Cotton Rock 'N Roll (With Psyvariar)
[PC] Crimzon Clover (Original with Type-Z)
[NES] Crisis Force
[AC] Darius (ABDHMRX)
[PSP] Darius Burst (All Routes)
[AC] Darius Burst Another Chronicle (ADH, ADI, AEJ, BFK, CGL) (All routes cleared except the last two EX routes)
[SNES] Darius Force/Super Nova (ACFIL)
[AC] Darius Gaiden (Auto fire, V route)
[AC] Darius Gaiden Extra (V route)
[SNES] Darius Twin (ACDFHKL)
[NDS] Dark Spirits
[360] Death Smiles
[360] Death Smiles Mega Black Label (Replay)
[360] Death Smiles II (Arcade)
[AC] DoDonPachi (1-ALL)
[360] DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu 1.5 (1-ALL) (Replay)
[AC] DoDonPachi Daioujou Black Label (1-ALL)
[AC] DonPachi (1-ALL)
[NES] Dragon Spirit: The New Legend (Blue Dragon)
[PC] Drainus (Story Mode 2-ALL)
[PC] Eden's Aigis
[PC] Eden's Edge
[PC] Elegant Impermanence of Sakura (normal)
[GEN] Elemental Master
[PC] Eschatos (Original - Normal) (Replay)
[AC] Espgaluda
[PCE] Final Soldier
[GEN] Fireshark
[PS1] G. Darius (Top Route) (Replay)
[PC] G-Type (Normal route)
[PS1] Gaia Seed (Endings 1 and 3)
[GG] GG Aleste
[GG] GG Aleste 2
[NSW] GG Aleste 3 (1 Life Clear) (Replay)
[PC] Gana Blade (Type-B ship)
[PCE] Gate of Thunder
[PC] Genetos
[DC] Ghost Blade
[AC] Giga Wing (Replay)
[GEN] Gleylancer
[NES] Gradius (1-ALL)
[NES] Gradius II (1-ALL) (1 Life Clear through first loop)
[SNES] Gradius III (1-ALL) (1 Life Clear through first loop)
[PC] Grand Cross Renovation
[PC] Graslay (1A, 2A, 3B, 4A, 5, 6A)
[PC] Graze Counter
[PC] Graze Counter GM
[NES] Gun*Nac
[PS1] Harmful Park (Normal)
[AC] Hyper Duel
[360] Ikaruga (Easy) (Replay)
[NSW] Jamestown+ (Gauntlet - Legendary)
[PC] Kamui
[PC] Kirasame Blade 2
[AC] Kingdom Grandprix (Miyamoto)
[NES] Life Force (NES version)
[PS1] Life Force (Arcade version)
[PCE] Lords of Thunder
[GEN] M.U.S.H.A.
[PCE] Magical Chase
[AC] Mamorukun Curse! (Bad Ending)
[AC] Mushihimesama (Original) (Replay)
[AC] Mushihimesama Matsuri Edition (Original) (Replay)
[360] Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 (Original) (Replay)
[360] Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 Black Label (Original) (Replay), (Maniac)
[PC] Mecha Ritz (Replay)
[PC] Mecha Ritz: Steel Rondo
[AC] Metal Black
[NDS] Metal Torrent (1 Life Clear)
[NSW] Missile Dancer
[NSW] Moon Dancer
[GB] Nemesis (1 Life Clear)
[GB] Nemesis II
[PSP] Neogeo Heroes Ultimate Shooting (5-B)
[360] Otomedius
[360] Otomedius Excellent (Normal)
[360] Otomedius Gorgeous
[NES] Over Horizon (Weapon and Option Edit Enabled)
[PCE] Override
[SNES] Pocky & Rocky (Replay)
[PC] Pocky & Rocky Reshrined (Replay)
[SMS] Powerstrike II
[PCE] Psychic Storm
[NSW] Psyvariar Medium Unit (X-A, Axion R)
[NSW] Psyvariar Revision (X-A, Axion-u)
[NSW] Psyvariar Delta (X-A [1 Life Clear], Axion-R)
[NSW] Quad Fighter K (Kyogeki Mode Arcade)
[AC] R-Type (1-ALL) (1 Life Clear through first loop) (Replay)
[AC] R-Type II (1-ALL) (1 Life Clear through first loop) (Replay)
[SNES] R-Type III: The Third Lightning (1-ALL) (Replay)
[PS1] R-Type Delta
[PS2] R-Type Final (Final A)
[NSW] R-Type Final 2 (7.2 Route - 1 Life Clear)
[AC] R-Type Leo (Replay)
[AC] Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive (Replay)
[AC] Raiden Fighters Jet (ALL1)
[NSW] Raiden V: Director's Cut (6-C Ending)
[PC] Raiga: Strato Fighter (1-ALL)
[NSW] Raging Blasters
[PCE] Rayxanber III
[NSW] Razion EX
[PC] Redux: Dark Matters
[PC] Revolgear II: Second Brightness
[GEN] Sagaia/Darius II (ABDGLQW)
[PS1] Salamander (Arcade Version) (Replay)
[AC] Samurai Aces / Sengoku Ace
[PCE] Sapphire
[AC] Senjin Aleste (Casual)
[PC] Servants of Harvest Wish (normal)
[PS2] Shienryu Explosion
[NSW] Shikhondo
[NSW] Sisters Royale
[GB] Solar Striker
[PCE] Soldier Blade
[AC] Sonic Wings 3 / Aero Fighters 3 (1-ALL) (Replay)
[AC] Sorcer Striker (2-1 with Bornnam)
[PSP] Space Invaders Extreme (1 Life Clear)
[NDS] Space Invaders Extreme 2
[SNES] Space Megaforce
[NSW] Space Moth Lunar Edition
[PCE] Spriggan (1 Life Clear)
[PCE] Star Parodier
[PSP] Star Soldier
[N64] Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth
[3DS] Steel Empire
[NSW] Steredenn: Binary Stars (3-5)
[DC] Sturmwind
[SNES] Super R-Type (1-ALL)(Default - Easy) (Replay)
[PCE] Super Star Soldier (1 Life Clear)
[PCE] Sylphia
[PC] Terra Flame
[AC] Thundercross (1-ALL) (1 Life Clear through first loop) (Replay)
[AC] Thunderforce AC (1 Life Clear)
[GEN] Thunderforce III (1 Life Clear)
[GEN] Thunderforce IV
[PS1] Thunderforce V (Good Ending)
[PS2] Thunderforce VI
[SNES] Thunder Spirits
[PC] Touhou 01 (normal) (Replay)
[PC] Touhou 02 (normal) (Replay)
[PC] Touhou 03 (normal)
[PC] Touhou 04 (normal) (Replay)
[PC] Touhou 05 (normal) (Replay)
[PC] Touhou 06 (normal, extra)
[PC] Touhou 07 (normal, extra, phantasm)
[PC] Touhou 08 (normal, extra)
[PC] Touhou 09 (normal, extra)
[PC] Touhou 10 (normal, extra)
[PC] Touhou 11 (normal)
[PC] Touhou 12 (normal, extra) (Replay)
[PC] Touhou 13 (normal, extra)
[PC] Touhou 14 (normal) (Replay)
[PC] Touhou 15 (normal) (Legacy Mode) (Replay)
[PC] Touhou 16 (normal) (Replay)
[PC] Touhou 17 (normal) (Replay)
[PC] Touhou 18 (normal) (Replay)
[PC] Touhou 19 (normal) (separate normal 1CC and a very weird 2-ALL due to a draw on the final boss)
[PS2] Triggerheart Exelica (True Ending)
[360] Trouble Witches Neo! (Heart Pounding) (Replay)
[AC] Twin Cobra II
[AC] Twinkle Star Sprites
[GEN] Twinkle Tale
[WS] Uchuu Senkan Yamato
[PC] Vastynex (Replay)
[GEN] Verytex
[PC] WeXeM MeXeM
[NSW] Wolflame
[AC] X-Multiply (1-ALL) (1 Life Clear through first loop) (Replay)
[AC] Xexex (1-ALL) (1 Life Clear through first loop)
[PC] Youkai Kori Kassen (Short course) (Replay)
[PC] Zakesta
[PC] Zakesta-Z
[PS1] Zanac Neo (FC Custom)
[PC] ZeroRanger (Green Orange 2-ALL, 1CC White Vanilla with EX stage clear)

Everything Else:

[3DS] 3D Streets of Rage 2 (Axel - Normal)
[3DS] 3D Outrun (All courses, no powerups)
[3DS] 3D Super Hang On (Beginner, Junior, Senior)
[360] After Burner Climax
[AC] Azumanga Puzzle Bobble
[AC] Bust-A-Move
[PS1] Bust-A-Move 4 (ACGKPW Route)
[360] Bust-A-Move Live! (ACFJOV Route)
[NES] Contra
[GEN] Contra Hard Corps (J) (Brownie - B option both times)
[PS2] Contra: Shattered Soldier (A Rank Clear)
[SFC] Contra Spirits (Replay)
[DC] Crazy Taxi
[SNES] Final Fight 3 (Guy - shorter route)
[NSW] Huntdown (Arcade - Hoodlum Dolls)
[PSP] Lumines
[AC] Megaman: The Power Battle
[AC] Megaman 2: The Power Fighters
[AC] Metal Slug (1 Life Clear)
[PC] Monolith (no pregame shop, no extra levels or TLB)
[AC] Mr. Driller (500m)
[GBA] Mr. Driller 2 (2500m - India)
[NSW] Mr. Driller Drill Land (500m, 1,000m - All Attractions)
[PS2] Neo Contra (A Rank Clear)
[GB] Operation C (Replay)
[360] Outrun Online Arcade (All courses)
[AC] Outrunners (All courses)
[PC] Pinball Arcade: Addam's Family (Main Goal)
[PS1] Point Blank (Yellow Course)
[PS1] Point Blank 2 (Yellow Course)
[PS1] Point Blank 3 (Yellow Course)
[AC] Puzzle Bobble 2
[AC] Puzzle Bobble 3 (W Route)
[AC] Sega Giant Tetris (God Rank)
[AC] Sega Rally 3 (Championship - 1st place, did not finish special course)
[NSW] Streets of Rage 4 (Adam SoR4 - Arcade Normal)
[AC] S.T.U.N. Runner (novice course)
[AC] Sunset Riders
[AC] Super Puzzle Bobble (ACFKQ? Route)
[SNES] Super Castlevania IV
[SNES] Super Chase H.Q. (with secret final level)
[NES] Super Contra (Replay)
[AC] Tetris Plus (Puzzle Mode - Easy)
[AC] Tetris Plus 2 (Puzzle Mode - V Route)
[AC] TGM 2 (Normal)
[AC] TGM 2+ (Normal)
[AC] TGM 3 (Normal)
[PS1] Time Crisis (Arcade, Special)
[PS2] Time Crisis II
[PS2] Time Crisis: Crisis Zone
[iOS] Zen Pinball: Haunted Mansion (Main Goal - Twice in one credit)

Most Recent: Servants of Harvest Wish (200th shmup 1CC!)
Shmups: 200
Other: 51
Total: 251
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by XoPachi »

Well.....I got ESPGaluda 1 if that counts for anything. But it's extremely easy.
I'm working on Akai Katana but, I just don't see it happening.
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by BareKnuckleRoo »

Arcade / MAME:

• Batsugun Normal, 1CC with Olisis
• Darius Gaiden
• Donpachi JP - Type B, 2-2
• DoDonpachi JP - 1-ALL'd with B-S & B-L, entered the loop with A-S
• DoDonpachi JP - Got to Loop 2 stage 2 in a No Laser challenge
• DoDonpachi DaiFukkatsu Ver 1.5 - 1-All with Type B, Bomb Style
• DoDonpachi DaiFukkatsu Arrange A - 1-All
• DoDonpachi DaiOuJou WL - 1-ALL with B-S, B-L, B-E
• DoDonpachi DaiOuJou BL - 1-ALL with B-S, B-L, B-E
• EspGaluda - 1CC'd with Ageha & Tateha (40 mil with both characters, woo), also 1CC'd No Kakusei style (not even for the 1UP) with Tateha
• Formation Armed F
• Giga Wing - Shutock/Widerstand 1CC, NO REFLECT 1CC with Stuck, NO REFLECT 1CC with Ruby, 2-player DEATHLESS 1CC - one of my fave games, I've also cleared it deathless solo on an actual PCB with Stuck, still need to get good at scoring in it
Giga Wing Generations - Eagle 1cc (purely survival focused, score's awful)
• Gun Frontier (with 20 hz autofire)
• Gunbird - Looped and got to 2-1 with Tetsu.
• Halley's Comet - counterstop 2 loop clear - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ0CAHbU_4E
• Ketsui - 1-All'd with both helis (1P side), haven't gotten into the loop yet.
• Progear - No Miss of the first loop, dies horribly in the second at 2-2.
• Raiga: Strato Fighter 2-ALL, no-miss (apparently it's the highest known recorded playthrough, I milked all the bosses I could too and I have no idea where the world record gets the extra 500,000 points)
• Rapid Hero (1 miss against the final boss, 2,758,120)
• R-Type Leo (JP ver, the harder one with checkpoints)
• Salamander 2 - 2P side, 2-5
• Sorcer Striker - 1cc'd the first loop with Miyamoto
• Terra Force (ridiculously easy arcade game, I think I cleared it on my 2nd or 3rd credit)

Game Gear:

• GG Aleste (Normal & Special Mode)
• GG Aleste 2 (Normal & Mania Mode)
• GG Aleste 3 (Normal)


• Crisis Force
• Life Force (haven't put much effort in the second loop though)
• Jackal
• Over Horizon
• The Guardian Legend (TGL Mode) (also counterstopped, lol)


• Barrage Tribe - Normal
• Blaynix - Normal
• Blue Wish Resurrection (Heaven, Original with Guard Off using Hope ship)
• Blue Wish Resurrection Plus (Heaven, Original, & Hell with Guard Off using Hope ship)
Cho Ren Sha 68k - 13,557,613 ALL CLEAR (with autofire)
• Crimzon Clover 1.01 - Simple & Original
• Cosmic Predator - Deathless on Elder God (hardest difficulty)
• Deathsmiles - 1cc'd (no Canyon)
• Deathsmiles MBL - 1cc'd (no Canyon or Ice Castle)
• Drainus - Story Ridiculous (the hardest mode) - NoMiss 1CC, also Arcade Hard NoMiss 1CC, and one playthrough showing all the story cutscenes
• GalaxyFrontier
• Kaikan - Type A, Type D (466,348,920)
• Leiria - Easy, Normal, and Hard 1CCs (Hard was done with one of the more powerful bonus shot types)
• Monolith - S-Rank Normal and S-Rank Hard clears (Normal Intensity), S-Rank clears of Normal, Hard, Sword, Chaos modes under Sudden Death Intensity, all on YouTube except for the Chaos run I think?
• RollingGunner - Novice and Casual cleared with TLB, Original cleared with all ships, TLB clear with the speedy ship!
• SideLine (MS-DOS shmup) - Loop 8, final boss
• Solid State Survivor - 1CC'd Normal with all types, autobomb OFF. Best score with Type A (203,875,383).
• The One Case - Standard, Challenge and Extra Stage cleared
• Every Touhou game from SoEW to MoF cleared with Normal + Extra. I played Marisa in basically every game, usually laser type. A few of em I 1CC'd on Hard as well. Lunatic clears: Mystic Square, EoSD, PCB

PC Engine:

• Super Star Soldier - Normal

Sega Saturn:

• Blast Wind (all forward route)


• Firepower 2000 - 1CCd with Jeep & Heli
• Super Aleste - default difficulty

XBox 360:

• Deathsmiles IIX - IIX Mode with Follet, Arcade with Windia & Supe
• Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu 1.5 - 1cc with Type B Heli (Bomb/Power/Strong)
• Judgement Silversword - Normal and Special 1CC'd with both ships
• Mushihimesama Xbox Original (S-Power + Formation)
• Mushihimesama 1.5 Original (S-Power + Formation)
• Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 Original - 1CC'd with all 4 shot types (Reco No/Ab & Palm No/Ab).
• Mushihimesama Futari Black Label Original - 1CC'd with Reco & Palm
• Mushihimesama Futari Black Label Maniac - 1CC'd with Reco & Palm
• Trizeal Remix (1P side)

Other Consoles/Non-Shmup:

• Galaxy Fight - 1cc with Gunter
• Bayonetta - Pure Platinum in all chapters as Bayonetta (Normal), Pure Platinum vs secret "Platinum Ticket" boss (Kilgore/Bazillions first phase, Shuraba/Durga + Shuraba/Bazillions after second phase, Pulley's Butterfly and Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa), Pure Platinum of Lost Chapter (no Pillow Talk/Rn, no off-camera AI exploiting)
• Bayonetta - Bunch of Pure Platinums as Little King Zero including Rodin with Gaze of Despair and Pure Platinum of Lost Chapter as Zero!
• Bayonetta - Pure Platinums of Rodin and Angel Slayer as Jeanne (she's by far the easiest to beat these due to her extra damage).
• Dodonpachi Maximum - All stages cleared, Stage 5-E & Hibachi beaten with Laser Type (Delta Sword) and Lock-On Type (Tiger Schwert)
• G.I. Joe Arcade (JP Ver) - 1CC'd
• Get Star - 1cc
• Hokuto no Ken for Atomiswave Arcade on Mania as Shin
• Mr. Driller G - Time Attack cleared, India cleared (perfect air, no-miss), America cleared
• OutRun (Arcade) - All endings
• Turbo OutRun (automatic, doesn't seem like using manual transmission gives you a huge advantage in this, unlike Outrunners)
• Outrunners - 1cc'd with all cars - It is absolutely essential to use Manual Transmission when playing this as you get a huge acceleration and top speed penalty in Automatic Transmission. For instance, Mad Power is one of the easier vehicles to 1cc with due to its huge top speed of 470 kph, but in AT it drops to about 430 kph and has extremely low acceleration from about the 360 kph mark. Of all the cars, Road Monster is by far the worst in the game due to having terrible stats all around and was way harder to 1cc with than any of the other cars.
• Rad Racer (NES) - great racing game, arguably the best on the NES?
• Rad Racer 2 (NES) - vastly inferior sequel due to a wide variety of changes, it's also way harder in ways that are not fun, with the last two levels being pure memorizer bullshit
• Vanquish - Normal deathless (no DLC weapons), Normal Assault Rifle Only deathless, Normal DLC-only deathless run (AA Pistol, Laser Cannon, and Boost Machine Gun only), Hard deathless (no DLC weapons) Note: The DLC weapons in Vanquish are actually pretty well balanced and appear by default in digital copies of the game, so it's not like they're a pay-to-win DLC. The Anti-Armor Pistol is pretty absurdly powerful though.
Wild Guns Reloaded - Hard Mode, no death cleared with Annie.
• Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa - 2 loop clears of both versions, one is a deathless clear of the first loop

Autofire enabled on shmups at a normal/humanly possible tap speed (I generally use 10 hz or 8.57 hz). Obviously no cheats, pause button abuse, tool assistance like external slowdown, savestates, frame-by-frame advancing, etc. No checkpoint abuse either; if you quit to the main menu in Vanquish after dying instead of saving/continuing and you can actually get through the game with 0 deaths recorded at the end score tally and get the deathless achievement even if you died a bunch. This, obviously, is really cheesy. Any of my deathless runs are actually deathless played straight through (I restarted the game from the beginning any time I died).
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by CIT »

Arcade Titles:

Batsugun Special (Saturn)
Cotton (PS)
Darius II (Saturn)
Darius Gaiden (Saturn)
Deathsmiles (360)
Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu 1.5 (360)
Espgaluda (PS2)
Fire Barrel (Arcade)
Gekirindan (Saturn)
Giga Wing (Arcade)
Gun Frontier (Saturn)
Ibara Arranged (PS2)
Mahou Daisakusen (Arcade)
Out Zone (Arcade)
R-Type Leo (Arcade)
Raiden DX (Training)
Raycrisis (PS)
Sengoku Ace (PS2)
Shippuu Mahou Daisakusen - Kingdom Grandprix (Saturn)
Sonic Wings Special (Saturn)
Storm Blade (Arcade)
Thunder Blaster (Arcade)
Thunder Cross II (Arcade)
Vimana (Arcade)

Console Titles:

Alzadick (PCE)
Blast Wind (Saturn)
Cotton 100% (SFC)
Coryoon (PCE)
Cyber Core (PCE)
Daisenpuu (PCE)
Darius Burst (PSP)
Darius Force (SFC)
Darius Twin (SFC)
Darius Plus (PCE)
Elemental Master (MD)
Empire of Steel (MD)
Final Soldier (PCE)
Gaia Seed (PS)
Gate of Thunder (PCE)
GG Aleste (GG)
GG Aleste II (GG)
Ginga Fukei Densetsu: Sapphire (PCE)
Gley Lancer (MD)
Gunhed (PCE)
Image Fight II (PCE)
Magical Chase (PCE)
Musha Aleste (MD)
Nexzr (PCE)
Override (PCE)
Psycho Chaser (PCE)
Rayxanber III (PCE)
R-Type III: The Third Lightning (SFC)
Same! Same! Same! (MD)
Shinryu Explosion (PS2)
Slap Fight MD (MD)
Soldier Blade (PCE)
Star Parodier (PCE)
Super Aleste (SFC)
Super E.D.F. (SFC)
Super Star Soldier (PCE)
Spriggan (PCE)
Sylphia (PCE)
Thunder Force III (MD)
Thunder Force IV (MD)
Thunder Force V (Saturn)
Thunder Force VI (PS2)
Twinkle Tale (MD)
Two Tenkaku (PS)
Verytex (MD)
Winds of Thunder (PCE)
Zanac Neo (PS)
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Re: 1cc Lists

Post by Obscura »

Figure I should update mine:

Imperishable Night (Normal, Team Boundary, 6A and 6B)
Blue Wish Resurrection Plus (Original, Blue Wish and Blue Hope)
Deathsmiles (Minimum arcade rank, no Gorge, Rosa)
Battle Bakraid (Training Course, Flame Viper)
Armed Police Batrider (Normal Course, Player Select Maria, Stage select Skyhigh -> Sewers -> Airport, did not fight Sobut or Envy)
Mountain of Faith (Normal, Reimu A)
Mushihimesama Futari Black Label (Original, Reco)
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