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 Post subject: Arcade Archives: Darius (PlayStation 4|5 - Nintendo Switch)
PostPosted: Fri Oct 07, 2022 4:18 am 

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Looks like we're gonna talk about Taito's Silver Hawks this time, 'cos we're gonna talk about Arcade Archives: Darius.
I've already reviewed Darius both individually and as part of Darius Cozmic Collection: Arcade, so don't be surprised if this review is short.

Soaring through the highways of the heavens in their flight!

For anyone that has the Cozmic Collection: Arcade release will probably ask "What's the point on re-releasing it on Arcade Archives?", the same dilemma as with Arcade Archives: Contra and the Arcade Archives releases of Pac-Man games against the Contra Anniversary Collection and Pac-Man Musuem+ compilations. In Darius' case, things are a little bit different. Different enough to justify the re-release of the game.

While we've already know Darius from the inside-out in Gameplay terms, this review will focus on the main aspects of the Arcade Archives port. At first the game only featured the old and "EXTRA" versions, probably because the last one was much more of a further improvement over the "NEW" version which was already included in Darius Cozmic Collection: Arcade making its inclusion quite unnecessary. The latest update however included the New Version for the sake of completing the variations of the game. The game configurations allows us to put as "Wallpaper" the Unit Panel, which is the marquee with the Darius logo at the top and the instructions and Zone map on the bottom just like the gadgets from the Cozmic Collection version. It also carries the vibration function too, making this a "Cheaper" alternative to Darius Cozmic Collection: Arcade in half of the aspects (omitting Darius II and Darius Gaiden of course).
The screen resolution is a bit larger than the Cozmic Collection port, which means you don't have to get closer to the TV, giving another point in its favor.


- First Darius entry in the Arcade Archives series.
- The Arcade Archives manual says that Proco and Tiat are the name of the Silver Hawks instead of the pilots.
- Another error is the mispelling of Van Allen Belt as "Vanalan Belt".
- The description of Version Select is uninformative as it describes the later modes as "This version has undergone various adjustments/changes since the OLD VERSION"
(In case you want to know ALL the differences between versions, check my review of Darius Cozmic Collection: Arcade).

Partly Metal, Partly Real, ALL APPROVED.

Despite we've already have Darius and all of its versions on the Cozmic Collection: Arcade, it is still good to have this game for a fraction of the price.
I'm sure that if this game made its way to the Arcade Archives, it is very likely that Darius II and Darius Gaiden will sooner or later make their debut on the Arcade Archives series.

No need to explain what this score means.
Just pick the game and see it for yourself.
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