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 Post subject: Tanky Tanks (XBOX One - PC)
PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2021 7:43 pm 

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With the Tanks bundle being released on the XBOX One seems that I have one more title to review.
The very origin of EpiXR Tanks series: Tanky Tanks.

Select from three different features!

You've probably readed my previous reviews of Retro Tanks and Techno Tanks. Well, those are the sequels of Tanky Tanks.
Before starting the game by choosing "Start Game", there's the Options where you can adjust the volume of the music and the sound effects, but the most interesting of the features is the "Themes" which allows you to pick different color palettes for the game, from pastel-colored wooden block inspired to sunsets and red scales and a dark dusk background, all of them provide some variety over a what it seems to be a simple game.

The six options you've played in the other two games.

As the very first entry in the Tanks series, it only featured these six gameplay modes. The following two games added the Stage Mode which was more of a maze exploration based game that borrows some elements from Konami's Jackal where you had to explore 15 stages.
Well, let's see the six modes this game has to offer. This might be a short review since I've made a more in-depth analysis in Techno Tanks and Retro Tanks.

Tank warfare in Wooden Brickland.

NORMAL: The regular, basic arena shooter gameplay where you're pitted with few enemies (2 or 3 per stage) and the objective is to clear all the 50 stages. On each 10th stage you'll be facing a boss. Faced with lesser enemy numbers, the game focus the challenge factor on anti-tank surfaces and self-inflicted damages by bouncing artillery. However, these also affect your enemies. If you lose all of your lives you'll go back to the title, but you're allowed to continue where you left off as you unlock the Continue option.

Like in Metal Slug 5, the boss fight pits you against a giant tank.

HARD: Changes the enemies for a more stronger and damage resistant tanks. Your ammo is also reduced from 5 shots to 3.

BOMBS: The "player trolling" mode as it removes your bullets, but grants you infinite mines. Keep in mind, the boss can use its guns against you.

SPEED: The "Display of Idiocy" as tries to go all turbo by increasing the game's speed, making it almost unplayable, especially when you reach Stage 50.

Quizás sea un invisible, arreiT al ramaaaaA*.
Quizás pueda ser visible, arreiT al ramaaaaA.

* = Backwards for "Amar la Tierra" (Love the Earth).

INVISIBLE MODE: Hides your enemies from your sight. The only hint you'll get is the small dust clouds from their treads. It was later known as "What?" in Techno Tanks.

Perspective view with some damn good detailing.

CAMERA MODE: Changes the vertical scrolling for a more Axelay/RayStorm like isometric view.

You don't need to play all the 50 levels to complete each mode. Just finish Normal and then use the "Continue" option on the remaining modes to start immediately at Stage 50.
This game is, like its sequels, another addition to the list of Gamerscore Milkers.

Graphically, it is the best looking of the three as we can definitely see the thanks, and even the wooden texture of the ground. I want to think the vehicles are toy tanks since the structures in the background greatly resembles the classic toddler wooden blocks, this is more notorious in the pastel toned theme where you can even see the wood texture of the blocks. Basically each theme hides or reveals details on a certain level like the sunset one which darkens the wooden block colors.
The music itself is like a mix bag, as one of the songs sounds like an ambient-chill out mix that doesn't seem to fit the combat theme that involves this game, but as soon as it fades out, a more suspensul, RPG battle-like theme plays and brings some action to the combat, but then the music fades out and there's no music for the rest of the game.

- The "Continue in Stage 50" trick was carried on to Retro Tanks and Techno Tanks.

I would be harsh if I call Tanky Tanks trash since this is the first game in the Tanks series and the best looking of them. Besides, the sequels went too lazy on improvise and felt like reskins and add-ons for the original Tanky Tanks.
Regardless if you don't mind to play a cheap game to inflate your Gamerscore or if you're starving for quick achievements, this game is your rapid dose for your XBOX One.

That's a "Meh" for Lea.
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