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 Post subject: Disney's Vic Viper: Lightyear XL-07 by Mattel
PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2022 10:47 pm 

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Impossible, there must be some mistake.

Since the reviews forum doesn't mention about shmup merchandise, this might be the first review about it here. (Correct me if I'm in the wrong section.)
Well, let's go with the review: Disney-Pixar's Lightyear HyperSpeed Series XL-07 by Mattel.


The HyperSpeed Series toyline from the upcoming Lightyear movie featured several starfighters, which one of them borrows A LOT from shmups, in this case is Konami's Gradius series.
This is the XL-07 ship which is a blatant copy of the Vic Viper, which its becoming a fan favorite for Gradius fans more than Toy Story/Buzz Lightyear fans.

From left to right: XL-01, XL-15, Zurg Zyclops and pods, XL-02 and XL-07

Looks like the whole HyperSpeed Series borrows things from shmups and 80's cartoons. The XL-01 kinda looks like Lord British in Vic Viper colors, the XL-15 is a clone of the Ranger-1 (Hyperdrive) from The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, the Zyclop pods are reminiscent of the Covenant Drop Pods from Halo (especially Halo 3: ODST) the XL-02 kinda resembles a simplified version of the Silpheed ship (both SA-77 and Delta Saber) and of course, the Vic Viper-esque XL-07. Like I said in the Galagi Shooter review, plagiarism is the trend like Moonfall and its infamous Halo ring. I saw comments on YouTube where they call the Zurg Fighter Ship as something out of R-Type. But if you ask me, it looks more like a Ver'mith ship from Triggerheart Exelica (More shmup nods indeed).

Salamander: Disney-Pixar Edition

The card artwork has also a Gradius-Lifeforce feel, that glowing red sphere could easily pass as a Zelos Force. Seems like Disney has a thing for shmups. As if they had a little care about them. ┬┐Remember the NES Disney's TaleSpin game? It was a bad-control mess, but that was Capcom's fault.


Here's the XL-07, which as we can see, it borrows the frame design of the Vic Viper from Konami's Gradius series. However, Disney-Pixar and Mattel took some liberties and made it look quite "Family Friendly-ish" by making it more compact at the point of almost looking like its Parodius counterpart, but with a colorscheme inspired on the T-301 from Gradius V giving an interesting mix of styles while keeping the classic Vic Viper look without being too childish or as if it was from a bad 90's cartoon. Also, there's no laser cannons on the wings, so I guess the laser fire comes from the ship's nose.

Yep, those squares on the sides are missile hatches.

If we see the XL-07 from the bottom, we can notice the ship has the "Missile hatches" on the sides. Something that is not mentioned is the circular hole which can be used to plug it on a clear plastic platform to make it look like if its flying. All the HyperSpeed Series ships have retractable landing gears giving you the option of having them stationed or "In flight".
UPDATE: After watching the few reviews about this toy on Youtube, I've discovered that the hole is to plug a missile launcher from the 2-Packs. I hate when the package doesn't explain that.

Detailed interior!

Despite the chibi-cartoon look of the ship, there's a quite well detailed cockpit, even if it has unpainted details which might require some expert painting, but still looks good for a toy. The canopy can be opened to put the Buzz Lightyear figure that comes included with the ship. Despite not having a peg, it makes a good solid snap when it closes and doesn't feel loose. The only negative point would be that the pilot wobbles on the cockpit when its inside the ship.

The Vic Viper XL-07 includes a Delta pilot figure.

Here's Buzz Lightyear in a green pilot suit, which in a twist of fate, it is quite reminiscent of the 3rd Element of Delta Squadron, Ken Thomas from Airforce Delta Strike, where the Vic Viper was an unlockable jet. Looks like the "House of the Mouse" is nodding more than just one Konami franchise. The figure itself has the basic articluation of movable arms and legs which despite of its size, the legs move individually rather than both at the same time like the pilot figures of Star Wars Transformers.

To Planet Gradius and Beyond.

Even if you're not a Disney-Pixar fan, this ship is still being a must have for shmup fans due to its Gradius reference. The only thing left is that Konami gives them their blessing (official licensing) and rename it as "Vic Viper XL-07" 'cos this is the closest thing we can get to a Gradius toy from a Non-Japanese toymaker.

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